KinkyKurlyQueen--Naturally Glam Hair Idol

Meet KinkyKurlyQueen...beautiful hair, beautiful woman!

CN: How long have you been natural?
K: I've been natural since December 2007.

CN: What is your current regimen?
K: Once a month I shampoo my and pamper my hair with a Cassia treatment followed by a hour of deep conditioning. Every week I deep condition my hair with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner, rinse and then a light co-wash with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. I trim my ends whenever I feel that it's necessary, which is not very often, maybe twice a year. Once or twice a year I might flat iron my hair but, when I do I use Frizz Ease Hair Serum as a heat protectant and I always keep my Maxi-Glide on level 2.

CN: How do you maintain length? Moisture?
K: I try not to fuss with my hair too much, so I like to keep my hair in "protective styles" most of the time. Braids, twists and various up-dos keep my ends protected and hair looking cute at the same time. When my hair is loose I can't keep my hands out of it, which can possibly lead to those pesky single strand knots and I just hate those things.
I love shea butter on my ends and every now and then I'll massage my scalp with Coconut or Extra Virgin Olive oil.

CN: How do you protect your curls at night?
K: My night time routine is very simple. No satin pillowcases just a silk/satin scarf of a bonnet and I fluff in the morning.

CN: What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning diva?
K: Do your own research. There are tons of blogs and tutorials out there to help you through your transition. It's very important that you understand your hair and know what works and what does not work for your hair. Try not to be so dependent on others to give you answers, some things you may have to figure out on your own. I had nobody to hold my hand through my hair journey but, I got on my computer and started surfing the net until I found solutions to my questions. My two favorite sites that give me new information almost every day is Fotki and YouTube.
And be patient. Don't expect to be BSL overnight. Focus more on keeping your hair healthy and the length will come.
Also take pictures of your hair. At times it may seem like it's not growing or certain issues are not getting any better. Being able to compare pictures allows you see your progress more clearly.

CN: What's the best thing about being naturally glamorous?
K: Happiness. I'm happy and comfortable with my entire being, that makes me feel naturally glamorous. My hair is a very small part of what makes me who I am and if someone wants to judge me because of the way I wear my hair than that's their problem. I am naturally glamorous because I no longer follow their rules I make my own.

CN: Anything else you want to add?
K: It's our job as naturals to tell our story. Obviously we can't simply rely on Tyra and Chris Rock...FAIL! So the next time someone asks you a question about your hair, if you have a minute, kindly give them an answer. You can't fault people for what they don't know. Some folks honestly want to know how we get our hair to do the glamorous things that it does.
And if they still don't get it, pray for them :-)

Curly Nikki keep doing your thing girl !!

On the Couch with Afrobella!

Blogging mogul, and naturalista Patrice of took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for the community!

CN: Why natural hair? How did the passion develop?
Afrobella: I finally decided to go completely natural in 2002. It was right after my wedding - I got married with a haircut so low that the back of my head was shaved. I'd done so much damage to my hair that it was better just to chop it off. That last relaxer was something I did for my parents, so I wouldn't have to hear complaints about how my hair looked for the biggest day of my life! Even before the big chop and final relaxer, I'd been slowly weaning myself off the creamy crack. But every time I came close to completely transitioning, I'd go buy another box of Just For Me, because I didn't know how to truly care for my hair in its natural state. I always hated caring for my hair with chemicals, having to withstand the burn, the smell...having to spend so much time getting it set then sitting under the dryer.... so the passion for my hair didn't truly begin until I went natural and had to learn first hand what my texture actually was, and how best to care for it. It's been eight years and the passion just continues to grow deeper. It's a natural hair love affair!

