I Love Goddess Braids. Here's How I Install Them.

by Christian Byshe' of www.chicandcoily.com

So I was looking for a new simple yet fun hairstyle to wear for a couple days and after searching Instagram and Pinterest I ran across Goddess Braids.

Now there are so many different ways to rock the style in general and it pretty much seems that everyone has placed their own unique spin on it. Some people do flat twists while others do french braids. It just all depends on what the wearer prefers.

I chose to do 2 french braids with a slanted part.

For this style I used…
  • Eco styler olive oil gel
  • denman brush
  • rat tail comb
  • hair clamps
  • 3 bags of kanekalon braiding hair
  • moisturizer of my choice

How I Install My Own Faux Locs for a Protective Style

Tina Munzu writes:

"I LOVE the faux locs look and always wanted to get some for myself. However, I could not justify the money I would have to pay to get them installed. After watching several Youtube tutorials I felt encouraged to try it out myself. Traditionally, you would twist your natural hair with some synthetic kanekalon hair and then wrap more kanekalon/marley hair around the twists for that loc effect. Seems pretty straight forward right? Only thing is I cannot havana twist! So I tried a different technique and I must say I was quite impressed with the results. No need to twist beforehand. Simply start wrapping tightly to get the same look. This means using less hair (cost effective), less installation time and reduced bulk to carry on your head. I just added a new protective style to my repertoire and cannot wait to perfect my technique. Check out the tutorial to get started on beautiful locs."

Transitioning to Natural Hair: Styles That Blend Your New Growth

by Jonna of BlackNaps.org

While transitioning from relaxed hair to wearing your natural hair, it can be difficult finding styles that blend your straight hair with the newly growing textured hair. The tighter your curl pattern, the more obvious the point of demarcation (the point where your straight hair ends and your textured hair begins). When I was transitioning, it got to a point where it just looked like I wasn’t doing my hair at all, which wasn’t a good look.

There are some styles that give transitioning hair a blended look, and here are a few that are quick and easy to do. These style will help you look cute as you transition.


Recreate This Look: Big, Bold Natural Hair

Clarissa Todd writes:

This picture went viral but little did everyone know, it was a WIG I created. Alot of naturals want to try color but their hair may or may not be in the best condition to handle color or they may not want the full commitment to a particular color. I would suggest to try the color of choice by creating a wig! Now-a-days weave comes in every texture and color, even ombre so have fun with it and create!

Quick & Easy Crown Braid Tutorial for Natural Hair

NaturalMetra writes:

With so many naturals looking for protective styles, I wanted to share a video tutorial of a quick and easy crown braid without adding any hair.  Easy, chic and classy, this style is appropriate for any and every occasion!

Pros and Cons of Afro Puffy Twists...Would I Do it Again?

by Shelli of Hairscapades
I was originally going to call this post, “Afro Puffy Twists or How My Dream Turned into a Nightmare.” However, time has allowed wounds to heal and a level-head to prevail. Now that I’ve sufficiently recovered from my PTSD (Post Twists Stress Disorder), I feel that I can give a breakdown of the Pros and Cons of my long-term, winter protective style, Afro Puffy Twists.
Read More!!>>>

#BlackGirlMagic: Celebs Rocking Braids for Perfect Summer Styles

photo courtesy: Tichina Arnold IG

by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

The beauty of black women is real, present and in full swing this spring and summer.  As warmer weather engulfs us, many celebs are taking breaks from movie, music and the TV so they can soak up the sun and drown themselves in carefree vacations.

With social media making it easier than ever to keep up with our favorite celebs, they share how rocking braids (in any style) is the perfect style for this summer whether working, playing, vacationing or entertaining. Check out a few of our faves and their amazing braided styles.

How To Slay Your Frohawk

via Jensine of JungleNaps

Jungle Naps is sharing her go to method for creating a frohawk. This edgy style is so cute for any event that requires “slayage.” The style is easy to recreate and will give you poppin’ results as long as you follow these steps.


The Best Natural Hair Tutorials Inspired by Teyonah Parris' Red Carpet Looks

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Every time I see Teyonah Parris’ hair she absolutely slays! Her stylist be having that hair laid. Teyonah’s glamorous updo styles are great inspiration for those who have an upcoming formal event (proms, weddings, showers). Here’s a round up of the best Teyonah Parris inspired tutorials that will give you options to work with:


Natural Hair Styles- The Graduation Edition

Re-Post 5/2/2012

by Jamila of For The Fabulous and Frugal  

It's that time again! Graduation is right around the corner, so I wanted to do a special post for you fabulous college curlies preparing to move on to the next phase of your life!

