Trimming Your Natural Hair

Shekia Renea of is back with a tutorial on keeping your ends sharp!

What are your best practices for trimming/dusting? Share below!

CN Says:
Peep my tips, HERE.

Make it Last Forever- Nightly Natural Hair Routine

Shekia Renea is back with her nightly hair routine! 

Refresh Your Old Twist-Out in 5 Minutes!

Shekia Renea shows the curly masses how to rejuvenate an old twist-out! Enjoy!

The Art of the Sock Bun- Natural Hair Styles

by Shelli of Hairscapades

Thought I’d kick off the Hairscapades Bunning Challenge with a sock bun tutorial from an awesome YouTuber, Laila-Jean aka Fusion of Cultures!

Hair not long enough to cover a sock bun? Check out this video to learn how to make your own with the synthetic braiding hair of your choice! Then, just pop it on and secure with bobby pins!

Just need a “plain” sock bun? You can find synthetic bun forms at Sally Beauty Supply or take the DIY route and make your own like I did using the following tutorial!

via Curlista

Finally, have longer hair? Then check out this technique for using a sock bun when your strands are too long to tuck under the sock bun or too fine to cover it in one pass!

via WendysLookbook

See, there’s a sock bun for everyone!

Do you rock a sock ? If so, any tips or tricks to help us get the most out of the look?

The 'Super Stretch' Method for Natural Hair

Check out how Nadine of GirlsLoveYourCurls, stretches her daughter's hair without the use of heat!

Have you ever used the African Threading technique?

Share your experiences below!

Elegant Loose and Twisted Updos for Natural Hair

Although I'm currently engaging in the opposite of protective styling, I stumbled upon this gorgeous curly that's doing it so elegantly that it's got me questioning my routine!

Peep xGoldn's updo game- 

Twist-Out on Heat Stretched Hair- Natural Hair Style!

CharyJay celebrates her three year naturalversary and rocks a mean stretched twist-out!

Do you like the look of twist-outs on blow-dried hair?
What products do you use for hold?

Bouncy Curls, Without Heat!- Natural Hair Styles

The lovely Alicia James shows us how she achieves looser curls without heat-

Do you bantu knot-out? 
What's your process?

Bentonite Clay- Natural Hair Cleansing

Tina writes:

Becoming a mixtress can be really enticing and exciting especially if on a budget. The truth is, cleansing is an essential part of a regimen to remove product build-up but using shampoo can strip the moisture we already struggle to retain. So try making a mud wash that clarifies while leaving your hair conditioned and moisturized throughout. Check out the video below for a cool way to make your own mud wash if you don't have the funds to spring for Terressentials.  

After using bentonite, my hair feels clean without the stripped feeling one often gets with shampoo! If you have a lot of product build up or very damaged hair you can expect to have to use a mud wash a few times before experiencing the luxurious feel of beautiful moisturized hair. I wish I could try some Terressentials but this will have to do for now. I am in no way saying this product is equivalent to Terressentials as I have never used their products, but for those on a strict budget, this might be an option! Cheers to Mud Wash!

Thanks for letting me share with the CurlyNikki community!

CN Says:

Check out my experiences with Bentonite, HERE.  I haven't revisited in a while due to time... but the results were absolutely amazing! 

Do you use bentonite clay? Share your experiences below!

Obnoxious Bow w/ Pomps- Style Tutorial

Another super cute style from the ridiculously fly CharyJay!

Natural Hair: It's a Sport

Dude's back. And this time, he lost the shirt... *taps forehead with finger* ...clever, this one, with the marketing and targeting his audience.
I totally get it, can't knock the hustle, and actually appreciate the message. Enjoy!

Cinnabun Tutorial

by Shelli of Hairscapades

I used to do this style on my relaxed hair with pin curls, rather than on twists. However, this video by Glamazini essentially demonstrates the technique I used for my Afro puffy twists above. The cinnabun is a great protective style for medium length and longer hair and can be done using twists like demonstrated in the video or on loose hair (WnG, twist-out, braid out or TnC). Also, the video is just pretty entertaining!! Enjoy!

via Glamazini

She is getting it in!! Too funny. LOL!

Cutting Bangs into Natural Hair!

Watch as Nadieninguem cuts her own bangs! The results... um, DOPE.

Would you do it?!

If you already have bangs, what has your experience been?

CN Says:

I asked Marie, my STL stylist to cut me a long bang and she killed it! ROCK STAR STATUS. Like... paint a pink streak over my eye, jam out on the guitar, drop the mic, walk off the stage, Jem and the Holograms' hair.

I will say that cutting a bang (or layers for that matter) into fine hair can reduce bulk, which, if you desire a voluminous look, may be counterproductive.
So while there are days that I miss the length, 99% of the time I'm tossing my bangs and popping my gum #swag.

I'd most certainly do it all over again and plan to keep up the shape for the foreseeable future!

Bun with a Twist- Natural Hair Style Tutorial

via For the Fabulous and Frugal

I twisted/rolled the sides of my hair back, pinned it down, and then pulled my headband over my head and towards the back, to make a low puff, like in the video below, then pinned my ends underneath the band to create a bun.

CN Says-

So simple but so chic! Love it!

A Bantu Knot-Out Tutorial for Curlies with Fine Hair

Evelyn writes:

I just made this tutorial for my favorite hairstyle -- the bantu knot out. I thought it'd be helpful for those like me who don't have mounds of hair, lol. Those of us who need careful placement and vigorous fluffing to give our hair volume. Hope this can help somebody!

Finger Detangling Natural Hair

Watch the lovely NaturalChica as she shares her finger detangling routine with us--

Do you finger detangle?

CN *Sings*:

...and I say hell yeah...

Classic Protective Style for Natural Hair

Let's keep with the protective styles this weekend! Check out CharyJay's cute and classic style-

Natural Hair Style: Channelling Johnny Bravo

Check out Laila-Jean's (aka Fusion of Cultures) super glam updo--

Quick, Chic and Fab- Natural Hair Style

Loved the simplicity of this one! LBN's braid-out (achieved with Cantu Shea Butter leave-in) is everything! Enjoy!

Pocohontas Inspired Style- Updo

Check out this simple and beautiful style by WhoisSugar!

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