Got Locs? Here's Why You're Not Getting the Job.

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 by Tiffani Greenaway of

As if we don’t have enough to worry about with our natural hair, a federal court has ruled that dreadlocks are a reason not to give someone a job.

After Chastity Jones accepted a job offer from Catastrophe Management Systems in Mobile, Alabama in 2010, a white HR manager told her that her locs were against company policy because, "they tend to get messy, although I'm not saying yours are, but you know what I'm talking about." After refusing to change her hairstyle, her job offer was withdrawn.


CRWN Mag Is Bringing Black Natural Hair Beauty To The Masses

Photo courtesy of CRWN Magazine

by Mike Orie of

CRWN Magazine wants to tell our story. Not once a year for a special celebration, or periodically, but every single day. The quarterly magazine launched in August 2015 at Afropunk with the Zero Issue and has received nothing but positive reviews. To date, CRWN has gained over 1,000 pre-orders for issue 1, which is expected to release sometime this spring.


Blue Ivy’s Fro Steals the Show #Formation

by Kanisha Parks of

“I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros.”

Indeed, Blue Ivy’s fro took over the Internet this weekend and for good reason: she’s embracing her head of hair and she doesn’t care what you have to say about it.

Beyonce has been ridiculed for “not grooming” her Blue Ivy’s hair since the beginning of time—even sparking an online petition to “comb her hair.” At one point, there was even talk that Beyonce was finally going to “succumb to the pressure” and give Blue Ivy a relaxer.

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Brother Where Art Thou?: Leaving Black Men Out of the Black Hair Revolution

I'm married to a man who's absolutely obsessed with sports. We rarely watch TV together because he is content to watch ESPN around the clock. Sunday morning was one of those rare times we were watching TV together. He was tuned into some show recapping the Bengals vs Steelers playoff game. I was barely watching or listening when I heard, "Assistant Coach Mike Munchak pulled Reggie Nelson's hair!"

I snatched the remote to rewind because I was sure I hadn't heard what I thought I heard. I watched this white man -- an assistant coach -- grab the locs of a black player. I had to replay the clip four times. That scene was a virtual commercial for white supremacy. The symbolism, dehumanization and racist arrogance of the incident made me realize that black men are often overlooked in conversations about discrimination against black hair.

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Being Black and Curly in Los Angeles #Blacktresses

In the latest episode of my digital series, Get Your Life, the lead character finds herself at an audition with a number of other black women. Stuck in the waiting room together, due to a scheduling error, things get heated when they start bickering about everything from who’s being “extra black”, what is considered “attractive”, and of course, hair. Barbs are thrown and the catty convo culminates in a church sequence where the lead character poses the questions to her fellow blacktresses:
How many times have you wondered what wig will I give em today?! I give em kinky, will the think Kunta?! If I give em bone straight will they say, ‘Well, them edges is too laid to lead a revolution!’
In the episode, it’s hilarious and meant to be over the top, but the question it’s based on, is rooted in reality.  I had an audition the other day and the role was described as “Upscale, fit and over- achieving. Mean, never pulls any punches. Attractive, wealthy, sharp tongued.” When I read this, I immediately started putting a timetable together to straighten my hair. Then I caught myself and realized there was something more to explore. What in that description made me immediately feel like I needed to straighten my hair? I won’t front, it wasn’t about her being mean, or attractive. It was, ‘upscale and wealthy’ that took me there. In that moment I realized, dammit Amanda, you been brainwashed too!

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Model Maria Borges is no stranger to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. And third time's a charm.
Having walked in the acclaimed show both in 2013 and 2014, everyone couldn't help but notice something strikingly different about Borges' appearance. This year, the 23-year-old Angolan beauty chose to rock her natural hair TWA rather than conceal it with a wig like she did in her prior Victoria's Secret shows.