My first tip is that you can wear your curly/kinky/coily underneath your cap. I thought it wasn't possible, but it was actually quite easy to wear a cap over my curls, even with the humidity of summer in North Carolina. So before you reach for that flat iron,  here are some style options to keep it fierce and carefree on graduation day. 

Twist Out: A simple way to rock your hair big and boldly under a cap is to simply wear a twist out and secure the cap on with bobby pins, which is what I did. To maximize space under the cap, try flat twisting your hair and not fluffing the roots, so that the area underneath the cap lies flat, and the part outside of it is visible and defined.  You can also pin some of the front section of your hair back, like I did:
Twist-out with one side pinned to the back
 Not convinced? Here are some more ladies rocking fierce twist outs underneath a graduation cap:

Late to Class? 6 Quick Buns for Natural Hair

Yikes! I’m super late to class and it’s only the first week of college! I heard my professor precisely locks the door at 8 am and I refuse to get dropped from my English class. I’ve got fifteen minutes to make it to class on time and not get embarrassed. That means 3 min to brush my teeth and throw water on my face, 2 min to dress, 5 min to do something with my hair, and 5 min to scurry through first-year freshmen with maps. Wait a minute…five minutes to do my hair? The same hair I haphazardly slept on because I was too tired to do anything thing with? Yes, it’s time for a hot bun without looking like a hot mess.

Why You Must Take Breaks In Between Protective Styling with Weaves

Photo from Yelitsa’s Spotlight

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Weaves can be used as a protective style to help you retain more length. However, it is crucial that you take breaks in between protective styling with weaves for the health of your hair rather than installing them back to back or even worse keeping them in for way too long.


How to Flat Twist Without Actually Flat Twisting

DiscoveringNatural has put together a video for all of you who want to flat twist but can't get the hang of it. This "cheat" is easy to follow and will give you flat twist results without actually flat twisting. The key to this style is to grab big sections. The bigger the sections the bigger the flat twists will appear. This method is great because it's easier on the scalp, which is especially good for children with tender scalps, but can also be used on adults!

Try This Faux Locs Short Cut for a Quick, 2 Hour Install!

IG @taasharenee

by Ariane of BlackNaps.org

Faux locs are a beautiful protective style that give you a taste of what the loc life is like. However, they take ages to do! Fortunately, there is a short cut.


3 Easy Natural Hairstyles for the Style-Challenged


by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

Not everyone is style savvy. I know I'm not. It is no secret that I am the wash and go queen, but that is not just for convenience. I fail at so many styles that I just stay in my lane with the WnG. This does not need to be your fate as there are excellent options and room to grow.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to do certain styles, then these three-easy/ less than 10 minutes /get you out the door faster than a lightning bolt options are perfect. I've even got pics and videos for you lovelies!


Simple Flat Twist Updo for Natural Hair

Hola Chicas!

Sumetra Reed is back at it again with this super cute and super easy, flat twist updo.  Watch as she shows you how to quickly get in formation for the office or for the turn up.


The Easiest French Braid Tutorial You'll See

Nadine of GirlsLoveYourCurls writes:

'This braid tutorial is for those who would love to broaden their repertoire of protective styles, using more complicated braiding techniques, but don't know how to braid. The cost of getting braids done professionally can be very expensive, so doing it yourself might be the way to go. If you've watched a handful of tutorials, but are still at a loss, this technique of using colored yarn as a visual, might just help it click.'

Watch Now!>>>

Easy Natural Hairstyle | Flat Twist Bun

by Jensine from Jungle Naps

For all the bun lovers out there, here’s a new twist on a tried and true style. This easy natural hairstyle is versatile and perfect for the workplace or school. As a plus, it is work out friendly. I usually sport a headband and keep it moving.

You will need the following: flat twisting skills, bobby pins, hair tie, (optional: gel, hair donut)

Watch the video below to see how to execute this style.


Natural Hair Styles- The High Bun Hack for Short Hair

by Jasmeen of Jascmeen.com

There's nothing like working with awkward length natural hair! 

One of the few things I miss about my longer hair is my updo’s. Up until now my hair was just too short to make a bun, hell— it can barely make a ponytail that I can attach a fake bun to!

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a woman doing her daughter’s hair and saw a trick she had for making her daughter’s short hair into a full poof. I used this technique to create my own teeny-weeny ponytail and then popped a faux bun on top. Here’s the scoop:


Sleek Bun Tutorial for Short & Thick, Natural Hair!

Hola Chicas!

Watch as Shades of Chelsea demonstrates how she achieves a sleek bun on her short & thick, natural hair!


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