On the Couch with Stacey!


First off I want to thank you for taking the time to make such a great site. I love it! I've learned so much about my own hair I just can't get over it. I don't have a transition story because I've never permed my hair. We were always taught as girls in my family that your hair was your glory and you should do all you can to keep it in the best condition possible. So no chemicals but I've had my hair pressed many, many times. And I have to admit that I've never really taken good care of my hair. I just basically let it do what it wanted to do. I've worn it very long, very short and everything in between.

My decision to be consciously good to my hair and a true curly girl came after my father made a comment that my hair looked thinner after not having seen me in a while. I knew I was having breakage (a lot!) but I hadn't really allowed myself to think about it until he made that comment. I came across your blog after looking for tips to stop breakage on naturallycurly.com. I cannot believe what I difference I have seen in my hair in the last 6 weeks. For the last 3 weeks I've been doing weekly henna/amla treatments and that has made the most difference in the texture and strength of my hair in my opinion.

I also wanted to thank you for posting about the twist and curl. I was generally a wash and go girl. I didn't like taking the time to do twists when they were only lasting me one day. Way too much work. I've since learned about the pineapple and this is how I sleep to get 2, 3 even 4 day hair. I'm also getting much better curl formation now that my hair is healthier. One modification I made to the style was to use curl formers on the ends of my twists instead of rollers. The first set I bought were way too short for the entire length of my hair so I just put them on about halfway up my twists. I find this a lot easier to sleep in for me and my hair seems to dry faster in the breathable curl formers.

Thanks again for all the info on products and styling tips. Now I just need to get my daughters hair in tip top shape as well and all will be good in my household :) I've included some pictures of her as well.


Twist-n-Curl Day One


Daughter Tina!

Curlynikki Testimonial- Jalana!

Hi Curlynikki,

So I've been stalking you since before you started your site, and I just want to say WOW! You're amazing and so motivating, congratulations on all your success! Anyway, I wanted to say that I've learned so much since following you on Naturally Curly, Nappturality and now Curlynikki. I did my big chop years ago but had no clue what I was doing. I re-permed for corporate jobs (because I thought I had to) and dyed to loosen curls in the beginning.

I was in a huge state of denial and not used to seeing my natural hair. With your help, I stopped dying about a year and a half ago (but my last perm and BC was in 1999) and the change in my hair is amazing!!!!! I wanted to share some pics - please feel free to post if you'd like. They're dated so you can see my progress (I'm still struggling with trimming so the growth could probably be better, but the thickness and health are friggin' amazing but I'm at the mercy of scissor happy hairdressers for now). Thanks again - you're such an inspiration and not just for hair but for being fearless, creative and limitless with your biz!

February 2008

September 2008

February 2009

May 2009

Jalana will be submitting a Hair Idol interview in the next few weeks! Stay tuned :)

Ebony's Sleek and Shine Results!

Hey Nikki!

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Sleek and Shine! My hair just LOVES it! This is now my staple leave-in conditioner because my results are just Awesome, mind you this is 2nd day hair!!! My hair would've been a hot frizzy mess by now, but it's holding rather well in this Detroit 90 degree heat today.

I used the S&S conditioner mixed with a little S&S leave-in conditioning cream. I sealed the ends with Dark & Lovely daily moisture cream and rolled with flex rollers. I put a bunch of twists in because I cut my hair a little too short last week and I wanted super defined curls, let it air dry and untwisted. My hair is soooooooo soft and SHINY!!! I didn't have to use a glosser today. I went out last night and I got so many compliments on my hair and people coming up to me asking what i did to it. I'm waiting to see how it will look in a few days because like you, I'm a fan of volume not length. I didn't puff it up too much today because it's humid out and I'll let it puff up naturally.

I just wanted to share with you my results and to say thanks again for the recommendation.


Curlynikki Testimonial- Kristy

CurlyNikki -

I want to thank you bunches for sharing your hair tips and the love you have for the natural hair God gave you. Your blog has helped and inspired me to continue with my hair goals. I just wanted to share my results of your bunning technique. Since I have gotten serious about the health of my hair, I've tried different variations of the bun, I've tried the twist outs, braid outs, wash n gos but I haven't had much success. My hair is F-I-N-E. And after attempting different styles I became very frustrated because they just come out limp and scrawny looking. I tried your TnC back in October or November of 2008 but I didn't have much success at that either (so I thought at that time). I think in part it was due to my hair being shorter than I had liked and in part I was expecting my hair to come out looking just like yours...LOL! My thoughts were "I have fine hair and CurlyNikki has fine hair" and "CurlyNikki's and my hair are real similar in texture so surely my results should come out just like hers". When they didn't...talk about a let down! But the more I read the stories of other ladies' different hair journeys and learned that no two heads are alike and don't expect your hair to turn out like the picture you saw and love your hair for what your hair is, then I really started to fall in love with my hair. I've always liked my hair to some degree. I now truly love my hair!

