We wanted to be adults so bad. Now look at us.

I met Yasmira the first day of first grade and we've been rockin' ever since-- conquering high school together (and beyond) and now we're successfully adulting.  Appropriately, we had our babies Edesiri and Max within a month of each other and hopefully they'll grow up together too, albeit 800 miles apart. Cheers to us, darling. 


Yes, Cut It.

I flew into St. Louis, MO yesterday to spend some time with the fam here in Ferguson.  Boogie had already been here for 2 weeks, so Max and I decided to join her for the next 2 weeks!  Moments after disembarking, I headed straight to Shi Salon.  I had Brittany remove my faux locs over the weekend (*tears*... I miss them already!), and after a henna treatment and some TLC, I wanted Marie to sharpen up this bob situation.  She met me at the salon despite it being her day off! 

I immediately facetimed Dr. Daddy so he could see and he smiled and said, 'you cut it anyway!'  He likes it longer.  

A little below my chin, not jaw bone length again... that was my compromise!

Why I Don't Do Vision Boards


Create a vision board, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

I'm not a scrapbooker, tho. 
And for me, buying magazines (which I never do) and cutting out little pictures of stuff I desire would not only be unexciting but reflect the actions of someone who desperately wants something they don't have yet, not of someone who is grateful for already having it! 

What Have I Been Assuming? (The remix)

Asking all them questions! Expecting the unexpected...

The moment you discover and assume that your assumptions are constantly creating your life, you’ll swap out the struggly ones for empowering ones and FINALLY begin living your best life!  It's that simple.  So how do you do it?


What Are You Assuming?

Pensacola, Fl June '17

I must have gone to bed last night with Grandma Maxine on the mind cause I had several vivid dreams about her. The most memorable one, as it was the one right before I woke up, spoke to something I've been struggling with.


Nothing is Lost.

I was sitting in a Dominican restaurant with Max, waiting on my order, reading a book, when I saw feet approaching me. 

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