How to Get a Voluminous Fro with Flexi Rods

Watch as Jamia demonstrates how to achieve a stretched curly fro sans heat!

You Will Need: 
  • Cleanser of your choice
  • Conditioner of your choice
  • Moisturizer/detangler of your choice 
  • Spray bottle
  • Flexi rods
  • Hooded dryer or similar alternative 
  • Oil or sealant of your choice 
  • Comb for fluffing

My Big Curly Hair Routine- Wash and Go Greatness!

Eleanor is a "Cape Townian living in Tokyo" and wants to share her natural hair wash and go routine with the CurlyNikki community. 

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How to Finger Coil Out on Natural Hair

Samirah Gilly shares her technique for big fluffy curls, no rollers needed. But you will need a leave-in, gel, denman brush, and rattail comb.

CharyJay Reveals Her 'Naked' Hair!

CharyJay writes: 

Usually, my videos are focused on how to get super defined hairstyles and ends with a full face of makeup to complete the look in order to look FAB. Obviously there is nothing wrong with that, but as I was reflecting on a lot of my past style tutorials, I noticed there wasn't one single video where I was just focusing on my hair, and myself in the raw; stripped down; naked.

I'm aware that there are people of all ages who watch my video and send their praises, wanting to achieve the same hairstyles and learn makeup techniques to get the same look, which again, is also fine. But I thought it was time to show myself sans all the glamour to prove that we're still beautiful in our natural state.

It's just a little something different that I hope will help those who are possibly struggling with their natural hair or confidence issues when trying to be themselves.

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#Flawless Three Strand Twist-Out!- Natural Hair Styles

CurlyByNature21 demonstrates how to execute a flawless 3 strand twist-out! Watch now! 

Charlize Glass - Natural Hair Tutorial feat. Autumn Miller (Natural Curly Hair)

Queen shares-

This little girl is awesome! She's a dancer who's been in videos and recently got a shout-out from Beyonce for a video she posted on IG dancing to 'Yonce'. The hair tutorial is the sweetest thing ever! I think the CurlyNikki community with love her!

The Curly Fro- Natural Hair Style Tutorials

Watch as LippiesNDenim and Regal Fro achieve curly fro greatness with these two easy techniques!

Boho Chic Low Puff- Natural Hair Style Tutorial

Watch as NaturallyCreole shows us how to achieve this super chic and easy style! It's perfect for those days when re-doing your hair is not an option.

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Natural Hair Style- Puff & Bangs!

Peep Yolanda Renee's super dope and easy natural updo!

Natural Hair Style- Elegant Twisted Bun

Tiffany Nichols writes:

I am a natural hair blogger and vlogger from OKC, OK. I wanted to share how I achieved this simple twisted bun. It's perfect for church and any other special occasion.

80s Retro Pinup- Natural Hair Styles!

Shekia Renea is back with a 'do that is definitely channeling the great Whitney Houston! 

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Easy 'Wash and Go' Look!- Natural Hair Styling

Sometimes, I have to take a moment to just take in the dopeness that is FusionofCultures' hair.  In this video she shows us how she transforms an old twist-out into a wash and go without re-washing her hair!

Watch now!

Bantu Knot-Out & Pinup Style- Natural Hair Styles

The fierceness that is She'kia Renea is at it again! Enjoy!

Quick 'Wash and Go' Routine for Natural Hair

The below video is in response to questions from instagram & tumblr on how I do my super simple wash & go. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Watch NOW!>>>

Natural Hair Style Tutorial- A Fierce Updo!

Yolanda Renee is back with a fierce up 'do!  Check it out and try it yourself! 

Curlfomers on 4C Natural Hair

The gorgeous jouelzy shows us how she achieves ringlets using Curlformers-

Don't forget to enter the Curlformer giveaway, HERE!

Summer Curls- Natural Hair Style Tutorial

Peep NaturallyNellzy's gorgeous curly fro, achieved using rods-

A Wash & Go Routine- Natural Hair Styles

Shekia Renea is back at it!  This time, with an extra dope wash & go.  Check her out and then leave comments below sharing your current wash and go routine! 

Curly Fro- Natural Hair Style

Her hair is nuts! Watch as Mercie Kouture uses braids and perm rods to achieve one fierce curly fro- 

Classy, Retro Updo!- Natural Hair Styles

Watch as She'Kia Renea throws her gorgeous tresses into a super chic updo! She's effortlessly fly!

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