High School Senior Big Chops for Locks of Love

I’ve had my head shaved for about three months now so I figured that was enough time to adjust to the new hairdo and get my thoughts straighten out. For my senior project at school, I decided to host a Locks of Love hair drive. I told my school that if I got 25 people to donate the minimum length of 8 inches, that I would shave my own head and donate my hair to people who can’t grow their own. Obviously, I did get enough people to cut their hair at my event because I currently have short hair.

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How to Donate Your Hair- Natural Hair Info

by Danielle Faust of Okdani.com

Now that my hair has almost reached hip length again, I'm ready to cut it all off to donate. In the past I donated to Locks of Love and am sending hair in to them again later this summer.

Have you donated your hair? Not sure how to go about it? Not sure if your hair even qualifies for donation?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about donating hair, whether you can have colored hair, curly hair, grey hair etc. So I've consolidated a little bit of information using the FAQs.  Here's the scoop:

How do I donate my hair?

  1. Grow your hair out (have 8-12 cuttable inches in good condition)
  2. Wash and dry your hair
  3. Put it in a ponytail and chop it off! (or have it chopped off for you)
  4. Choose your charity and fill out the donation form
  5. Send your hair to the charity
  6. Feel awesome about your new short 'do and your good deed :)

Locks of Love for Afro Textured Hair?

After reading and posting T. Kimberlyn's Spotlight, I got that 'twilight zone' feeling when the below email popped into my inbox. I had never thought about Locks of Love for Afro Textured Hair until now. Hopefully some of you (and T. Kimberlyn) can shed some light on it!

Hi Nikki and Wes,

Hope you're doing well! I have a question that I was hoping you could post to the CN and HBS community. The more exposure, the better as I don't know if many kinky-curlies have done this. I have been wanting to donate my hair to Locs of Love or some similar organization for a while now, and I finally think that I have enough length to be able to do it. So I wanted to know,

(1) Have any other afro-textured kinky-curlies out there done this before? If so, what organization did you go through?

(2) Do you know for sure that your hair was utilized? I ask this because I don't want to cut my hair for no good reason, and when I see the type of hair that is being donated on the websites, it is usually straight or more loosely curly/wavy. I have a nice tight curl pattern (lots of 4a and some 3c).

(3) For those who have done it, please offer any advice you may have.

Guess that was more than one question... =0)

Thanks a bunch ladies!

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