The Astounding Ways Aretha's Home Going Connected Our Past and Present

Aretha Franklin
By Brenda Alexander

We have all heard, or watched, the multi-day memorial plus 8-hour funeral in celebration of our beloved Aretha Franklin. Her life and legacy goes far beyond music. As Rolling Stone put it, “Aretha’s voice sang across decades of change and turmoil for black America.” Her mission outside of music to fight for the advancement of our people will be forever cherished and integrated in history books beyond her vocal catalogue. The musical tributes and eulogies were for the books, but analyzing it from a conscious standpoint, you’ll come to realize just how monumental her death is. As a pioneer in the fight for black freedom and equality, Aretha was no ordinary entertainer. Here are the ways in which Re-Re’s passing brings our ancestry full circle.


Single Mom With A $32 Bank Balance Creates International Hair Care Brand

By Sharee Silerio

Gwen Jimmere was 30 days away from her divorce being final when she was laid off from her job. She had to pay the bulk of the attorney fees in the separation, leaving the Detroit, Michigan mom with $32 in her bank account. Her son Caiden was two-years-old.

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