100 Pumps of Conditioner

Jewellianna Palencia writes:

We always read the directions on hair products about adding a "dime-sized amount to your hair". And I think that every natural can see the humor in this statement. Well with the ongoing trend on YouTube about “100 coats of mascara, “100 layers of foundation”, “100 coats of nail polish”, etc., I wanted to make my own version of it and try it out on natural hair. I decided to put “100 Pumps of Conditioner” on my natural hair, let it air-dry and see if it turned out to be an utter disaster, or a complete success! What do you guys think? Does 100 Pumps of conditioner sound completely ridiculous or does it sound like a normal part of curly hair routines? Check out the video to see how my hair turned out with 100 pumps of conditioner! I hope you enjoy!


Could Excessive Co-washing Cause Excessive Shedding?

by Michelle of Radiant-Brown-Beauty.com

Today I was thinking about co-washing and how it might be causing excessive shedding. That is, depending on how you co-wash, of course.

You see, lots of ladies co-wash their natural hair with a conditioner. Hence, the term “co” aka "conditioner" wash. Today, there are lots of products on the market meant specifically for co-washing. Yet, it’s still very popular to wash the hair with a regular rinse out conditioner.

Well, I got to thinking about the purpose of a conditioner…

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Why Your Natural Hair Needs Leave-in Conditioner

by Ashley

Leave-in conditioner is probably one of the most important steps in maintaining healthy hair. It replenishes the hair’s moisture after washing, and it aids in softness and manageability. Leave-in conditioner can also protect your hair in a few ways:

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The MOST Important Step in Your Hair Care Regimen

by Susan Walker of DrWalkerWellness

Now this is just me; but in my opinion nothing is as important as a step in hair care regimens that many naturals rush through. No, it’s not detangling (although that is uber important) and it’s not necessarily moisturizing the hair (also important). It’s the step that makes a lot of those other aspects of your regimen a lot easier.

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Ingredients for the Slip Addicted Natural

Are you addicted to slip? You know…slip! Our hair tends to be dry and the older it gets--or further from wash day--the dryer it gets. Curly or coily hair tends to curl or coil around itself and create tangles or knots (yes, knots) when dry. Many of us are always on the hunt for products that will properly coat the knots and tangles and allow them to glide through with a comb or our fingers easily and without much friction. Slip just describes how slippery a product is and that’s usually conditioners with some natural oils. Slip is a curlies best friend but what makes up the BEST slip? There’s an actual science to it and it’s more than what’s the most popular or the most expensive. It’s what’s in the makeup of the product. Here are a list of ingredients we see every day on the back of bottle and jar and as we skim over them do we really know what they do and how they give us the best slip possible? Now, it’s time to see what makes all those products work so well.

Daily Conditioner vs. Deep Conditioners and Natural Hair Care

Conditioners have always been a hot topic of discussion in the curly hair realm. Are we using the right products for adequate conditioning? What is the best way to condition? Once the hair has grown from the hair follicle, it must be conditioned for the best preservation. We can find this external nourishment via hair product ingredients found in our daily conditioners and deep conditioners.

What’s in a daily conditioner?
A daily conditioner is also known as a surface conditioner, cream rinse, or finishing rinse. These are usually formulated to be used in conjunction with a shampoo. They are designed for daily maintenance and manageability for your hair by conditioning the cuticle, making it lie smooth, enhancing shine, and reducing frizz. Manufacturers usually recommend leaving a daily conditioner on the hair for 1-5 minutes before rinsing. The purpose of a daily conditioning rinse is to moderately adsorb ingredients onto the surface of your hair. According to our Curl Chemist Tonya McKay, "adsorption describes the process when atoms or molecules are attracted to the surface of a material (hair)."

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