The Best Natural Hair Products for Your Staple Styles

Every naturalista knows that not every product is created equally when it comes to styling. Some products help achieve a smoother style while some provide a stronger hold than others. Using the wrong products to achieve a specific style can lead to unexpected results.

A product may have given you a stellar wash and go, but if you use it for your twist out you may be disappointed. Your technique may be on point, but if you didn't use a product with the right amount of hold or flexibility, your style might just fail you every time.
Using the wrong products to achieve a specific style can lead to unexpected results.

There are people who have a list memorized of what products work for their hair - if that’s you that’s great! That’s half the journey. If that’s not you and you are still discovering what works for your natural hair, this list could offer some assistance. Below are lists of products that have been reported to give excellent results to achieve different styles.

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'CurlyNikki Approved' Natural Hair Products (2013)

Hola Chicas,

Y'all know I'm a PJ, right? Although I can only use a few products at a time, I do have somewhat of a laundry list of others that I highly recommend. I've tried many of the curly lines on the market and most of the products available in stores, but the ones below get my stamp of approval.

Whether you're transitioning or a natural vet, this list is a great place to start if you're in the market to build a new regimen. My advice? When trying a new routine, figure out what your hair needs are, choose products designed to address those needs, try the routine for 3 weeks, re-assess and determine if you need to go back to the drawing board. Don't try too many new things at once, and keep a journal- - documentation is key. Take pictures of your results and record how various product combos work for you.

If you're starting from scratch, pick a product from each of the categories below (broken down by Brick and Mortar or B&M, versus Web Store). Remember, no two heads are alike, and what works for some will not work for all.

The products that I'm currently using are preceded by '***'. 


Race to the Red Bottoms

Hola chicas!

So last month marked my 3 year blogging anniversary and I celebrated by giving away a few of my favorite things!

Throughout the month of October, in the CurlyNikki forums, ladies submitted videos in hopes to reach the finals... as the winner will walk away with a brand spanking new pair of black, Pigalle Point Toe, Christian Louboutins. #Boom Wish I could've competed.

At any rate, here are the finalists! Watch, laugh, cry... choose your favorite and vote for her in the poll to your right >>>>>>>> It's under the 'sign up' button. The poll closes on Nov 8 at 5pm EST.

God speed.

ShatterProof Glass Doll




Want more, check out the thread with the other videos. These ladies are talented and inspirational.

Later Gators,

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