I have been bunning for 4 - 5 weeks now and I will probably continue with it consistently through the summer months. I just love the way my hair looks. It has volume, moisture and shine. My hair is so soft. Thank you...thank you...thank you. :-).

The first pic is the very first bun I did. The second and third pics were done over this weekend. Now, I didn't use DevaOne Condition but instead used Pantene Pro-V R&N as my leave in. I used my homemade Shea butter mix consisting of Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Emu oil, Biotin, and Vitamin E. I love...love...love my Shea mix! I also used Silk Elements Revive and Restore Anti Breakage Creme. I love this stuff too!

Thanks again CN!
KristyzHair - HTL

Roxanne's Twist-n-Curl Results!

Hey Nikki,
I've been playing around w/ your TnC style and I think I've found the regime that works for me.
On day 1, I cowash my hair w/ HE Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner. I rinse out about 50% of the condish and squeeze out the excess water from my hair. I then add a mix of shea butter, castor oil, glycerine, and aloe vera gel to hair and apply my hair into 30 twist. I then sleep w/my damp hair uncovered on a satin pillow.
The next day, I wear my hair in these twist. Then that night, I apply a small amount of my rosemary-sage spritz to dampen each twist and seal ends w/my shea butter mix. I then place each twist in rollers, cover w/ a satin scarf, and go to bed.
In the morning, I remove the rollers, uncoil the twist (but don't separate), and just shake my hair for fullness.
I love this style and get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it :)

Rashidah's Twist-n-Curl Results!!

I tried the twist and curl early this year and I loved it so much! I
followed the advice of one of the other readers of the blog who had
submitted a twist-n-curl review and set every inch of my twist's
length on perm rods. I always get so many compliments when I do this,
and my mom has nothing to say about my hair which is always a plus,

I washed my hair with Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus Castile Soap and trust
me it gets the job done. Trust, because I have serious dry scalp
issues and when I couldn't find anything locally that was vegan to get
the job done, I found trusty Dr. Bronner's. Then I followed with
Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner and let that sink in for a while,
rinsed, detangled my hair with a little more Trader Joe's Conditioner
and added some Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave in Creme. After that,
I twisted my hair and sealed with a Coconut /Castor Oil mix. Let me
just say, Neutrogena Leave in Creme does wonders for my hair! It
moisturizes, conditions and styles all in one and its my godsend.
Nik, I definitely saw the fruits of the advice you gave me about not
using too much product, now if you could only come up with a solution
for hand-in-fro disease! But that one is really on the person isn't
it. Nonetheless I used little product and ended up with beautiful
Shirley Temple curls. Who said shoulder-length ladies can't have fun?

P.S. - Your twist-n-curl serves as a great going-out-to-the-club style too!

For more information on how to Twist-n-Curl, click HERE.

Brownshugahgirl- Twist-n-Curl Results!!

I had been wanting to try the twist-n-curl for a long time now--ever since you first posted about it on NC, almost this time last year.

Well I finally tried it and I love it !! I have been wearing it for about 5 weeks now, consistently, and I get sooooo many compliments. I love that the style lasts for 3-4 days and its a tamed style, unlike my wash-n-go's which are becoming un-tameable the longer my hair gets. I've follow Nikki's steps for the TnC, just changing the products. In the first picture I used Lustrasilk Shea Mango conditioner and I made a spritz to seal with using Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk and water--that was my first twist-n-curl-- its a little frizzy but hey it was my first time.

In the second picture I used Lustrasilk Shea Mango combined with Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment, and then I used Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk on top of that, and then I sealed with Qhemet Burdock Root Butter Cream. The results were soft and shiny! Definitely the best results I've ever had. I have been experimenting with different leave-ins and such. I had good results with Aussie Moist Conditioner and KBB Hair Milk too!. Basically, I love it and it will be a mainstay. I think everyone who is having problems with tangles/knots/split ends/breakage should try this style. It's only been a little over a month and I can already notice a difference in my hair. I thank you Nikki for innovating this style--*snaps* to you Curly Nikki!

