5 Events For Black Professionals Attending Essence Fest 2017

Photo Courtesy of Nappi Hour

Last year, over 450,000 attendees showed up for Essence Fest in New Orleans. This weekend, Essence Magazine returns to New Orleans for the 22nd annual Essence Festival. While many attendees are there for the concerts, each year, tens of thousands of young Black professionals peruse the city and attend local events. Below we've put together a list of must attend events for Black Professionals headed to Essence Fest 2017. Check out the list and let us know if you're coming.

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Nappi Hour Is Headed to New Orleans for Essence Fest

Photo by Nicci Briann/AFROTRAK
After successfully celebrating its sixth month anniversary in Chicago, Nappi Hour is headed to New Orleans for Essence Fest. Since launching in January, the event produced by AFROTRAK has grown to become one of the largest happy hour events for Black millennials in the Chicagoland area. Dubbed a place for us to "Come let your hair down after work," Nappi Hour fuses Afrobeats, Reggae, Jerk Chicken and Old School Family Reunion Vibes. Check out the photo recap below by in-house photographer Nicci Briann.

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On Monday, state offices in Mississippi and Alabama were closed in observation of Confederate Memorial Day. Mississippi’s governor has claimed April as Confederate Heritage Month. Last week, Ted Nugent, a man who referred to President Obama as a “chimpanzee” and a “subhuman mongrel” was a guest at the White House. Meanwhile in New Orleans, city workers no longer hindered by legal squabbling began the task of removing four Confederate monuments. Various news reports gave brief, if any, summaries behind the significance of each monument but I’m a big fan of sharing the dirt on exactly why these monuments should no longer stand.

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Can NOLA Kick IT? Is Coming To Essence Fest Weekend

Photo/Words by Mike Orie of TheConsciousTip.com

After successful events in both LA and Chicago, the Can _____ Kick It? brand is headed to New Orleans for Essence Fest. The traveling day party is a celebration of Black millennials: from traditional 9-5ers to artists. Regardless or your background, education or income, their is no hierarchy, but rather a community of us. Can NOLA Kick It? will make its first appearance this Sunday, July 3rd at Handsome Willy's, closing out Essence Fest weekend.

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