Transitioning Curls To Fall Weather

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by Mary Wolff

Summer has its perks, but fall can be just as magical. Since summer can be pretty trying on natural strands, lots of curlies welcome the cooler temperatures and the reprieve it brings for their strands. When it comes to transitioning curls to fall weather, there are a few must-know tips to make the most of this time of year for your curls.

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Try These DIY Conditioners For Curls

by Mary Wolff

When it comes to caring for your curls, you may feel more comfortable creating your own products. Maybe you just don’t have the time to run to the store to pick up another bottle. Whatever the case, there are a ton of easy-to-make ideas for a DIY conditioner for curls. They use natural ingredients you probably already have on hand in your kitchen! Here are a few of my favorite recipes for a nourishing DIY conditioner for curls.

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Welcome to Rio- Partying with a Purpose!

And the winners are...

Tiffany A Woods
Lisa Michelle
Brooke B.

Congrats divas!  Email [email protected] using 'CurlyNikki Winner-Jelly' as the subject line!
Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for more ways to win!

Hubby and I've been grinding nonstop for years- skipped vacations, put college degrees before tropical degrees, birthed a baby, forgone club hoppings (mostly)- and concluded that we need some shade and a vacay. From what we can tell, we're about 5 vacations behind and have decided to play a serious game of catch up.  Looking for motivation to determine our next destination, I remembered the posts from Marques about race and hair relations in Brazil.  I heard about an organization called Estimativa  (means 'esteem' in Portuguese) that works primarily to empower women of color and couldn't help but want to do a little more.

Now, if this was a movie, we'd just fade to black, and *poof* bring the women and their members here...but this ain't no movie, and I ain't Oprah. We ain't got it like that. *Yoouu get a trip, and youu get a trip!* Nah son.

So then I thought perhaps I could go to them... bringing the CurlyNikki community with me, armed with curl knowledge and translated articles to share.  I called my good friend Mahisha at CURLS and she too wanted to get in on the action and donated a TON of products.  I plan to work a little, play a little lots, soak up some sun, the culture and take in the sights... specifically, all the curls!  I'm even thinking about starting the Brazilian Butt Lift (*work out plan girl!*) so I can convert my spongebob into a donk, or at least whatever my skinny genes will allow!

So here we are...

Stay tuned for more ways that you can contribute and get involved too!

g-chatting with Boog... 
 I 'ugly cried' shortly thereafter. 
I always feel grown when I'm making the reservations and then feel guilty/sad/like she'll forget me as the trip gets closer. #neurotic 

...the first thing I did after our 10 hour flight? Jumped online to check in! 


Of all the articles on over the years, leave a link to your favorite one below in the comments... or the one that you most believe will benefit the women of Estimativa.

 On Wednesday, May 16th at 5pm EST, 8 winners will be randomly selected to take home one full size bottle of CURLS' Cashmere Curl Jelly!

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