How To Keep Your Head Warm This Fall — Stylishly!


Fall is here in all its colorful glory! Here are four stylish ways to keep your head warm whether you’re carving pumpkins or melting smores over a bonfire.

How to Protect Your Natural Hair Without Weaves

I am a wash and go queen year-round and I even live in a climate with all four seasons to reckon with. With a love for the wash and go in all four seasons, I have to think outside of the box for reducing manipulation. No, I do not want a wig, weave, or an intricate braided updo to protect it. I prefer being a loose free natural and actually, I should not have to alter my hairstyle to protect it if I can find ways to protect and rock it as I please. Is this impossible? Not at all!

The Myth
First off, let us dispel the myth that the only way to retain length is through protective styling, especially with extensions. Many still believe this to be true when there is another way to retain length without protective styles, low manipulation styles! A style that requires low manipulation and will keep your hair away from your clothing and pollutants will protect your curls from frequent handling and friction that causes damage ends. Low manipulation styles are simple and require little to no maintenance to your hair as possible. The less you manipulate it, the less unnecessary damage your hair will incur, which means more length retention. Great low manipulated styles include wash and go’s, natural two-strand twists, and roller sets.

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Protect Your Natural Hair This Hat Season!

by Toia B of LuvtoBNatural

Brrr… It’s time to bundle up!

One of the most important accessories you’ll need this season is a nice, cozy hat. Wool is often the go-to option for obvious reasons. Even so, this über warm fabric can cause unwanted damage to your hair…

While they serve an important purpose, wool winter hats can cause breakage from friction. Ever have a wool turtleneck or scarf that you wore pretty often and notice later on that the hair at the nape of your head is thinning out? Mmhhmm… friction! Also, much like cotton, wool absorbs moisture from your hair… this, as we know, can eventually lead to breakage. So look for hats with satin or silk linings.

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Summer Hats for Natural Hair

Hola Chicas!

I'm sitting here at the computer, wine in hand, wearing my new hat. Boogie is sleep (hallelu).

On Saturday I Googled 'summer slouchy hat' and looky what I stumbled upon--

Cute, no? Exactly what I was looking for! I placed my order on Saturday and received it today. The cotton thread is sinfully chunky and looks just as fly in person as it did on the mannequin. Next up, chocolate brown, and perhaps a grey/blue one. This right here makes my tams from Tarjay and Claire's look, well... cheap and common.

Whatcha think?! How do you feel about summer hats?

Hippy Chic!

Check out ThreadMill to get one of your own!

**Edited to add!**

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