CN: What is your current hair routine, and how it will change come winter?
Afrobella: Girl, I don't know how I'm gonna handle winter -- I'm looking for a thick, wooly hair sock/headband to pull it back in when I have to go out and deal with the elements! I can't find a cute hat mighty enough to handle all of my hair! But even now in Fall I'm encountering changes in my hair's needs. My curl pattern's a bit looser (and not in a way that I enjoy), and my hair is craving moisture like nobody's biz. So I've been using castor oil quite a bit. My current routine is, once or twice a week I do a quick conditioner wash and detangle with a wide tooth comb in the shower. Immediately after the shower, while my hair is still wet I use a little castor oil on my scalp. It's been helping to curb the flakes that were plaguing me! I slick a little on my ends, as well. Then I use whatever styling product I choose. That really depends on my mood and how cold it is out there...but recent favorites have been Carol's Daughter Some of Marguerite's Magic or CD Hair Balm (both are very heavy moisturizers), Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme, or Curls Souffle. Once a week I do a longer deep conditioner with my favorite oils, and I also love Ojon restorative treatment for that. But it's so expensive I only use it every 2 weeks, tops.

CN: What's in your shower stall?
Afrobella: My current everyday condish of choice is Karen's Body Beautiful, the Honey Oatmeal smells divine and gives the nourishment I need. I always, ALWAYS need DevaCurl One Condition on hand, and I've been giving Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream another try. Recently I tried Palmer's Coconut conditioner and it's great for a comb-through but not for my bellas who are very conscious of bad-for-you hair ingredients. I kind of put myself out there to try it all, so I understand that everything I review isn't for everybody. I'm currently reviewing Jane Carter Solution so I've got a bottle of that in there too! We recently moved into a new apartment so my new goal is to cut down on clutter. I try to keep the shower stall clean, clear and under control...but it isn't easy when you're a product junkie, haha!

You have a huge following on, you contribute to, and you were among the press at Fashion Week! What's next for Ms. Afrobella?
Afrobella: Next for me... well, 2009 was a big year. I quit my job, became a full time blogger, moved from Miami to Chicago, went to my first Fashion Week... so 2010 will be a continuation of that. I plan to complete my book in 2010. That's a big goal for me -- I'm working on two books, fiction and non-fiction. I'm getting back to being the writer I was born to be. I'm focusing on fitness and health for the new year, so I don't plan to set a specific weight loss goal but fitness will be at the forefront. Other than that I am staying on my grind, looking for freelance opportunities that are financially beneficial and allow me to do the kind of writing I am proud and happy to do, continuing to make Afrobella the best blog it can be and giving my readers more of what they want - more great writing on hair, beauty, music, culture and more! Oh yes -- I am starting to really love hosting events where I can meet other Afrobellas, bloggers, Twitter friends, and readers. And I WILL be back for another Fashion Week, that's a promise I made to myself. I plan to host more charity fundraising events, and I'm gonna represent for the bellas at every New York Fashion Week if I can!

CN: Any tips for transitioners, and the newly natural?
Afrobella: The best tip I can give a transitioner is, stick with it. If you're wavering in your committment, maybe you're not ready. Because going natural isn't a fad or a bandwagon you can easily jump on or's a real committment. Make sure you're ready and willing to educate yourself, and give your hair the love that it needs. Mainstream haircare doesn't teach you how to properly tend to natural hair's needs. My advice to the newly natural is to read the blogs and message boards. Read Nappturality and Motown Girl, Curly Nikki and Afrobella, BVHairTalk, Mane and Chic, Hairnista, Loc Rocker, Le Coil, Thank God I'm Natural...there are so many natural hair blogs. So many resources now to learn from, get your questions answered, and find natural hair inspiration. Even when you reach a point where you may feel frustrated and not know how to handle your tangles, someone out there has an answer and inspiration for you.

If you missed my interview on AOL's Black Voices, check out the article HERE.

Mel-Naturally Glam Hair Idol

Meet Mel...a natural vet who shows that Fros are appropriate for every occasion. So chic!

CN: How long have you been natural?
M: I had my last relaxer in late 2005 and cut off the last of my straight ends Spring of 2007.

