Grandma's Ring

Hola Chicas, 

So I keep a gaggle of stackable gold bands on deck.  Some have pave diamonds, some have carvings, some are white gold, some yellow and others rose... and while a few of them carry a bit of sentimental value, they don't compare to the pricelessness of my current situation.  'Cause this right here? This was Grandma Maxine's wedding ring.

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Check-in: Twist-Outs | Leather | #GOAT

Hola Chicas,

Quick check-in before I run out to lunch with Dr. Daddy.

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I'm So Hood

I like dramatic-ass coats.  It's kinda my thing.

And after #eyeguzzling 4.5 seasons of Once Upon A Time last month, I decided that I absolutely needed a cape.  I searched the internets for thirty whole minutes and found nothing but gothic ratchedness and cheap costumes.  But then I stumbled upon an Etsy shop that provided me with a pretty good compromise.  This joint may not sweep the floor, and I definitely can't swoosh it to make grand entrances, but this hood, tho?! It's very cape-y, and for that, it has quickly become one of my favorite things.

I knew it was the one when I took it out for a spin yesterday (St. Louis Galleria) and the Aldo  salesman told me that when I came around the corner, his soul left his body and ascended into the heavens.  #Slay 

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Nailed it, tho.

Hola Chicas!

Over the next week, I'll be (appropriately) sharing a few of my favorite things

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