Is Your Lipstick Safe? #LoveYourLipstick

By Tyshia Ingram of ASE Beauty

We can all remember a time when something beyond our control completely disrupted our lives. In fact, most of us are living through a time like that right now. Whether it was a particularly hectic commute back when life was “normal”, or these days when what should be a quick grocery trip turns into a half-day long event, moments like these can leave us frustrated, upset, and operating at less than our best selves.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with your beauty products, the answer is: a lot. Much like factors beyond your control can disrupt your daily life, exposure to chemicals that are often found in beauty products can disrupt important bodily functions, in particular, the workings of your endocrine system. 


A Clean Makeup Look for Your Next Video Conference

By Onicia Muller of ASE Beauty

With all the Zoom meetings and video conferences on our calendars this month, we’re all looking for ways to look camera-ready in a pinch. The great thing about video conferencing is that while you don't have to appear as formal as you do for an in-person meeting, most of us still need a little boost to look fresh-faced and professional. Here’s our guide for an easy, clean makeup look for your next video meeting in under twenty minutes.

I Swapped My $42 Holy Grail Foundation For This $11 Drugstore Gem

Source: McKenzie Dawkins / McKenzie Dawkins

by McKenzie Dawkins via

I’ve come a long way in my makeup journey. From learning how to color-match foundations to finally understanding the importance of a good brow, it’s been a trial-and-error process from basic to beat-level application skills. I’m by no means an expert; in fact, I’m still making new discoveries every day. One of those realizations is that more expensive doesn’t always equal “better.”


If You’re Ready to Grow Your Eyelashes, Give These Products a Try!


Most of us know at least one person, often a child, who has eyelashes that are so long and beautiful, we can’t help but to secretly envy them.

We get that it’s the result of their DNA; the problem is, no matter how hard we try to achieve lashes that come even close to theirs, shy of getting a pair of faux lashes which can get pretty pricey, we fail. Miserably.

Here’s the scoop on eyelashes:

Yes, the natural length and curl that you have largely depend on genetics. Something else to keep in mind is eyelashes go through growth phases just like the hair on our head does—they grow, they fall out, and it takes approximately 1-6 months for them to grow back in.

Whether you want longer lashes than Mother Nature gave you or you’re in the process of waiting for some of yours to grow back, there are products—some of which are pretty affordable—that you can put on your eyelashes in order to give them the “Oomph” they need to reach new heights relatively-speaking.

If you’re thinking about doing a little eyelash product shopping this weekend, whether online or off, here are some excellent products to try.

Why You Should Always Clean Your Makeup Tools

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If you wear makeup on a regular basis or watch “how to” makeup tutorials, then you probably know which makeup brush to use for concealing, applying foundation and contouring. Are you aware that you should be cleaning your brushes regularly? Washing your brushes (and sponges) should be a vital part of your beauty routine. Dirt, oil and bacteria may get trapped in the bristles, which leads to clogged pores, which in turn leads to breakouts. Also, makeup tools can sometimes be a bit pricey, so proper cleaning extends the life of your brushes, protecting your investment.

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Makeup Tips For Women With Sensitive Skin


By Monica Williams

Sensitive skin can affect people of all ages and complexions. If you suffer from this particular skin type, then you know irritations can arise easily for several different reasons. Sometimes your skin will rebel against you due to harsh cleansing, trying new products, climate change or chronic skin sensitivity. This can result with unpleasant sensations (stinging, burning, pain and tingling). Regardless of the cause, it’s important to learn how to pamper your skin and avoid common irritants. Here are 5 tips for you to try!

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4 Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

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Mornings can be a struggle for anyone. Getting out the door on time is a cause for celebration. On top of getting yourself prepared for the day, imagine what it's like adding children to the mix. If you are a working mom, then you know the struggle is real. Who has time for full makeup applications when you must take care of the children and get ready for work at the same time. If you need a little help, here are a few tips that will save you a time with your makeup routine.

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