CN: What is your current regimen?
M: Once a week (usually Sunday evening) I wash with DevaCare No-Poo and condition with a very generous amount of DevaCare One Condition. I rinse the excess One Condition out, but I leave some of it in. After I wash and condition, I either use DevaCare Set-It Free or Curls Gel-les’c. (The Curls is a recent discovery and I notice less knotting when I use it, so it might permanently replace the Set-It Free. We’ll see.)
To style I twist my hair in relatively small sections, put a little jojoba oil on my scalp and my twists, and then I sleep in them. (I usually do this too late at night to dry in time for work on Monday, so I usually have to sit under the dryer for a bit, but I need to get away from that. It really dries out the top layers of my hair.) When I wake up in the morning, I untwist and fluff. You might notice that I'm missing a good deep conditioner...I'm lazy about that...but I'm working on it.

CN: How do you maintain length? Moisture?
M: After I style my hair on Sunday, I don’t manipulate it much the rest of the week. I just let it do its own thing, and I think that helps with maintaining length. The combo of One Condition, my styling product of choice, and jojoba oil usually keeps it pretty moisturized. Also, I never ever use shampoo, only No-Poo, so I'm never stripping moisture from my hair.

CN: How do you protect your curls at night?
M: I sleep on a satin pillowcase with my hair out and pull and shape it in the morning.

CN: What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning diva?
M: If your family has a negative reaction to your transitioning plans, take it with a grain of salt!! I love my mom, but she had nothing nice to say when I first started growing out my relaxer. She even threatened to give me a relaxer in my sleep (she was sort of joking, but there was some truth there)! Also, let go of any preconceived notions you might have about your hair texture. It’s a weird thing to reach your mid-twenties and have no idea what your natural hair looks like, but that’s where I was. My granny started pressing it when I was a toddler and I got my first relaxer in elementary school, so my natural texture was a mystery to me and I was scared of it. I was always told that I didn’t have “good hair,” but I’m so glad I didn’t let that stand in my way. I love my hair now. I wouldn’t change a thing!

CN: What's the best thing about being naturally glamorous?
M: Oh there are lots of good things! Here are some off the top of my head: 1) Personally, I think it’s a lot less work, and I’m kind of lazy, so that’s great for me. Yeah, the once a week styling might take a while, but then I don’t really have to do anything else until it’s time to wash again. 2) Compliments on my hair from strangers. 3) My fro jazzes up my outfits. It’s like a really great accessory. 4) I feel more like myself with big curly hair. Don’t know how to describe it really, but I’m sure some naturals out there know what I mean. 5) Last but certainly not least, I have fallen in love with my hair as it grows out of my head. I never thought I would be able to say that.

CN: Anything else you want to add?
M: Come visit me on my blog Life of Belle. I don’t do many posts about my hair, but if more naturals/transitioners start to read and request hair tips/product reviews, I’d be happy to do more hair posts.

Thank you!

**Got questions for Mel? Contact her in our Community forums...shoot her a private message, or call her out in a thread!

RoyalEmpress-Naturally Glam Hair Idol

CN: How long have you been natural?
M: I got my last relaxer in May 2004 and transitioned for 2 years.

CN: What is your current regimen?
M: I deep condition usually overnight with whatever DC or Cholesterol I have on hand before I shampoo with Suave Clarifying shampoo once a week. I condition with either VO5 Nourishing Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile Tea or Suave Humectant or Herbal Essence Hello Hydration/ Totally Twisted. I wash my hair in sections and detangle in the shower w/ my shower comb and Denman brush. Then I style my hair with Qhemet Biologics OHHB & BRBC or Organics Leave-In Liquid Hair Mayonnaise. Just recently got some Kinky-Curly, but haven't tried it yet. I usually do a combination of cornrows and two-strand twists (check my YouTube video).

CN: How do you maintain length? Moisture?
M: My hair has never had an issue with growth, but I would say that not using heat has contributed to me maintaining length because I don't have to cut away any heat damage anymore.
Moisture is actually an issue for me. I still use sulfate shampoo because I have to clarify my scalp weeklybut I just try to use moisturizing products when I style my hair, wear my hair in protective styles, and I always wear my satin bonnet to bed! If I feel my hair getting really dry in the middle of the week, I will put some conditioner or coconut oil on it.

CN: How do you protect your curls at night? 
M: I wear a satin scarf and a satin bonnet. Most times just a satin bonnet.

