How to Try the LOC Method this Winter

By Devri

The "Liquid, Oil, Cream Method" (also known as LOC method) for natural and curly hair has been proven time and time again to provide intense moisture and definition. In the winter time, many curlies lose moisture because of dry climatic conditions, so the LOC method is often used on wash days to provide and prolong healthy hydration to the curl. You may find that in winter your hair needs more products and a few extra steps to keep it moisturized. If this sounds like you, then follow this simple guide to the LOC method.


The L.O.C. Method: Crucial for Curls and Kinks

The LOC/LCO Method should be part of the Natural Hair Bible. It is a quick and simple way of adding moisture to your hair. It turns dry and frizzled ends into bouncy, moisturized curls. The products used in the video are proven to leave your hair feeling replenished and looking it too!

LOC is an acronym for Liquid, Oil and Cream. The Liquid is typically water based or just plain water. The Oil can be any of your choice, however for winter, I do suggest thicker oils like Coconut Oil which does soften the hair and conditions the scalp. The Cream is a creamy moisturizer which also helps to add more slip to hair when detangling. Check out some of my favourite products and methods below!


Here's Why the LOC Method Didn't Work...

by Ariane of

Ask about how to keep your hair moisturized and you are guaranteed to hear about the LOC Method for moisture. Tried it and it didn’t work? It happens, here are a few possible reasons why your outcome was less than pleasing:


How to Moisturize Your Highly Porous Hair This Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us and winter is not far off as we are feeling the cooler temperatures and gearing up for the holiday season. It may not be apparent just yet, but naturals will need to get ready for the fall and winter weather for our hair. More naturals will be protective styling or adjust their spray bottle concoctions, but naturals with high porosity hair will also need to find ways to absorb just enough moisture - and retain it.

Moisturizing and Sealing For Length Retention

by Precious of

Moisturizing and sealing are important parts of natural hair care. Proper moisturizing and sealing will ensure that your hair retains moisture for as long as possible. All hair needs moisture in order to survive and keep from breaking. Here is a very basic method for moisturizing and sealing the hair.

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Lazy Naturals- The One Step L.O.C. Method for Moisturized Natural Hair

**repost for your viewing pleasha!**

by HadassaH. of NappilyNigerianGirl

Hello ladies!

Guess what I've been doing?  Trying to solve the problem of dry natural hair, especially for new naturals.

I get a lot of questions about the L.O.C. method of moisturizing natural hair.  For those who don't know, L.O.C means Liquid, Oil and Cream.  This shows the order of application of products to keep hair moisturized and sealed for longer.  Moisturized hair is softer and less prone to breakage, splits and knots.  To put it simply, moisturized hair is healthy, happy hair.  Moisturized hair is also less likely to frizz and poof up.

So with the L.O.C. method, you first apply a liquid (water), then seal in with any oil favored by your hair and then apply your hair cream/butter/pudding/styler.

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