Maria's presence during the event was effortlessly confident; her beautiful facial features and amazing physique statuesquely glided down the runway in the most graceful way. But according to celebrity news blogger B. Scott, Borges wasn't so sure of herself before the show actually happened. "I told my agent I wanted to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show," the model stated. "I was nervous, but I had to do it." Last night a wig-free Borges caught all of us off guard.
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Introduce yourself.
My name is X'ene Sky and I currently live in Houston, Texas although I'll be relocating to Austin in May for Graduate School at UT Austin. I am a classically trained pianist, singer, composer as well as an organizer and activist. I enjoy working with children, reading, painting and yoga.

How long have you been wearing your hair in its natural state?
I have been wearing my hair natural my entire life (so 22 years). My mother and father both have dreads, and as a child my hair was not tampered with, but allowed to grow in its natural state.

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Texas Court Rules in Favor of Hair Braider Isis Brantley

This natural hair movement has taken off so rapidly that we forget how it even got started. As bloggers take the spotlight, accompanying us through our personal hair care lessons together, we can now stop briefly to appreciate one of the pioneers of this movement. Isis Brantley was one of the first women to notice the need of spreading the art of braiding from one woman to another. Not only did she live for this, she fought for this.

And now she is celebrating a major victory as last week a federal judge declared that the set of laws that were preventing Brantley and other braiders from teaching students to braid for a living, were in fact unconstitutional.  This has been a long-fought battle for Brantley, who in 1979, Brantley opened up the first natural hair salon in Texas. In the late 70’s natural hair had a different image, a different message. In my interview with Brantley she shared that “The word ‘natural’ was a negative word, so I helped people to challenge their jobs and change their perception and began teaching hundreds of people how to braid, twist and loc hair and potentially make it their business.”  In 1995, the state came to her storefront to disclose it was illegal to braid in Texas for profit.  Brantley recounted how in 1997 “seven law enforcement officers barged into my building and handcuffed me to go to jail for braiding without a cosmetology license. I got out of jail, got a lawyer and in 2007 they grandfathered me in as a licensed braider.” 

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Judge Orders Halle Berry's Ex to Stop Straightening Daughter's Hair

 by Devri

Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubry have reunited. But not under the circumstances we might have once hoped for.

Yesterday news broke that the X-Men and Monster's Ball actress is taking model ex Aubry to court for straightening their daughter Nahla's hair. She claims he is "trying to make our daughter look white," according to E! News and TMZ reports Monday evening.

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via TheRawStory by Travis Getty 

The ACLU of Louisiana has come to the defense of a Rastafarian boy who has been suspended from school and forbidden to return until he cuts his dreadlocks.

The boy was sent home from South Plaquemines High School when classes resumed Aug. 8 because his dreadlocks extended beyond the collar of his shirt, in apparent violation of the school dress code.

After he returned to school the following week with his hair pinned up, school officials told the student his dreadlocks remained in violation.

Rastafarians believe Leviticus 21:5 forbids them to cut their hair, and dreadlocks are central to their religious beliefs.

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The US Army Reversed Its Natural Hair Restrictions!

CN Says:
We did it, we did it!  I've been talking to our curly troops about this issue since 2012 so it's amazing to see how our efforts can affect positive change. 

via Refinery 29-

Just five months after the Army released a controversial update to Army Regulation 670-1, which severely restricted the hairstyles of women with natural locks, the Pentagon is backpedaling. The Washington Post reports that the department has reversed its natural-hairstyling restrictions.


Yesterday news posted that the excitable diva of a rapper Nicki Minaj has recently fired her "wig specialist" Terrence Davidson. But according to this statement made by the stylist in 2013, he claims he decided to "step away as hairstylist and wig creator for Nicki Minaj." And now, he is suing her for $30 million.

Why, though?
According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj prevented the hairstylist from pursuing a career in reality TV, and now she says he's bitter about it. Um, extremely bitter, huh? Or possibly positioning himself for his next big business venture (re-read first half of this sentence). Nicki (whose real name is Onika Maraj) states that "his self-described talents are insufficient to garner the same types of business opportunities he may have received when serving as Mrs. Maraj's hairstylist."