CurlyNikki Testimonial- So1913

Hey Nikki!
Just want to thank you for being so informative! I took my second try at your T-n-C method (1st try was just ok, but don't think I applied enough conditioner) and with your more recent details this week, I think it worked out better this time. Hopefully I'll continue to improve. I did use Devacurl OneC which is an old favorite of mine (I haven't used the Devacare one, and wonder how different the two are). I had some Hair Rules Leave In laying around that I don't really use, but decided to use for this (waiting on my Jessicurl weekly treatment to come in), Set it Free, and a Shea Butter Pomade by Created By Nature (my old hairdresser's in N.C. line, I'd like to send you some to try out!) and it turned out ok. I've actually got a few compliments on the style at work today and people who want to try it themselves, lol. Just wanted to share with you so you know you've helped out another curly head! I look forward to using less heat (diffusing) to style my hair. Next up this weekend, my first Cassia treatment :) Have a good one!

CurlyNikki Testimonial- CarlaC


I really want to share with you how much I enjoy your blog. Pretty cool, and you know your stuff... This is really funny because I've been natural for about 3 years now, but before now I had no idea how to manage my natural texture... I just knew I didn't want to perm again. You should know how relieving it was to read your story, and know that I wasn't alone. I actually thought about perming again prior to finding your site (uuugh you have NO idea)! It was tremendously encouraging to read your stories of patience and frustration. As a matter of fact, I've bookmarked your site just for those "OMG" hair days! Funny... your page is like 911!

My hair has grown so much, and I truly have only you to thank. In November (when I first visited your page) my hair was shoulder length, very dry, and super frizzy with ridiculous shrinkage. It's currently around the middle of my back, and girl my hair has NEVER been this long. I can't believe how fast and thick it has been growing. Nikki, my hair has NEVER been thick! LOL! True story! On another note... I guess you have also helped me to discover my inner Pj because I have a life supply of henna (which I adore), bentonite (which I LOVE), and Hello Hydration (uuugh, don't get me started). LOL! I buy them in bulk! Funny right? I'm capable of going through a large bottle of HH in about 2 weeks easy.

Either way I just want to thank you you for your wealth of knowledge, and let you know how much I appreciate your honesty and sincerity, especially when you don't have the personal experience with a particular method, or product. I admit that I've been secretly promoting your site, and a few of my friends are transitioning because of my own sweet results. Now they're hooked! I've also referred a few of my already naturally glam gals, and you consistently pull rave reviews. I'm impressed! I wish you all the success in the world, and keep doing what you do girl!

It's CurlyTrini again...and she HENNAed!!!!!!

CurlyTrini henna'ed! Here's her email review:
I think I'm falling deeper in love with my hair!!!! Henna where have you been all my life and can we get married and grow old together!!!!
I LOVE it! First of all the color is awesome! It's not to bright at all...it's rich and a welcomed change. The only thing that I have noticed right away is my hair is sooo much softer and it has a light, fluffy feel to it which I have never experienced before. When my hair is wet it hangs longer and I noticed my curl pattern seemed looser but I didn't do a wash and go so I can't be sure. I am going to do this every week for the next month and then I will lay off and do it once a month and maybe throw in a cassia every now and then. Now I want to see the effects of my hair getting bigger and longer. I am excited for the future...lol!

Thanks for holding my hand along the way...I wouldn't of been able to do it without your advice and of course your blog.

Curlynikki Testimonial- Angela!

Helllllllo Nikki! You are sooo very special and intelligent and very nice for giving us hair tips. I'm telling you... you helped me in so many ways...you just don't know...Thank You Nikki. Wish I can meet you and chat about Henna...thank you soooooooo much for your moisturizing tips.

Well Nikki, I got my henna from hennaforhair.com (good stuff) like you said.....I followed your henna routine( products and all). I've already done two treatments....I have to say that I'm in LOVE...I mix my henna with lemon juice only...apply it to wet hair, sit under the dryer for a couple of hours, and finally go to bed. The next morning, I rinse and do my routine (routine I copy off of you by the way)...it came out real nice...first treatment my daughter noticed the color...my hair was was NOT dry at all..it was soft.....I still did a deep treatment (with the products you mentioned on your blog...Aubreys Honey Suckle Rose/DevaCare one/SheaMoisture/Herbal Essence/Shea Butter) Co-wash, Deep Treatment, Moisturize, Seal....my hair felt really nice...I'm a henna head for life...I will do this more often...it was fun and relaxing..

Honorable Mention

This comment came in right under the wire...it moved me, and I wanted to post it:

Thanks Tia!