CN: What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning diva?
M: Avoid heat. It's really hard not to get any heat damage at all. Also don't try to do any major haircuts yourself. I had to learn that the hard way. Now my hair is uneven.

CN: What's the best thing about being naturally glamorous?
M: We always stand out and our hair is so versatile. Have you ever seen when relaxed girls try to do the big hair look (w/o weave)? It's usually an epic fail, but we can straighten our hair, twist it, braid it, curl it, stretch it, shrink it,etc. and not only does it always look fly, but it looks healthy too!

CN: Anything else you want to add?
M: I started doing videos on YouTube :0), check them out.
Also, thanx so much for the interview! I check religiously everyday at work right after checking the celeb gossip blogs, lol!

Me and my neice



Valerie- A Story of Transition

Meet Valerie...newly natural, and her only regret is that she 'didn't do it sooner'!

CN: Were you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
V: I was a long-term transitioner. I transitioned from August '08 to August '09.  I had gone relaxer-free for up to a year at a time several times before, but I never had the nerve to just completely sever my relationship with relaxed hair.  After the birth of my last child (pictured with me below), I decided to just do it.  I wasn't really worried about how my hair would look, but I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to care for it properly.  I don't go to salons--I've had my hair done professionally no more than 10 times in my 40+ years, so I wanted to be sure that I didn't damage all the hair that I had worked so hard to maintain on my own.

CN: When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
V: I BCd on August 23, 2009 and I loved my hair! I didn't BC'ed sooner because I felt that my features required more hair around my face.  I knew I wouldn't be comfortable sporting a TWA with my large features.  (Wow, I'm being so open here!) I was so happy to snip off all of that remaining straight hair and reveal the curls that I was blessed with.   A friend referred me to (LOVE the site!) and I tried the TnC and I loved the results.  I love my hair and I accept it as it is.

CN: How did family and friends react to the new you? What was your response to them?
V: Most of the response was positive.  My DH absolutely loved my TnC and pronounced me cute, cute, cute!  My kids love the natural me as well.  I'm a teacher, and my students marvel at the variety of ways in which I can style my hair.
On the other hand, the most disturbing negative response has been from one of my sisters, who said, "The hair is cute, but is it YOU?"  I thought it strange and kind of sad that my chemically altered hair was more "me" to her than my own natural hair.

CN: What was your transition routine (products included)?
V: During my transition, I mostly washed and set my hair.  I had to sit under the dryer or else my hair would SUPER frizz!  I mainly used Carol's Daughter products: Khoret Amen Shampoo and Hair Smoothie, Lisa's Hair Elixir, Hair Milk and Mimosa Hair Honey.  I couldn't wash n go while I transitioned because the relaxed ends of my hair were so much straighter than my roots and they refused to curl even with lots of scrunching.

Since my BC, I've been using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration to co-wash and as a leave in for my twist out.  I clarify with ACV. I have used Miss Jessie's curly pudding for my wash and go, but find that it makes my hair crunchy and doesn't last beyond the first day; scrunching in some conditioner works better and I only have to spritz with a homemade concoction of setting lotion, olive oil, and conditioner.  I no longer use the Carol's Daughter products, with the exception of the hair honey, which I use only when I flat iron.  The products were not good at detangling my hair, and the hair elixir made my hair feel brittle over time.

CN: What was your staple hair style during the transition?
V: My hair almost always ended up in a bun or pony even after my wash and sets!  I live in Louisiana and the humidity averages about 80% every day, so frizzing was always a problem.

CN: Why did you choose to go natural?
V: My mom went through chemotherapy during my transition.  I decided to stop relaxing my hair when she began her treatments.  As time went on, I began to feel so empowered by my decision.  Trust me, there were times when I thought about giving up--like when I was trying to detangle and roll all of that hair with those two distinct textures!   However, there were more times when I would peer into the mirror at that curly hair lying underneath all the straightened hair and I would get so excited at the thought of revealing it. 

