"IKYFL", would've been my actual response to you on Saturday morning, if you would've told me I'd be going all the way to South Africa on Tuesday... like, today. I love South Africa, I’ve been planning to go back, but the way these kids are set up, let’s just say it wasn’t on the immediate agenda.  I won’t bore you with the series of serendipitous events that led to me thumbing this message out to you, in the back of this Suburban, on my way to the airport... you wouldn't believe me anyway!  I’ll just say this-
“Love itself is the actual form of God.” - Ramana Maharshi

I have been practicing the presence of Love, walking in IT, and choosing to feel IT, offer IT, and receive IT, no matter what. And out of all of my spiritual practices, it has been the most deepening... the most fruitful, and the only one I regularly share with you on IG, on my #BeHerNow posts. So in the midst of this Love, and actively HER’ing, I met Dr. Habib Sadeghi of the Love Button Global Movement! The buttons are not only a symbolic representation, but a trigger, a physical reminder to BE and freely share the love that you are.

As an ambassador for Love Button, I’ll be speaking at the Global Consciousness Summit 2018 and giving you VIP access to the Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100. So stay tuned for great behind the scenes content and pics from the cradle of civilization!

If you’re in Johannesburg, I hope to see you!

I love you all!!!!

“You are love itself... there is only love in action. In seeking, you discover that you are neither the body nor mind, and the love of the Self in you is for the Self in all. The two are one. The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one.” 
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

About the Love Button Global Movement 
Who We Are - a non-profit organization that promotes a culture of Loving

What We Do - inspire our human family to act with Loving Kindness in our daily lives

Programs & Activities - Love Button supports educational and humanitarian programs that empower individuals and uplift communities locally and globally.  Wear the Love Button to show you believe in Love and its power to transform our world.

Join the Movement at www.LoveButton.org

How to Get This Bright White Smile- Sponsored by Colgate®

Hola Chica!

Due to the genetic hand I was dealt, my first few permanent teeth came in at some epically tragic angles. So way back in nineteen hundred and ninety-three, my parents took me straight to the orthodontist and I began the long and arduous journey that is metal braces, despite the fact that I only had like four adult teeth at the time. That’s how crooked they were -- an orthodontist thought it best to immediately place ‘emergency’ brackets on those four, while we awaited the arrival of the rest of my permanent teeth, adding brackets as we went! I’m talking six plus years! Luckily, they came off in time for me to slay prom, and my mostly straight and white teeth got me through college, graduate school, and into my first years of true adulting.


Meet Nikki at The Global Consciousness Summit 2018: South Africa (Dec 1)

Last minute awesomeness— I’m heading to the cradle of civilization tomorrow to share the spirit of #BeHerNow at the Global Consciousness Summit 2018! If you are in Johannesburg, South Africa please join us for a mind-shifting experience. In addition to stimulating panels, there will be yoga, meditation and healing workshops. See you on Dec 1!


Meditate and Chill with Nikki: St. Louis, MO (Dec 2)

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ― Kahlil Gibran


4 Last Minute Soul Food Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Hola Chicas!

This will officially be my first Thanksgiving without one (or two) Honey Baked Hams!  I've been vegan since May 2018 and I'm still going hard. Luckily, my parents are also plant based now (still!!!) and hubby is a flexitarian, so we're mostly on the same page! I don't do the kitchen, but I look forward to tasting one of these recipes on Thursday! 

You Hold the Power to Heal and Be Healed

Today, there’s only one choice that matters. You have to stay conscious enough to choose your ‘go(o)d vibe’ over your ‘shook vibe’, regardless of circumstances.

Catch Nikki on Dr. Oz-- Season 10!

I’ve been rocking with @dr_oz and his amazing team, every season, since our internet breaking episode during the season 5 premiere week! Excited to be back for Season 10!

Stay tuned for airdates!!! 

Confessions from my 4-Day Silent Meditation Retreat (and why you should book one, too!)

"A retreat is a time to come home inside yourself, where the mind stops and silence of the heart begins." - Ruth Davis

Maya Angelou's Prayer and Meditation Practice!

