Let's Cook: Oven-Roasted Tomato Burrito

J.Nicole of Get Nourishment is back with a new recipe and relationship tip! Enjoy!

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Let's Cook: Zachary's Wild Rice

J. Nicole of Get Nourishment is back with a new recipe and relationship tip! Enjoy!


Let's Cook: Rosemary & Onion Fries

J.Nicole of Get Nourishment is back with a new recipe and relationship tip! Enjoy!

Let's Cook: Pancake Tilapia

Meet J. Nicole, a curly homie from back in the day.  She has a website called Get Nourishment that gives a weekly relationship tip and recipe and will be sharing her wisdom with the CurlyNikki community!  Enjoy! 

Let's Cook: Spicy Chicken & Bacon Noodle Soup

by Aaron Hutch of TheHungryHutch.com 
*singing* “[Spicy] chicken [and bacon] noodle soup/[Spicy] chicken [and bacon] noodle soup /[Spicy] chicken [and bacon] noodle soup with a soda [or a nice glass of wine] on the side.”
Whatever happened to DJ Webstar and Young B.? Talk about your one-hit wonders! Well this is a dish that will surely stay in your taste buds’ memory for the long haul. This recipe offers a great variation on an age-old classic with the addition of a little heat, the use of chicken sausage, and bacon (which makes everything better). Some might be intimidated by the idea of making soup at home, but a delicious bowl is easier to come by than you may think.


Let's Cook: Steak, Onion & Mushroom Quesadilla

by Hutch of The Hungry Hutch

“Knock it off, Napoleon, just make yourself a dang quesadilla!” If you were anywhere between the ages of 10 and 20 back in 2004, then I’m sure you too used to jokingly mispronounce “quesadilla” with your friends and did extensive research into if ligers really existed (and apparently they do).

Everyone has his or her own personal preferences when it comes to the quesadilla. What type of tortilla to use, the kind of cheese, the filling components, and the choice of accompaniments are all up for debate. I prefer corn tortillas to flour ones when it comes to this usage because they provide a much crispier texture to the outside. I don’t really discriminate when it comes to the cheese, but the standard Mexican shredded cheese blend from the grocery store works just fine for me. You could stop at just the tortilla stuffed with melted, gooey cheese and find yourself completely satisfied. However, if you go a step further by adding in some combination of meat and/or vegetables, then you have a complete meal! Last but not least, I enjoy a big dollop of sour cream for dipping. This “recipe” is a little more vague because the amounts depend on personal preferences and how much or how little you wish to make. (A good plan ahead tip is that if you do make a lot of the filling, then you can use it to assemble freshly toasted quesadillas later in the week.) Think of it more as an outline for what you could do and then go come up with your own creation.


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