Viola Davis: 'I Took My Wig Off Because I No Longer Wanted to Apologize for Who I Am'

Viola Davis is known for embracing the skin she was born in, and she’s bringing that natural beauty to the cover of this month’s Essence Magazine.

On the cover of the October issue, the 48-year-old Oscar-nominated actress rocked her natural hair pinned up in a pompadour and caught up with the magazine about the joys of marriage, love and motherhood as she tries to keep things positive for her husband, Julius, and their adopted daughter, Genesis.

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On the Couch with Sheryl Underwood- She Explains Natural Hair Remarks

Yesterday I received a massive amount of messages regarding statements made by comedian and Talk Show Host, Sheryl Underwood. Several of you, up in arms, forwarded me the synopsis from TheRoot, requesting that I start a petition, write into CBS or just publicly share an outrage over the comments she made on her show, ‘The Talk.” After reading through the transcript and watching the video myself, my initial thoughts were that A.) Yes, she’s a comedian and afforded some manner of freedom to entertain and provoke people but more importantly B.) What was said marginalized a large group of women (on a national stage) and in my opinion, spoke to what I feel is a deeper issue, one that the ladies of are not at all unfamiliar with.

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On the Couch w/ Raven-Symoné: Natural Hair Celeb

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with actress and singer extraordinaire, Raven-Symoné. Best known for her roles as Olivia Kendall on 'The Cosby Show', and Raven Baxter on the hit Disney sitcom, 'That's So Raven', she is all grown up and doing the dang thing. Talented, smart, and beautiful, Raven is a role model for young and old alike. Over the years, she has rocked braids, ponytails, lace fronts, and weaves. She's worn her hair curly, short, long, red, blond, and black. But did you know that underneath her Hollywood hair, she is a fellow natural? She shares her hair story, and her reasons for keeping her natural hair hidden away.

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The Queen of the Afro: Pam Grier Talks Hair

Anya Grant writes:

The lovely ladies of iHEARTmyhair6 caught up with the iconic Pam Grier!  Check it out!

Chrisette Michele on Her New Body and Hair!


Last night I was watching movies with Hubby when he hit pause. We do this often... like 'put a pin in that' so we don't forget to do stuff or revisit things later.  Anyway, this particular interruption was to remind me that I needed to call Chrisette because he had just seen her on somebody's red carpet looking 'good as hell'. So yeah, I caught up with her today!  Homegirls' 'feeling so good' and has taken this whole year to be very introspective- mind, body and soul.


The Body.
I became very interested in the raw food movement so I went out and purchased an Angel Juicer. I fell in love with juicing and feeling really clean and started off by juicing the first 60 days of the year. Not only did I lose 17 pounds in those 60 days, but I lost a lot of emotional weight too. It was a great mix for me.

After that, I went vegetarian and started writing a bunch of recipes to keep myself interested because I have ADD and get bored, fast. There are a ton of farmers markets where I live so it’s perfect… I’m always so excited to try new things- I even had purple basil one weekend!

So about three months into vegetarianism, I was feeling so long, not necessarily lean, but just taller. I remember I was looking through my closet and I saw my tap shoes and my brother was like, ‘yo Chris, why don’t you dance anymore?’ and I was like, ‘you know man, you’re right I gotta get back to that’. So I went to my favorite dance school in New York, Peri Dance, and also went to Broadway Dance Center and started taking tap and ballet again and modern dance... everything! I began to really just sweat like mad. I’d take two or three classes a day if I could. And that really helped me detox for real. For some reason, working out sucks for me [Laughter]. I think that I get angry! I get upset and I think that stress contributes to weight gain, because my body would just be like, ‘I am not going to lose weight. I don’t care what you do! I hate this place!’ I mean, I had a beautiful trainer and she was working so hard with me… we were running back and forth for two hours, 5 days a week, and I just couldn’t understand… I was like, ‘why is my body not budging?’ But the combination of dancing and vegetarianism really got things moving for me.

On the Couch with Michelle Williams (Updates!)

Re-posted from 2012!

Hola Chicas!

Michelle popped in and saw your comments and took to twitter to set the record straight. Her interview with Angela was more about empowerment and catching us up on her successful career... but of course y'all wanted the hair deets, so here ya go!

She told me--

"Some of the readers were disappointed that I didn't discuss my hair routine! On my episode of Styled By June...all of that was my real hair....we shampooed, blow-dried and added clip in pieces for the makeover look.

When I'm not working I like to shampoo and air dry my hair and go. OR I diffuse my hair and take a small barrel iron to define unruly curls.

I like Mixed Chicks products and I also love Moroccan Oil line of products. They have amazing curl creams.

I've been relaxer free for about 11 years now. First it was a transition....then in 2008 I cut my hair short when I released my new album!

My hair was always long. Without weave it was down to the middle of my back. Where the bra band sits!"

Michelle in December 2011 with her own hair.....growing it out! Her hair was shampooed, diffused and curls defined w/ a small barrel iron.
"Nikki Mangrum of Freedom Salon in Chicago does my hair. She's great!"

"My natural hair out with pieces added for a more full dramatic effect! I love Diana Ross so this is my Diana Ross look..."

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