Stop Waiting.

Don’t wait for shit to shake or you’ll be waiting forever. Feel how you’d feel if shit was shaking now. Feel how you’d feel if shit shook yesterday.

Take inspired action, do the things, and give yourself permission to feel how you’d feel if absolutely amazing life-altering news (aka something shaking!) was already here, right now, sitting in your inbox. Allow yourSELF to experience that inherent joy NOW and NOW and NOW and joy-inducing situations will start showing up in gorgeous ways for you.

You are blessed and you know it. Smile. Smile bigger.😊😃😆

You were on channel 1 when you started reading this. That lightness, joy and passion you’re feeling now... that gentle excitement bubbling up in your chest and that smile spreading across your face, that’s channel 2. Stay here, on this channel, in these empowering, go(o)d feels today, no matter what. Stay here like it’s all that matters, ‘cause it’s all that matters. It’s all that MATTERS. That energy state will become matter in your world.



Gia just came in the kitchen asking me if it was Saturday and when I said ‘no’, she looked hella disappointed and asked, ‘but how did that happen?!’ She’s only 7 and already knows the uneasy feels of ‘smonday’.

Today when you become aware of those all-too-familiar resistant thoughts or feels about ‘tomorrow’, do two things-

1. Stop. Breathe. Smile. Look around at where you are. You’re only feeling anxious or worried because your mind has jumped ahead to ‘tomorrow’, ‘somewhere’, while you are ‘NOW’, ‘HERE’. You’re at home (or church, or Momma’s house) and you’re comfortable, safe and warm. You’re blessed. Allow that realization to hit you. In this moment , before the thoughts/inner voice, there’s nothing wrong. There’s just those hands holding this phone and the reading of these words. All is well. Stay here. Smile. Smile bigger as you finish reading...


Weekend Feels

Last week was stressful af.


You Aren't Scared, You Just Forgot Who You Are.


The reality is that you’re never disconnected from your TrueSelf (aka God, Tao, Source, The I Am, Being, Consciousness, Soul). Your awareness of the connection just gets covered up by thoughts and circumstances and thoughts about those circumstances.


CurlyNikki on The Dr. Oz Show, Tomorrow! (Nov 30)

6 months in, 9 months out!

It's Been Yours.

As you read these words, you’re waking up.


CurlyNikk's Straight Hair Regimen and Maintenance

I'm straight...for now, anyway! #StraightNikki And while I miss the volume of my natural curls, the effortless dopeness of this bob, coupled with the fact that I don't have to re-wash or re-twist every few days has freed me up to spend my time doing (or not doing) other stuff.  My routine is simple and my hair lasts 3-4 weeks before I have to hit the re-set button.  The low manipulation/maintenance means I retain more of my length (I have to get it chopped every 4 months to keep the shape tight and the length above my shoulders!) and keep more hairs on my head.  So yes, if you are cautious, you can rock HEALTHY, gorgeous, straightened natural hair.


Celebrating 9 Months of Max!

Celebrating 9 whole months of Max! That, AND 1 month of #veganism for me! 🌱 I’m trying y’all. Thank God for Pinot Noir and french fries!

#CurlyNikkiBeHerChallenge + Cash Giveaway!

Hola Chica!

Issa fresh new month, so why not start (and stick to) a few new, life altering habits, for the entire month of November?! Let’s make it easy and fun! #CurlyNikkiBeHerChallenge


Boogie and the Surly Ass Lobster

Trick or Treating in the building with our surly ass lobster! These are the only 2 pics we got before he rejected the whole entire situation.


Today is YOUR Day.

Right now, as you read these words, you are imagining your limitations. You forgot that you are just pretending to be ‘too shy’, ‘not ready yet’, ‘not smart enough’, ‘not witty enough’, ‘not free’, ‘not love-able’, ‘unworthy’, ‘lacking’.


Yesterday, 2 time EMMY-winning producer Rushion McDonald (The Jamie Foxx Show, Sister, Sister, the Think Like a Man movie productions, the Steve Harvey talk show, Family Feud, the Neighborhood Awards, etc.) interviewed me and Gene (and Max, lol) about success on his radio talk show, Money Making Conversations! To check it out, click HERE or HERE

Change Your Life By Changing Your Bedtime Routine

An assignment for tonight:

How to Truly Love Yourself

Self-love is the only effective and worthwhile ‘self-help’ practice.


How I Got Pregnant

This time last year I was hella pregnant with baby #2.


How to Meditate, for Christians (and folks raised Christian)

If you are Christian (or were raised Christian) and interested in meditation, this is an amazing place to start. It's hands down one of my all time favorite books and I've read more than 300 in this 'genre'.


The Secret to Powerful Prayer

"You can’t ask the sun to shine because the sun is shining; but you can bring yourself into that sunshine. Once you bring yourself into that sunshine, you don’t have to ask for qualities of sun, whether it’s sun tan or whether it’s warmth. Automatically being embodied or included in that sunshine, all that the sun is acts upon and through our being. 

In the same way, then, to entertain a sense of separation from God is to deprive one’s self of all the blessing, benediction, activity, presence and power of God. To come consciously into the awareness, the actual feeling, realization, click of God’s presence is automatically to bring that presence and power into our experience. And so you see why you must rise above the sea of thought because thinking won’t make this so. You must rise above the sea of thought into an actual consciousness, an actual awareness, an actual feeling of God’s presence. Then all things are added.

In the Western world, it is considered right to pray or do mental work for things, conditions, circumstances, and, to me, that would be very much like sitting here (in this room) and praying for sun tan or sun warmth. And I would sit here forever and forever and forever, and I would not have them. Why? Because there is no such thing as the warmth of the sun or the sun tan separate and apart from the sun itself. So if I only will stop praying long enough for warmth and tan and get out in the sun, I’ll have the warmth and I’ll have the tan without asking for them. They’ll be there of their own accord.  --Joel Goldsmith

The Little Things

Life is made up of the little things, the little moments, seemingly mundane-- like waiting in line, scrolling through your feed, walking to the car, getting up from the couch, preparing a meal, or driving to the store.


Get Thicker Looking Natural Hair, Today!

Hola Chica!

I'm rocking my first twist-out (no rollers) since April '17! I created 20 chunky twists using Ouidad's Featherlight Styling Cream (gifted) and secured the roots with bobby pins.  I twisted the crown section going toward my face for volume and natural hangage. To get BIG, uniform, fluffy results I have to remember to do 3 things:

The Inner Smile Meditation

erry'body smiling!

There's a note in my iphone from 2013 titled 'How to Shift Right Quick' and the instructions read- 'short, quick breaths, breathe into chest and smile' (similar to what I shared, here).  It's a process that naturally developed out of my desire to instantly experience the good feels that were previously only available to me during lengthy meditation sessions.


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