The Importance of a Wash Day Routine for Healthy Hair Growth

by Tangia Seward of

Do you have a hair care regimen? If not, here’s why you should. 

Moisture to the Max! 3 Routines for Seriously Hydrated Hair​.

by Tiffani Greenaway of

As the seasons change, so does our hair. Drier air and bitter winds can wreak havoc on our fragile strands, leaving curls dull, limp, and dry.

You've tried gels, conditioners, and almost everything on the beauty supply shelves, but nothing seems to work. Three different methods promise shinier, bouncier, moisture rich hair--but which is right for you?



by Jascmeen of

I didn’t realize until I looked through the selfie folder on my iPhone that I’ve had a pretty amazing six months growth wise. In the picture above, the left image is from September 2015, the center image was taken in November 2015, and the one on the far right is a recent pic from this month (March.)

Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t been doing anything fancy. I’ve been keeping it pretty simple with a nighttime routine that only involves 2-3 products. (Funny how that’s considered “simple,” right?)


How to Create a Healthy Natural Haircare Regimen

In the below pictorial and vid, Michelle Thames of HappilyEverNatural breaks down her healthy hair routine in hopes that it'll give natural newbies a place to start!  Enjoy!

The Top 10 Ways to Prep Natural Hair for Cold Weather

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by Ariane of

When the transition from warm to cool weather takes effect, your hair regimen will call for a change. You will be more prone to itchy scalp and dryness comes easy. Use these tips to get your hair winter ready:


Why You Need to Change Your Routine & Products Every Season

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by Sabrina of

Establishing a routine is something that takes time, trial and error and patience. It’s probably one of the most personalized portion of your entire journey- finding exactly what works for your hair and what doesn’t.

But what many women don’t realize is that what works for your hair during one season may not work for the next. Changing your wash regimen for each season is important to ensure that your hair maintains its health and retains as much moisture as possible. So here’s what you need to know about changing your routine per season:


Seven Tips to Shave Time Off Your Weekly Hair Regimen

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by Sabrina Perkins of

Everyone knows how long it takes to do their hair on a weekly/daily basis. It’s a long process that’s exciting when you’re a new natural, but after 52 weeks of doing the same thing, you get tired of it and as your hair gets longer, it takes more time to wash, style and maintain.

You want all the easy, simple and quick without compromising the health of your hair. Everyone wants a simple routine with the same great results, and it can be done!

Here are a seven tips to shave time off your weekly hair regimen:


An Easy Wash Day Routine for Type 4 Natural hair

IG @shalleenkaye

by Jensine from Jungle Naps

Let’s be honest. When you’re natural and wash day hits, sometimes you dread the long process ahead of you. The detangling, the long DC sessions that turn into naps, and post-wash styling are all part of the process. However, a few helpful tips can make all difference.


7 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair is Breaking.

IG @Joyjah

by Charlene Walton of

You would be amazed at the many things that can cause breakage on natural hair. There are several things we do daily, which may not seem like a bad idea but can actually do more harm than good. I guarantee it, if you stay away from these 7 deadly sins then you will be A-ok! Let’s begin!


Reduce Tangles and Time on Wash Day with These Easy Steps!


Do you dread wash day? I have to be honest – I definitely did. At least, until recently. I’ve finally figured out a way to keep tangles at bay in preparation for wash day while enjoying an attractive, wearable style with my natural hair.


My Natural Hair Thinned Out & Changed Textures Postpartum

wand curls now vs then (only 3 months after baby)

by Michelle Thames of

Almost 2 years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, ever!  The pregnancy and the idea of being someone's mom was new to me, so I really didn't know what to expect!  I did, however, know all about postpartum shedding and what could possibly happen to my hair after I had my baby. I spoke about how I dealt with postpartum hair loss here. I then began to notice texture changes with my hair.


Wash Day Routine for Natural Hair- Tips and Tricks

Some girls have good hair days for eternity. How, you ask? It's actually pretty simple and I would like to share my personal 4 tips to help my wash day last for days.

Here's Why the LOC Method Didn't Work...

by Ariane of

Ask about how to keep your hair moisturized and you are guaranteed to hear about the LOC Method for moisture. Tried it and it didn’t work? It happens, here are a few possible reasons why your outcome was less than pleasing:


All About the Curly Girl Method


The Curly Girl Method, otherwise known as CG Method, was developed from Curly Girl: The Handbook, a book written by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel which helps people embrace their natural hair texture. With that objective in mind, Massey described a new and revolutionary routine to get healthy, well-behaved waves, curls and coils.

To get you started, it's important to understand the basics of the Curly Girl routine. The number one rule is to eliminate use of shampoo, and instead embrace the process of "co-washing" or washing with conditioner. After you've mastered that, everything else will fall into place. Here are basic guidelines to get you started:

4C Natural Hair Care Secrets

by Sabrina Perkins of

Do you have healthy, type 4c natural hair?  I do and I thought it would be most helpful to write a post about the things I have done right over the years (to save you time, energy and money!). Below are my eight precious pearls of 4C wisdom.


Building a Simple Natural Hair Care Regimen

by Emilia Obiekea of

Beginning your natural hair journey can feel both liberating and daunting. My advice?  Keep your regimen simple and the amount of products minimal. This will help you to figure out what works for you and makes getting the hang of caring for your hair much easier. Simplicity is the best foundation for beginners.

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Why You Still Need to Shampoo (sometimes)

by Sabrina Perkins of

Using shampoo is a debatable subject in the natural hair community. When co-washing came onto the scene, hearing that someone still shampoos her hair was a slap in the face to the natural hair Gods.

The fact of the matter is, depending on one’s natural hair care regimen and the products that are used, shampoo may still need to be utilized as opposed to just co-washing. With that being said, how do you actually know when to co-wash vs. when to shampoo? Here are a few tips to guide you:

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5 Tips to Prep Your Natural Hair for Cold Weather

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder. Fall is upon us — seemingly out of nowhere. It almost seemed like Summer would last forever but alas, it’s time to break out the boots, sweaters, and scarves. And drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks. No? Just me?

Caring for your hair in the warmer versus colder months is and should be different for maximum growth and length retention. In Spring and Summer, lighter products is the name of the game. But for Fall and Winter, heavy hitters are needed to maintain moisture, prevent breakage, and promote growth.

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Fall Regimen for Natural Hair- Layering Is Key

by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic

Fall is all about layering. It’s my go-to method for any on the go outfit. You can’t go wrong when you start with a blank canvas and build around it. I apply this same logic to my fall hair regimen. I am a firm believer in layering my hair essentials. How you layer is just as important, if not more important, than the mere fact that you are layering. If you can master the art of layering you can’t lose.

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Autumn Care for Your Natural Hair!

by Toia B of Luvtobnatural


Temps are dropping and humidity wanes with each day. Due to these and other factors, many of us find it necessary to switch up our regimen a bit so our hair plays nice with whatever the weather may bring.

Here are just a few things you can try this Fall to make the best of the crisp, cool air that comes with the season:

Use Heavier Oils/Butters

When I first began wearing my hair in its natural state, I thought using the same oils and things all-year-round would be fine. However, the lighter oils that I used in the summer (grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba) to seal in moisture didn’t quite cut it in the cooler months. For me, they weren’t a strong enough “defense” against the low humidity air and my hair was feeling drier and drier. What to do?!

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