Night Time Routines and Preserving the Sexy

Gaye writes:

Hello Curlfriends,

My question is how to remain sexy while protecting your curls at night? I still want to be sexy for my honey..but uhm, I just spent hours doing my hair so I need my bonnet!! That thing is anything but cute.

So ladies, do you sacrifice the curls for some quality time?

Let's Talk About Sex- Parental Advisory!

A comment from 'Anonymous' in the recent exercise post:

Also, what do you girls do when it comes to sex(seual intercourse if u want to be technical) because I haven't seen anyone really talk about that. I guess going to the gym would be similar to this situation but sometimes its very stressful if I have just styled my hair 3 days ago or 2 and I want to..U KNOW.. without messing it up all over again, especially when I have work the next day!! Ne one else have this problem??

Before you read on, I just want to apologize in advance for any visuals...

I LOVE sex, but when my hair is freshly done, I have to admit that the LAST thing I'm thinking about is getting busy! My goal in life is to rock the same style for 5 days...this is nearly impossible once you introduce sex into the situation. It's funny- hubby has learned to ask, "got anywhere to go tomorrow?" If I say no, he knows that he has the green light to pull and play in it until his heart's content. If I say yes, then he knows to avoid my head like the plague! TMI? Sorry!

To keep the sweat factor down on a work night, I make sure the ceiling fan is on, and I also try to stay somewhere in the vicinity of my satin pillow. If we're not in the 'vicinity' I do my best to keep my head from touching whatever surface we happen to be on ;-) Also, some positions are more conducive to salvaging a hair style...hop on top divas!

The hubs has got to give me some credit least I don't try to freak him down in my sexy granny bonnet anymore!!! I've come a loooooooong way. True Story.

So dish ladies- how do you preserve the sexy when you're trying to be sexy?!

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