Living for Naps.

It's crazy how as a new mommy all over again, I live for the naps.  When I place that ticking time bomb in his crib, I can almost feel the peace wash over the house, if even for 30 minutes.

It's in these calm respites that I can steal a shower, actually eat, read a chapter or sneak in these few sentences.  Sadly, many live their lives this way... in that week of vacation, or on their lunch break, or on that too short weekend. It becomes a cycle of looking past this present moment in anticipation of some ‘better’, more relaxing, one. But the future never comes, ‘cause it’s always now… and now… and now. And what you don’t already have now, you’ll never have.


Like It's Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Nine

gorgeous new Etnia Barcelona sunnies gifted from my friends at

Hola Chica,

So about 3 months ago I deleted all of the social media apps from my phone and it was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my whole damn life.  I obviously still have to log on and post, because money, but it's nice using the internet like it's nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. It's no longer a mindless act. I actually have to sit down at my computer, cut it on and log in... or if I want to post to IG (which ain't often), I have to take the time to re-download the app and then proceed to share.  I promptly re-delete it too, haha.


God Appearing as Magical Black Girl.

Hola Chica,

Let me let you in on a little secret--


Have This Kind of Faith

Hola Chica,

Mostly typical day yesterday.  Had brunch with a friend, ran some errands and by the time I got home, found that Gene had relieved the nanny and was watching the Firestick.


This post is sponsored by my partner, Cetaphil. #CetaphilMomSquad

Hola Chicas!

Cetaphil has been a part of my morning and evening skincare routines for the last 10 years. The Moisturizing Cream got me through 2 pregnancies with nary a stretch mark because my skin was well hydrated, and I stay getting carded because of the Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF! So when the brand reached out for me to try their Cetaphil Baby line, I knew it would be awesome.

Rio Livin': Week 2

Hola Chicas, 

Still down here living in 'yesterday's' dreams, dreaming about what I wanna create 'tomorrow'! Huge thanks to @Airbnb for helping comp our stay in this fabulous Brazilian, beachfront penthouse!  

Breakfast with the squad! Nina came from Sao Paolo to kick it with us for the weekend!

Check out what we've been up to--

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