CN Exclusive: New Platform 'Nappy' Offers Free High-Res Stock Images For Black People

Image courtesy of Nappy

Every African-American understands all too well that feeling of being left out, especially when it comes to businesses and the way they advertise. Instances like Shea Moisture’s recent ad debacle immediately come to mind, but the issue is and has always been much more pervasive. By and large, ads and websites seem to target only White customers but that might not necessarily mean those businesses aren’t interested in attracting a diverse audience. A lot of times the issue is simply a lack of diversity in stock imagery.

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CN Exclusive: Protest Against 'Father of Gynecology' Statue Shines Broader Light on Racism in Healthcare

J. Marion Sims may have revolutionized medical care as it pertains to women’s health in the 1800s but the dubious approaches he employed begs the question as to whether a statue should be erected in his honor—that statue is currently standing outside of the New York Academy of Medicine. According to the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), Sims’ history reflects a recurring theme of racism and exploitation in American healthcare and therefore needs to come down.

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Spelman Alum Opens First Chick-fil-A in Downtown LA

At age 26, Spelman alumnus and Metro Atlantan Ashley Derby became one of the youngest franchise owners of a Chick-fil-A, when she opened a prime location near the University of Southern California (USC) in 2011. She also became the youngest Black female franchise owner in the company’s history.

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Usher Does Not Have Herpes, Takes Legal Action Against False Accusers

Several different media outlets including Sandra Rose and BET are reporting that Atlanta-based singer Usher Raymond does not have herpes and therefore could not have given said herpes to what’s her face or that other lady or that one dude. Seems that court documents outlined accusations which were never actually proven to be fact.

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Marijuana Company Buys California City, Blacks And Latinos Still Arrested At Alarming Rates

As of January 1, 2018, California’s “Green Rush” will be in full effect as the state will begin issuing licenses to marijuana dispensaries allowing for non-medical weed sales. Those in position to do so are naturally gearing up to take full advantage of the potential profits in an industry which is projected to post $20.2 billion in sales by 2021 as Business Insider reported earlier this year. Case in point, Phoenix-based marijuana company American Green just purchased the entire town of Nipton, California for a mere $5 million with plans to turn the town into a pot-friendly tourist destination. The attraction will feature a hotel, trading post and even cannabinoid-infused water.

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Here's The Problem With Michael Vick Telling Colin Kaepernick to "Cut His Hair"

Photo: Getty Images

Following Michael Vick's illuminating advice on FS1's "Speak for Yourself" informing Colin Kapaernick to "cut his hair" and "just try to look presentable," Colin Kaepernick seemed to respond via Twitter with the definition of Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological condition in which a hostage develops sympathy for and an alliance with his/her captors as a means of survival during captivity. If Kaepernick was indeed talking about Michael Vick then I couldn't agree more.

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