The Secret to Why Your Hair Stopped Growing

by Chelsea Satine of

Just kidding, there really is no secret! The answer is more obvious than you think (and it's retaining the growth that's the real problem).

I remember when I first went natural; my hair was such a priority. I made sure to abide by every natural hair rule and didn’t skip a step on washday. Over time I slowly started skipping steps and cutting corners, expecting the same results. It simply doesn’t work that way. Growing long natural hair is a process. Think of it as growing a plant: If you decide that you’ll water it when you want and constantly alternate between drought and flood, chances are you won’t get the results you desire. I’m back to following the most important rules: pre-pooing, deep conditioning and detangling only when wet/damp. If you’ve stopped, you should should start following the rules again.

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Get the Softest Natural Hair with the Baggy Method!

Read any curly forum, group, or blog, and you will quickly be faced with questions like: Where can I get the most moisture? What products will yield the most moisture? What’s the secret ingredient for moisture?

Having curly hair is a never-ending quest for hydration, and many naturals suffer from dry hair or brittle ends, which then lead to fragile hair and breakage. If you want to give your hair the best possible chance of retaining length and feeling its softest, then you need to keep your hair moisturized, with an emphasis on your ends.

Protein Rich Products for Strong, Healthy Natural Hair

No matter the hair type, all hair needs a balance of protein and moisture. The protein is called keratin and whenever that delicate balance is off kilter, we tend to see breakage. Just like anything in life, you can’t have too much of one without affecting the other and our hair needs protein and moisture to stay healthy and look great.  Keeping the moisture/protein balance in check requires attention, and many naturals are quick to add moisture, but rather hesitant to add protein. Protein treatments help to “patch” cracked, chipped or missing cuticle in damaged hair and “gaps” in porous hair. Protein, when used correctly, temporarily shores hair up against environmental and mechanical damage. (Shelli, Split End Prevention)

Finding the right protein treatment depends on your hair’s needs and your hair maintenance so here are some great protein-enriched products to help your strands stay strong and healthy!

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Protective Styling 101- Natural Hair Care and Length Retention

Via African Naturalistas

It's protective styling season for many of us, but before you call up your hairstylist, please take the time to read this post in full.

What is protective styling?
The definition of this term varies from person to person and blogger to blogger. But I define protective styling as any style that protects your hair from physical, chemical and environmental disturbances.

Physical disturbances involve daily styling, combing, and any curl/coil alteration such as twists, braids, "out styles", up-dos, stretched hairstyles and the like.

Chemical alteration involves heat and color treatments.

Environmental disturbances involve elements/pollutants from the air which can bind to the hair strands and cause damage. Environmental disturbances also involve extreme weather conditions such heat and frost.

The cumulative effect of the above can be detrimental to the health of our hair and a hindrance to hair growth.

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Grow Hair Faster with the Inversion Method? #TheScience

If you are puzzled by the title of this article then you must have missed all the hoopla surrounding this quick means to gain around an inch of hair growth in a week. Who does not want to grow their hair faster? I know many women do and a quick Google search will tell you that this is nothing new. You can find thousands, possibly even millions of articles about hair growth and hair loss.

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5 Winning Tips for Natural Hair Growth and Length Retention

by Ahava

When it comes to our personal hair goals, a lot of times they have something to do with growth and maintaining length. If you are looking for hair length retention remedies that are completely safe, natural, and easy to follow for the beginner to the experienced natural, then check try adding these to your daily regimen.

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