Now, I can wear my hair so many different ways.  Curly puff, twist out, wash and set, wash and go.  I also occasionally flat-iron my hair.  I'm so happy to be natural.  My youngest daughter will never have her hair relaxed.  She will grow up knowing that her hair is a blessing and all that's required is for her to love and take care of it.  Incidentally, my two older daughters both made decisions to get relaxers when they were teenagers.  Now, they're both back to natural!

I've definitely gained more confidence since going natural.  I no longer stress about whether my roots are showing, or if my edges need touching up. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

(1) (above) My first twist out after my BC!
(2)  My hair was co-washed and pulled back into a curly puff .  That's my youngest daughter Camille pictured with her first twist out!
(3)  Flat-ironed. I flat-iron occasionally to assess length/growth.

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Natural Hair and Halloween!

Hola Chicas!

How was your Halloween?  I stayed in last night and passed out candy to the kiddies...making the costume-less ones tell me jokes!  I stocked my fav candy, so I probably ate more of it than I handed out...which is why I now have a stomachache on top of the head cold I already had.  Good times. Anyway, I asked that the party going readers share their pics with that we can live vicariously through them!  Nine readers answered the call (click on images to enlarge):

Remember Roxanne from previous spotlights?  She dropped jaws and turned heads last night when she stepped out with this BODACIOUS FRO!  No Afro wigs here :)

Christina and her roomie went hard last night with their natural hair too:
Hi Nikki,
Happy Halloween all! We had pouring rain here :(  I was a French Maid for Halloween, and my roommate was a vampire. We both did a Braid -n-Curl, but hers didn't fully dry so it came out a bit frizzy. My curls are a day old in these pictures.

Shelita's gorgeous babe: 
Hi Nikki,
Here are some pics of my 7yr old daughter in her Cleopatra costume. She's rockin' a twist-out (her favorite style) from 3 day old twist. These pics were taken after a LONG night of partying and trick-or-treating. Enjoy! :-)

I wore my natural hair as mouse ears!

Hi Nikki!
Love the blog! I just wanted to share my Halloween pic of my costume as a "Cosmo Cover Girl" with my own beautiful, natural, curly hair!

Hi Nikki,
I was a ventriloquist doll and I rocked my natural hair!

Halloween has to be one of my favorite times of the year.....this year I was Lady Luck.  I relied on my trusty are some of my favorite pictures!

I was a cavewoman for Halloween and found it to be the perfect costume for my 4 day old wash & go (left in aloe vera gel my new love). I actually won best overall costume at work!!

Later Gators,

Show and Tell- Fierce Fridays!

Today is the third of many 'Show & Tell' Fierce Fridays! The images below are of CN readers at their work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it's a way of extension of our beauty! Click on the images to enlarge them.


Hi Nikki,
Thank you so muccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for your site. My hair has gone from crunchy to soft and my husband now loves to massage my head! We just came back from our honeymoon and I tried two new styles and nothing brought me greater joy than hearing my husband say I love your hair when it's big! Ooooo la la! :O)
These are new styles but I love them. The first one is from our dinner cruise in San Diego! The second one is my twist out after a couple of days in twists. Enjoy!


This is a picture of me heading to a formal banquet. I am newly natural (2 and half months) and wasn't sure how to wear my hair. I am wearing a twist out and I love the way it looks with the dress! I honestly think if I was still relaxed, I would look plain. I LOVE BEING NATURAL!

I recently attended my High School reunion. I co-washed my hair earlier in the day applied products and pulled back into a bun. When it was time to get dress for the reunion, I took out of the bun and fluffed. This was the outcome for the reunion.

Jess B:
Hi Nikki! This is a pic of me at my best friend’s wedding…I was the ONLY aux natural girlie…and the ONLY one whose hair survived the wedding party beach photo shoot! OWWW! LOL


Hi Nikki!!!!,
I'm Monique from New York and I read your blog on a daily basis for info on hair maintenance and also for inspiration from other naturals. This pic is from a few weeks ago. I attended my cousins birthday party and I wore a twist out, which by the end of the night turned into a big fro... I had a blast! By the way, I'm one year natural! Yayyy Me!

