Achieving the Perfect Bantu Knot-Out: Wet or Dry Hair?

Hola Chicas,

Bantu Knots create the most gorgeous spiral effect when you release them... it gives you results unlike any twist or braid out. It's the perfect style because everyone can try it-- transitioners looking to blend textures, divas with straight hair and naturals of most lengths.

But the question is always the you get the perfect bantu knot out on wet or dry hair?

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How to Get Sleek Edges...No Gel...No Brush

Hola Chicas!

I'm re-posting the article below. After the Super Cute Headband blog, I received an influx of emails asking how I achieved my smooth edges, and this routine, unlike most, is one that has not changed (can you believe it?!). After you're done reading, leave a comment detailing how you get your edges smooth!

So yesterday evening, I was feeling like a frizz monster, and knew that I'd probably end up pulling my TnC into a pony or bun the following morning. I usually lack this foresight, as I turn into a pumpkin after 9pm, and my edges end up FUZZY...which is okay some days, but every now and then, I want a sleeker look! Here's what I did:

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How CurlyNikki Gets the Perfect Twist Out Every Time

Exhale1913 writes:

In my natural hair journey, I've learned that TECHNIQUE can be just as important as products, so therefore I pose a question regarding styling techniques (including products used) that gives the best results for the most defined Twist-Out or Twist-n-Curl.

CN Responds:
I've been playing around with this a lot lately... especially considering that Twist-Outs and Twist-n-Curls are my signature styles! My most recent experiments have resulted in the following implementations:

1. Flat Twist the Roots for a More Consistent Pattern 

I guess I don't quite mean flat twist--- take the section you wish to twist, and separate out the uppermost layer. Two strand twist that layer 5-6 times, and then grab the rest of the hair in that section and two strand twist to the ends. I hope that makes sense.
Before, when I was only securing the roots with a duck bill clip, they still managed to come undone and take on their natural texture rather than the wavy texture the twists created on my length. This has definitely changed my life :-)

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Top 20 Products for Smooth Twist-Outs and Roller Sets

Almost daily I’m bombarded by gorgeous natural hairstyles that have been molded into coils, curls, and twists. Not every style requires heat and everyone doesn't want to do a wash and go. We love options! Twists, braids, and roller sets are great styles that need great products for frizz-free hold and shine. The smoother the hair, the longer the style lasts. Products really give your tresses the perfect look, if mother nature doesn’t intervene. Check out the Top 20 Heat-Free Styling products below!

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Ways to Achieve the Bossiest Afro

re-post from July 2010 for your viewing pleasure...

With National Afro Day quickly approaching, I thought it'd be fun to share how you achieve your fiercest, bossiest, baddest, movie screen blocking, unapologetically HUGE 'fros!

Some people braid-out, others blow-out... what do you do?

Dish on:

-Shaping techniques

Include Fotki and Youtube links if you have them!

Check out how my girl Tia, of HerBestHair, achieves her HUGE fro:

Can you find Tia? I thought so... haute, right?!
ugh... look at me, all swole, lol.

Techniques to Achieve the Pefect Bun

Continuing Exhale1913's question from last week:

What technique and products do you use to achieve the perfect bun?

-Wet or dry hair
-Tools used
-Accessories to secure (if any)
-Finished Result (low, high, side, centered, etc.)
-Secrets for 'slick' edges (if that's what you like)

CN's Response: It's been a while since I last wet bunned, but I loved the routine- - low maintenance, easy to do, and I saw lots of length retention. The only drawback is that my bun looks skeet for 2 days (until the hair is fully dry). When wet bunning, use less product or your hair will never dry.

My best buns? I get the best buns on freshly done bantu knot-outs (the above pic), twist or braid-outs. In this state, my hair is easy to work with, lacks frizz, and provides enough volume to give me the BIG look that I so crave. I don't use tools, just my fingers to gather the hair in a high bun, or low side bun. I secure with a satin scrunchy or goody ouchless band and secure loose pieces with bobby pins. As long as I tie my hair up at night, I can rock this style for a week or more!

When I bun now, it's usually on a 3 or 4 day old Twist-n-Curl. It's less defined, a bit frizzy, and sometimes the end result isn't as chic as I'd like. On these days I opt for a messy mid height or low bun. I don't use any tools to gather my hair, and I secure it with a satin scrunchy or goody ouchless band. In order to get the edges to lay, I usually apply shea butter and put a scarf on before I leave the house. I almost always adorn with a flower, and use a goody headband to hold back my edges.

What about you?

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