Kim Wayans is Back On the Couch , Talking #Reckless


The homie, Kim Wayans, is back on the couch, y'all! This amazing talented writer, actress, comedian and producer also penned the foreword to my book, 'Better Than Good Hair', and I'm proud to call her a friend.  Check out the updates to her hair story and learn about her latest TV show, Reckless, which airs on Sunday nights at 9pm.  #TuneInTho

Tell us about your current relationship with your hair? 
I'm just loving it. With each passing year, I become more and more appreciative of the uniqueness and versatility of my bush. A few months ago, I started finger combing my hair... I notice it sheds a lot less than when I use a comb.  Although, I remain open to trying new products, I pretty much have it down to a science- what works and what doesn't work for my hair. I like to keep my routine fairly simple because there's nothing more frustrating than taking six hours to do your hair and ending up too exhausted to do anything else but nap! Every ten days, I put my hair in four large plaits then one plait at a time, I no poo with Aubrey's Honeysuckle conditioner, spray on some Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner by Jane Carter Solutions, then I drench my hair in a mixture of coconut & avocado oil, and seal it with Shea Butter. Every month to six weeks, I do an Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo by Morrocco Method Int'l to clarify my hair and rid it of product build up.

Tamron Hall Rocks Her Natural Hair on the Today Show! (Update-Get the Look!)

**Scroll down for an update to this post-- Tamron shares what she did to achieve the look! **

 she literally #WokeUpLikeDis 

Hola chicas,

So, the homie Tamron Hall (better known as a third hour anchor of NBC's Today Show and the host of MSNBC's News Nation), called me at a disrespectful 5 am this morning to report some breaking news-- that she'd be rocking her natural hair on air, for the first time, ever.  #TodayShowHistory

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On the Couch with Karyn Parsons- Updates and a Rally Cry

For my first interview with Karyn, click here

For pics of Karyn and I at a CN event in NYC, click here!

Tell us about the hair situation. Updates!
I'm definitely far more educated, though that doesn't always translate into practice.  I'm on the run so much it seems, that I don't have the time that I dream about to take my time deep-conditioning every other day for an hour at a time, or twisting every night. When I do these things, I'm instantly gratified. I always see a difference. Still, I've learned about sealing in moisture and have been doing that more, as well as using coconut oil on my hair, which it loves.  I still hit the blowdryer (diffuser) too much, and too HOT :(.  Rushing too much. Once I leave the city for a few weeks (soon!) with my family and don't have to worry so much about meetings, I'll be pampering my hair and hopefully, making some good habits.

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Girl Code's Nicole Byer- Exclusive Natural Hair Interview

After last weeks' post, I caught up with MTV's Nicole Byer to chat about her hair story and advice for women thinking of making the transition.  She is just as sweet and HILARIOUS as she is on TV.  Enjoy!

CN: How long have you been natural?
NB: I've been natural on and off since 2008 and have Big Chopped 4 times. Well, wait, what is the definition of a Big Chop?

For some reason there's a lot of debate in the space about that.  But in my opinion, it's when you chop off a significant amount of hair, relaxed or not. 
So yeah, I Big Chopped 4 times.  I had a natural mohawk with shaved sides for a while and then wore the Rihanna style by adding weave to the middle.  After I got tired of that, I shaved off the middle.  When that grew out a little, I bleached my natural hair 4 times in one night because I wanted it white.  Ruin. My hair fell out and I big chopped again.  Now it's natural but I only wear it out in the summer when it's hot. During the year I keep it in a protective style- wigs or weaves.  I wear lace front closures (sewn in) with my hair braided down underneath.

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Tamera Mowry-Housley Big Chopped! Her Stylist Gives Big Chop Advice!

Tamera Mowry-Housley has a lot of change happening in her life right now. The end of her reality show with her sister Tia, her new talkshow The Real, and now, a new 'do! Just last week she was pledging her love to her long, wavy locks, but the other night we knew something was afoot when she tweeted a picture of her hair on the floor, "This is happening right now. Thanks @ShaiAmiel for my beautiful cut. Can't wait to show y'all"

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Viola Davis: 'I Took My Wig Off Because I No Longer Wanted to Apologize for Who I Am'

Viola Davis is known for embracing the skin she was born in, and she’s bringing that natural beauty to the cover of this month’s Essence Magazine.

On the cover of the October issue, the 48-year-old Oscar-nominated actress rocked her natural hair pinned up in a pompadour and caught up with the magazine about the joys of marriage, love and motherhood as she tries to keep things positive for her husband, Julius, and their adopted daughter, Genesis.

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