"Along this path of knowledge, I find that prayer and meditation are elemental. Guidance comes from those practices. Sometimes in meditation one really tries to think of nothing. I do, anyway. I try not to have any focus or use any focus to get away from everything. I try to make myself a quiet vessel, a quiet pool where ideas can rise. Prayer, on the other hand, does focus and keeps the focus in focus. I think that I use both to get myself out of the way. Sometimes our daily problems can so impede our progress to quietude that one needs to step aside. I think when we step aside, when get apart from everyone else and any other ideas and meditate and pray, I think that we can be led to the knowledge of how to meet our next challenge, whatever it is--whether it's physical, psychological, practical, social. I believe that."
"Some people tell me I have an abundant life, and I have to agree. There's a song that I've known forever, 'My father's rich in houses and land, He holds the world... all the world in his hands. His coffers are filled with silver and gold. My father's riches, he has riches untold. And I am a child of a king.' So, if I'm a child of the king and my father has everything and loves me... you understand? So, I ask for everything- everything I need, and I have much more than I need." - Maya Angelou


A Walton Halloween : 2018 Edition

I've got a whole pirate and a little gnome over here. 

Way Too Cold

way too cold... and if you look closely you can see the cord to my traveling heating pad, waiting to warm my situation! 
Shirt: Loft
Pants: Zara
Hurr: Day 2 flat-twist out on damp hair. 

Fotki Days and Boy Mom Life

Hola Chicas!

Two things:

1. When I first started blogging (Oct 2008... 10 years ago last week!), it was the Fotki days.  The original IG! I'd snap a pic of myself first thing in the morning to share some essential hair revelation, and wouldn't think about the fact that I was completely bare faced... we didn't have filters... no apps to smooth out ya shit... there were no IG eyebrows... I was usually in a robe or sweatshirt.  Hell, I was barefaced (save for a neutral lippie) at my own wedding in Aug '08!


My Vegan and (mostly) Alcohol-Free Lifestyle... and WHY.

Hola Chicas!

So I've been vegan off and on for the last year, and stay sharing pics of my favorite dishes on IG.  The DMs and emails have been so serious, that I thought I'd share here!


Join the 5-Day #BeHerNow Challenge! (Plus, Major Giveaway!)

This FREE, 5-day challenge is a call to get un-stuck, and reclaim your power. It’s your manifesto. HER declaration! Everyday I share the importance of not ‘becoming in time’, but BEING the best version of yourself, now, living your best life, now, no matter what! And with this challenge, I will show you how and where to start.


Help Us End Child Hunger #RealFoodForChange

Hey guys!

As a mommy of two growing kiddos, and a #WholeLifeWellness advocate, I’d love for you to join me in supporting Beech-Nut and No Kid Hungry’s new campaign to end childhood hunger in the United States.


My #Power28 Podcast Interview- Listen Now!

So excited to share my #Power28 interview!


Feeling Down? Read This.

Stay Tuned!

back filming with the homie! #StayTuned

Hola Chicas!

It's Friday!!!!! And after a quick trip to NYC and back,  I'm checking in with you to see what's popping for the weekend! Epsom salt baths and pinot noir are definitely in the forecast over here!  

You are Already, HER.

As you read these words, you realize that the hands that are holding this phone, your hands, belong to HER.

You’re remembering now... and it’s like you cut the light back on! You are HER, already!

You feel HER face smiling now, her shoulders relaxing down from HER ears, HER breath deepening. You notice a go(o)d feeling in HER body— peace, relief, relaxation or joy. In this moment, all of your limitations from the past and therefore, your limited future, are gone. You can feel HER future, now, and it’s BRIGHT af!


2 Years.

Two years ago this morning (5:51 am), I sat with my best friend and watched as she took her last breath. It was intimate and painful and beautiful and scary— the best and worst moment of my life. I was filled with so many powerful emotions that all I could manage were tearful ‘thank yous’. We were so close. We still are.


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