This was my best curly hair day ever!!!!! I used kinky curly knot today & kinky curly curling custard. It was my first time wearing my hair un flat-ironed to a family event. Everyone loved it!! It made me confident to wear my hair in it's natural state for any occasion. (my ends are red due to old highlights tinted with henna.)

Hi Nikki!
This picture is of a twist out. This is, by far, my favorite style to rock. The length of my hair doesn't really allow for too much versatility yet but this style works for me. I usually pull the sides up to add my own little something to the look.

Beautifully Human:
I've been rocking twist outs and Twist-n-Curls for a few months now and love them! Here's a pic so you can see how I've been rocking your signature twist n' curl style ;-)

you can find and chat with Beautifully Human on the forums.

Gi Gi:
This is a pic of my friend Kemit and I. We love The information you provide is invaluable. THANK YOU!
We took this pic outside of the the movie theater on our way to see Good Hair. Kemit is rocking an afro braid-out with shea butter. I am rocking a flat twist-out with Jane Carter Solution Twist and Lock.

Me at 25 months natural in New York City. This is the result of twist out with my hair cornrowed on the sides. FOTKI: ctolbert

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A Big Chop to Remember

Meet Nat...newly natural and sporting her TWA oh so chicly! She writes:

"It's been a little over one month since I did my big chop and I'm loving it! I have fun experimenting with my "twa" and am so glad that I crossed over to the natural side and officially stepped away from "creamy crack" aka perms."
This diva BC'ed on camera for the world to see! Relive it with us:

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HeatherNicole Does the CurlyNikki!

Hola Chicas!

Remember when I tried HN's fabulous Curly Fro? Well, she tried the Twist-n-Curl recently and posted her results this morning! Hop on over to her youtube channel, by clicking HERE.
Her results are FABULOUS!

Later Gators,

Zibby-A Story of Transition

Meet Zibby...the blushing bride that decided 'enough is enough'!

CN: Were you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
Z: I was a short term transitioner. After my wedding in 2007, I was stir crazy to have a change with my hair. I had long hair my entire life that I tried to work with but all the damage from the processing - it was time to let it go.

CN: When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
Z: Everyone tripped out. People were literally insane that I cut off more than 12 inches. My friends were all against it, everyone I knew was not happy that I would take such a drastic change. My sister had gone natural and her hair was fabulous, she cut off the relaxer as her hair grew out and her end results were fabulous…and I totally wanted to do it, but did not have the guts. One day I went to my stylist (who hates relaxers) and said lets do it…she took my hair from a processed nightmare to a cute wedge, and from that I just went all out and went unstraightened. It has been a little under a year since I have been completely curly (no straightening).

CN: What was your transition routine (products included)?
Z: At first I was getting it blown out every two weeks… quickly I got over that and just went curly (meaning wash and go). That worked really well until it started to get cold here and I had to look for something else. One day I ran into CurlyNikki's site and literally changed my hair routine. I learned how to do the Twist-n-Curl. And girl… you ain’t told nothing but the truth!! It was amazing for my hair. I co-wash once a week, apply Shea Butter and DevaCurl Conditioner or Herbal Essence Twisted (depends on my mood) in equal parts to all sections, twist, curl, bonnet, and then off to bed. In the morning I had a little olive oil for shine and I am good for the go. Every few days I re-wet (with a spray bottle) add more conditioner and retwist (5 twists on each side- takes literally 5 minutes) and I am good until the next cowash. I never use shampoo and I get my hair trimmed often. I also use MissJessie’s to deep condition every few weeks. My routine is VERY simple and I like it that way… with a newborn, a new house, and a full time job, I just don’t have the time nor the inclination.

CN: Any advice for others thinking of transitioning?
Z: Cut it all off! I know you want to hold on to the hair girls--- but seriously just do it. It is much easier than holding on to the hair and having to deal with breakage and having two sections of hair.

CN: Why did you choose to go natural?
Z: FREEDOM!! I am no longer a slave to anybody's schedule, a relaxer, or a product. All I need is water and a good conditioner and can make it happen. It is totally liberating and I am always going around trying to convert the masses. I am embracing me--- the way God made me. And that is beautiful!

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