The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for Hair Typing Natural Hair

by Sabrina of

Hair typing is the easy way to determine what type of curls you have. Although it is obvious enough that natural hair varies in texture, hair typing is a system that makes it easy to point out what category your strands fall in. Hair typing is a big thing in natural hair and while the verdict is out on whether it truly figures it all out for you, many still subscribe to it in aiding in hair product purchases and how to care for one's own curls.


Mizani Re-Works Curl Typing!

Hola Chicas!

Mizani is sponsoring my upcoming Orlando Meetup and while browsing their site and product line, I came across their Natural Curl Key. I like that they offer a bit more detail and even incorporate elasticity and porosity. It appears that I'm mostly Type V with some Type VI in the crown and back.

What about you? Do you like this system? Which category describes you best?

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