Hi Curly Nikki,

It is a new year, and with every new year we make resolutions, one of mines was to take better care of my hair. So being the internet junkie that I've always been, I came across your blog. A Godsend, I was up all night reading your blog. Curly Nikki, I got a feeling in my soul while on your blog, and I know it was God telling me that this was the right resolution for me, and that is to take better care of my hair and set it free from the relaxer. I really enjoy opening your blog and seeing that beautiful black and white picture of your wavys and curls, it is an ispiration for me and a piece of art that I hope you have framed in your home. Being a Chemist, I love how you give the product reviews including the ingredients and their properties for your hair, and last but not least I love, love, love reading the natural hair journeys of other women. Curly Nikki you have a gift, continue to inspire women to take that journey into the natural, kinky, wavy, curly, coarse world.

204 Followers...300 Email Subscribers...230,000+ hits!!!

As a token of my appreciation for your continued support and readership, I'm doing a Giveaway...yes, another Giveaway!!!

I'd like to continue to provide CurlyNikki.com readers with useful information, tips, and inspiration. In order to do this, I need you to tell me what you like best about the site, so from now until January 12, 2008, I'm inviting you to to do just that. Please leave your comments below.

A week from today, I'll pick one winner. The lucky curly will choose between an 8oz tub of 100% Pure Shea Butter, or an 8oz jar of Blended Beauty's Curl Styling Butter. And as always, I'll drop the hair goody in the mail at no charge to you :D

Thanks again,

There is still another CurlyNikki Cleaning Out My Closet Giveaway going on. Click here for details.

Curlynikki Testimonial- Monique!


I rinsed out the henna this morning. I only did it for the conditioning, and I'm impressed. The curl is definitely looser, but that's okay with me. The smell doesn't bother me at all.

I thought I'd just drop a note to you because I had to admit to my girlfriend as I had henna piled all over my head that I didn't actually *know* the woman who had given me all this great natural hair advice. I've been natural since 1994 and have definitely found your site helpful. Naturallycurly.com -- which is where I found a link to your blog -- has helped me find stylists, but I think I'm done with that part of my life. I'm onto search and destroys and other such things. Your site is wonderful, and I don't know if I would have ever done the henna without your video and other information.

Thanks so much.


CurlyNikki Testimonial- AuNaturale

Hi Nikki,

I hope you are doing well!

I've been on naturallycurly.com a lot lately and I kept reading all these rave reviews about Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner. So I decided to buy a bottle and try it in a co-wash. I've also read other posts and blogs from people who insist that combing additional conditioner in the hair after washing and leaving it in overnight does wonders for moisturizing—so I thought I would try that as well with the HEHH. And since I was feeling so experimental, I decided to go all out and try your twist n' curl method! I twist my hair quite frequently, particularly after washing, and my hair takes to it very well. I usually twist my hair when it’s dry or I’ll use a mix of Giovanni Direct Leave-In and water to detangle/moisture before twisting. However, I'd never tried combing regular conditioner in my hair and leaving it in over night; nor had I tried twisting my hair and rolling the ends. I was so excited to see how it would turn out.

So here’s what I did:

  • Step 1: Regular co-wash with HEHH;

  • Step 2: Let hair air dry to the point where it is damp and not sopping wet (I try to stay away from towels when it comes to drying my hair);

  • Step 3: Separate hair into four sections and secure each section with a hair clip;

  • Step 4: Remove hair clip from one section and apply conditioner (I’m not sure how much conditioner I used, but I’m always pretty heavy-handed when it comes to applying products. I just applied enough conditioner until I felt my hair was sufficiently saturated);

  • Step 5: After applying conditioner, detangle with Jilbere Shower comb (combing from the ends to the roots);

  • Step 6: After detangling, I separate the section into smaller sections and make two-strand twists. I did 5 twists in that section. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any hair clips you mentioned in the tutorial, so I had to bypass that part of your method;

  • Step 7: Repeat steps 4-6 for the other 3 sections. I ended up with 20 twists total;

  • Step 8: I sealed the ends of each twist with jojoba oil and then rolled each twist individually (I just rolled the ends and not the entire twist). I also didn’t have any end papers…lol (in the future, it might help if I attempt this with all the required supplies);

  • Step 9: Covered hair with satin bonnet.

