Quick Updo- Tuck and Roll

Love. her. hair. Check out how Sadejones001 salvaged a less than stellar twist-out-

Two Bun Banana Clip Updo Tutorial

by Shelli of Hairscapades

Here is a tutorial for the simple and quick (you know how I do) 2 bun banana clip updo that was featured in Crown of Glory … or Thorns? post last week. Enjoy!

Tutorial of the Retro French Twist with Headband

Being as though Antoinette is without her camera momentarily, I thought that I would show my interpretation of retro headband ponytail puff. I don't wear my curls out these days due to the cold (and the fact that I don't own a hair dryer) so my hair is usually in a twist out or braid out. My interpretation is pretty much the same as Ant's. The only difference is that my hair is in a
loose french twist rather than a high puff.

(I am trying to figure out how to make the back look less flat up top. Any suggestions?)

Antoinette tried it with the french twist on freshly washed and diffused hair as well.

Fall Protective Style Tutorial & Moisture Retention

The glamorous CharyJay gets us ready for the cooler weather with part 2 of her awesome Fall Series--

Twist-out to 1940 Waves- Natural Hair Styles

by Antoinette of A Curl's Best Friend

I'm trying to use less heat and not blow dry my hair so often so I've been playing around with my 2nd and 3rd day curls. I honestly don't have 2nd day curls that I can wear out. I'm still on a quest to find them but I have figured out a way to stretch my wash and go for 4-5 days without having to re-wet and re-blow dry. These 1940 waves have helped me tremendously this winter.

I usually wear my hair out the first day after I wash and go or diffuse. Then I wear my second day curls in a high ponytail with a cute accessory. Then I do flat twists. I either wear the flat twists in a style or cover them with a head wrap. After I untwist and rock my twist out or 1940's waves seen below. I've been really pleased with the results of this style and it involves NO HEAT!

Below is a video on how I did the twist out and 40's waves.

Keep in mind, while I do not fully re-wet my hair everyday I do mist it with water using a spray bottle. I'm a firm believer that water is the best moisturizer. After I mist it I add a little leave-in conditioner and/or oil depending on what my hair needs that day. Before I twist my hair I spray it with rosemary infused water on it to add shine and moisture.

4b/4c Bun Tutorial!

the lovely chocolateisnatural shows us how she creates a bun without a brush or gel--

African Threading to Stretch Natural Hair

Nadine writes:

In your recent interview with Kimberly Elise, she mentioned my GirlsLoveYourCurls YouTube channel, which she credited with teaching her the African Threading technique she uses to stretch her hair. As a result, I got a lot of traffic, and messages, many of which were people saying they had never heard of this technique.

One of the goals of my videos is to introduce people to the technique of African Threading, which is a traditional styling technique used in many parts of Africa. It is especially useful for use on children's hair as an alternative styling option, because it is quick to achieve and lasts for at least a week. My family originates from Ghana West Africa. My mother used it on my hair and taught me how to take care of my hair using this technique.

I have two young daughters and this technique is invaluable to me. I started making tutorials because I got so many requests from friends, wanting to learn how to take care of their daughter's natural hair. My goal is to help offer mothers/caretakers of young girls as many tools as I can, so as to prevent them resorting to chemical processing, due to lack of options.

Here's are a couple of tutorials:

African Threaded Bantu Buns

African Threaded Ponytail Plait

Night Time Pineapple aka Pony Tail Method

Via KinkyCurlyCoilyMe

As promised ladies, I tried out the pony tail method and it worked like a charm. When I have a lazy night I can just do this, go to bed, and wake up with nice hair! No more re-braiding or re-twisting for me!

Do you pineapple?

Tension Blowdrying Method for Stretching Natural Hair

The lovely and sophisticated shows us a less damaging way to stretch our hair with a blow dryer prior to styling--

Do you use a blow dryer to stretch prior to twisting or braiding? What's your regimen?

Casual & Classic Natural Hair Style

Another cute and simple updo from Naptural85!

'Fork It'- Natural Hair Updo

I'm a simple girl when it comes to styles. I don't venture much beyond my tried and true Twist-n-Curl, chunky twists and buns. BUT, I must admit, I'm really liking 'the bold' updos and I'm desperately searching for the confidence to rock one. I wanna be fierce too! In the meantime, check out this lovely 'forked' style by FusionofCultures--

How to Fix a Bad Hair Day- Natural Hair Styling

What do you do when the front of your hair is frizzy but that back still looks amazing? If you're tired of the buns and puffs, check out AllThatsGold's tutorial--

Three Strand Twist-n-Curl!

OMG. I love this girl's hair. Her signature style, the three strand twist-out is FIERCE. Watch and learn!

's Three Strand Twists

Simple Work and School Styles- Natural Hair

sarah writes;

Hey CurlyNikki fam,

Whitney aka Naptural85 is at it again with Simple Office and Back-to-School Styles. Even though I am in grad school and could care less about how my hair looks in lab, I could see myself easily integrating these styles. Enjoy!

The Puff Bun- Natural Hair Updo

NowIamNappy shows us how she achieves her HUGE, fierce bun!

Natural Hair: Technique for Defining Curls

Check out how All That's Gold defines her natural curl pattern--


The next day--

Natural Hair in the Dominican Republic

Carolina for Missrizos writes;

I know these videos are in Spanish, but the energy behind them is simply incredible. This video goes against the status quo in the Dominican Republic and it is an affirmation that being natural is beautiful.

These are called ¨Lessons in the Street". The first one is about what negative things people tell you in the streets about your natural hair and the second one is why you went natural, we went all over the city of Santo Domingo (trains, universities, the streets) and asked people, both women and men of all curly textures!!!!

CharyJay Spoofs 'Deuces'!- Natural Hair Video

CharyJay is back with another spoof! This time she's taking on products that claim to be organic and or all-natural, but are really not. OMG! I laughed so hard. My favorite line-- 'Dimethicone, Hydroxide... what this say? I gotta sound it out.' Y'all went hard, and for that, I'm forever a fan.

African Hair Threading (Ghana Plaits) Tutorial

Hi CN Community!

I recently had a hair experiment gone right that I wanted to share. I have been experimenting with Ghana Plaits (African Hair Threading) on my daughter for a while now. One day, I had an urge to try it on myself. For the first time in almost 6 years of being natural, I finally found a way to style my thick hair into a bun!

Below is a video of my first attempt at creating a bun using the Ghana Plait technique. This style requires weave thread. I also used Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In conditioner and Curls Brand Goddess Curls Gel. I kept this style up for 1 week (although I am sure that it would have lasted longer). I was very pleased with the results!

When I decided to try the Ghana Plaits, I was motivated by a second reason – it’s a great way to stretch your hair! Here is my hair after I removed my Ghana Plait Bun and thread:

I like stretching my hair out this way better than doing the braid method, because it requires less combing. I do not like to use combs on my hair when it is dry.

What say you? Will you try the Ghana Plaits method?

Aphogee Protein Treatment How-to

NaturallyCurly Video blogger DeDe, also known as PrettyDimples, shows you how she does her Aphogee treatment.

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