Rihanna Calls Her Bantu Knots "Ghetto"


It's not much of a shock to us whenever rebellious Barbadian megastar Rihanna shows up somewhere with visually enticing hair, fashion, and make-up. The killer combo makes up what we adore about the edgy pop princess. But did she take her shock value a little too serious yesterday when she showed up at the iHeartRadio Music Awards rocking some bantu knots and captioned it on her Instagram page as "ghetto"?

Congress Demands U.S. Army Grooming Standards to Change

On Tuesday, March 27th, 2014 we published an article titled Are the Proposed Army Changes Discriminatory to Women With Natural Hair?. This post outlined the new regulations the U.S. Army's AR 670-1 created on natural hair. 

News Anchor Removes Wig for Postchemo Natural-Hair Reveal

Pam McKelvy, still bewigged. Photo: WMC-TV

by Beth Greenfield via Yahoo

A brave Tennessee news anchor who recently beat cancer decided to confront another big demon last week — vanity — by whipping off her wig for a live and emotional on-air reveal.

“I’m going natural. No more relaxers to straighten my hair,” announced Pam McKelvy of WMC-TV during a broadcast (see video below) on Wednesday, still wearing her smooth-haired wig and introducing a preproduced segment about women and their “crowns of glory,” in which she discusses how recent chemotherapy treatments caused her to go bald. After the segment, her wig was off, revealing her recently grown-in head of short, lovely curls. “All right, this is it. This is my new hair,” said the former beauty queen and 15-year TV news vet, tearing up as she thanked co-workers for being so supportive during her breast-cancer ordeal. (At the end of the broadcast, the spirited co-anchor seated next to her showed everyone what she meant by touching her arm and exclaiming, “We love you baby, you look good. You look good, child!”)

Hospital Advises Straightening Children's Hair?

The natural hair community is getting stronger by the day here in the U.S., but that isn't the case for the rest of the world. In Brazil, the home of the Brazilian Blow Out treatment that uses formaldehyde to straighten tight curls and coils, the pressure to straighten begins very young.

Much like the stories that comes from those in the natural hair community today, who remember long, painful hours of having their hair straightened before they even stepped into an elementary school, women with tight curls in Brazil are encouraged to straighten their hair as well as that of their daughters. And, that encouragement doesn't just come from the media and culture -- it has also been supported by medical professionals in hospitals.

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I'm sure by now you've seen the headlines about the 12-year-old student who was told to change her hairstyle or risk expulsion.  Below, please find an update to the story via WKMG

pics via

So, my sister Shana posted a link on Facebook to this article: White Women, Black Hairstyles. My initial reaction?

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President Obama Admires Dante De Blasio's Afro!

So... it's no just me?!

I'm not even an NYC resident but every time the De Blasio family grace the television screen, I give pause.  It's awesome to see natural hair displayed and celebrated on a national stage and it's cool to see President O admiring it right along with us!

According to the NY Times-
During a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee on Tuesday night in Midtown Manhattan, Mr. Obama first introduced Mr. de Blasio, whom he endorsed enthusiastically Monday in the November general election, as the “next mayor of New York City.” 
But then he singled out Dante, seated at his father’s table, who starred in a popular — some believe pivotal — television commercial during the summer. 
“His son, Dante, who has the same hairdo as I had in 1978,” Mr. Obama said, according to a pool reporter at the event, which was held at the Waldorf-Astoria. “Although I have to confess my Afro was never that good. It was a little imbalanced.” Everyone laughed.
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Kelly Rowland Rocks Her Natural Hair!

Miami Beach is where it’s at. 
This past weekend, fierce chick Kelly Rowland was spotted getting lip love from a friend as she relaxed on the beach in Miami. She looked fresh faced and glowing as she mingled with fans and friends, all while rocking her natural hair and no make up. 
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