Barack and Michelle Obama Send-Off Malia To Harvard in An Emotional Goodbye

One of the most bittersweet moments of a parent’s life is likely sending off their offspring to college. Though it is a proud moment to see the child you’ve raised head on to pursue higher education, in many cases, they are also going off to live on their own on the school’s campus.

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Michelle Obama Opens Up About The Racism She Experienced As First Lady

Source: People

We adored Michelle Obama's style, elegance, and always on point hair for eight years, but the former First Lady recently shared that not everyone in America loved her as much as we did.

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Barack and Michelle Obama Donate $2 Million to Create Summer Jobs For Youth in Chicago

Former President (I know, still hurts to say) Barack Obama announced a $2 million donation to create more summer jobs for youth in Chicago.

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'Black-Ish' Actress Yara Shahidi Has Gotten Accepted Into Every College She Applied To

Yara Shahidi is best known as actress Zoey on television show Black-ish.

Yara Shahidi (Black-ish) has been a beacon of light for young girls to look up to, not only starring on a hit primetime TV show, but slaying the fashion game, speaking out for social justice and overall presenting herself to be an eloquent and sophisticated role model.

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Michelle Obama Is Rocking Her Natural Hair And Black Twitter Is Loving It

Over the weekend, a photo of Michelle Obama surfaced in her natural hair. Technically, she's always been natural, but we've never quite seen her this way.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Says Farewell In Final Interview With Oprah

Written by Mike Orie of

It's been a wonderful 8 years with both President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the office. But sadly, time is dwindling down with The Obamas. Tonight, First Lady Michelle Obama will air her final interview as First Lady with Oprah.

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