Results: In the morning, I took out the rollers and unraveled the twists. The HEHH left my hair feeling soft and moisturized, particularly at the roots. After taking out the twists, I finger combed and fluffed. My hair exploded into a mass of frizzy curls and I ended up with a curly afro (this is also what happens when I twist my hair using the Giovanni Direct Leave-In). My roots looked silky, but the length of my hair looked dry in certain parts. Also because the curls were tighter, my hair looked a little shorter due to the shrinkage. I don’t think the initial results turned out anywhere near as beautiful as your hair (your hair is much thicker and longer than mine), but I didn’t give up. I applied my SheaMoisture Shea Butter Leave-in and kept fluffing and manipulating my hair. By the end of the day, the curls had fallen some (likely due to the SheaMoisture and the fluffing), giving my hair the fullness and length that I like. I was really pleased with the “end of the day” result…I think it’s more of a complete “twist n’ curl” look. Without the twist n’ curl, it usually takes my hair about 1-2 days after washing to look like this. My only complaint is that I lost the curly tendril ends with the fluffing. At some point, I will have to try this using the exact same products you used (Jessicurl DT and DevaCare One conditioner) to see if I get different results.

I have posted some pics of the results below. I hope this helps other natural ladies out there! CN, thank you so much for all you do and please continue to keep up your blog. Your tips, methods, suggestions are invaluable!

Curl Afro (After unraveling twists, finger combing, and fluffing):

End of Day Hair (with SheaMoisture Leave-in & more fluffing):

CurlyNikki Testimonials- Frances


First, I would like to thank you for sharing you knowledge and experience with Henna with everyone. Your pictures and information are invaluable.

Okay, here is my testimonial:

My original reason for seeking out Henna was for color. I have been natural for 2 years plus and have always wanted color without the chemicals. So, I was on the Nappturality website under Forums and saw a piece on Henna – the coloring/conditioning effects. It was really interesting reading everyone’s experience, as each person is different. So, I continued to do my own research….. Then I saw CurlyNikki’s website and clicked on it…..and all I could say was WOW!!!! Her hair was BEAUTIFUL, so then I read, and read, and read some more and was amazed on what Henna could do for the hair. It is used to make the hair more conditioned/ stronger, and the color is just a nice side effect. So, I followed her recommendations exactly as instructed (i.e. Jamila Henna from Mehandi.com (200 gm)….and I used the entire 200 gm…LOL….1.5-2 cups of green tea and 3 tablespoons of Honey. Now, I actually let mine sit about 12 hours, so I could do a pre-test on some loose hair that I acquired from my brush. And, the color and the results were amazing. So, around 5pm that day, I proceeded to do my entire head and let it sit for about 15 hours (long time I know – but I wanted the best results I could get)…. In the morning I rinsed, conditioned (as instructed by Nikki), and did a Twist-n-Curl set. IT WAS WONDERFUL. The Henna conditioned, relaxed my curl slightly, gave a great shine and a hint of red color…. I LOVED IT. So, I have already put in my next order and it has only been 2 days. In closing, I just want to thank Nikki for this wonderful website and I have been spreading the word to all of my natural friends. Continue to post your beautiful pictures and share you wonderful hair advice. Talk to you soon.

Frances (11/26/08)

CurlyNikki Testimonials- Serita

Hey Nikki,

My first henna experience turned out FABULOUS!

The color is beautiful, it seems stronger, and it's already starting to shine! I followed your routine to the letter, using Punjabi Prime henna from Catherine. I did mix the PP with green tea the night before and froze it. When I got up the next morning, I took it out of the freezer to thaw while I was at work (10 hrs.). Got home from work, washed and conditioned my hair with bioINFUSION Olive Oil conditioning shampoo and bioINFUSION Professional The Detangling Conditioner (all natural from Walgreens), detangled and sectioned while in shower. Added honey to PP mixture until consistency of yogurt; applied to hair. Put on two plastic caps and satin scarf; went to sleep. Rinsed out the next morning (13 hours later) in tub and then put head under tub faucet for pressure. Almost all PP was rinsed out but got in the shower to condition with bioINFUSION and rinse again (mabybe twice). Mixed honey and EVOO with my Elasta QP deep conditioner; put on plastic cap and satin scarf; sat under dryer for an hour; rinsed out DT after about 3 or 4 hours. Applied SheaMoisture to hair, sealed ends with EVOO, did the T 'n C and rolled the ends of my hair. Got up this morning and took down my twists. YOU SHOULD SEE MY HAIR. Absolutely gorgeous! When I got to work, one of my co-workers said, you gonna make me grow some hair or glue some in. I was cracking up. Anyway, that's my update. I'm gonna henna again this weekend. I can't wait to see how it turns out the second time around!

Serita :-)

Do you have a testimonial? Share it with me at [email protected]

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