Is It Safe to Melt Coconut Oil in the Microwave? #GeekOut

Lindsay Girl asks: I have used extra virgin coconut oil in my hair as a deep conditioning treatment once a week for several years now. I melt the oil in the microwave. This morning I was reading in an article on the website that the author of the article “heard” that you shouldn’t warm coconut oil in the microwave because that will “alter the bonds” in the oil. What say the Brains? Can I safely put the coconut oil in the microwave to melt it? Or is there a better way?

The Beauty Brains responds:
When LG raised this question in our Forum we said “no problem.” But after further consideration we realized that there is some risk involved with heating coconut oil in a microwave oven.

The danger of microwaving coconut oil

Coconut oil penetrates hair because of its size and the configuration of its carbon chain. Unless you’re heating it above the point where it will decompose, microwaving it should cause no problems. In other words, “melting” it is just fine. BUT you need to be very careful when using this approach. Here’s why:

How to Detangle and Pre-Poo Natural Hair

by Jensine from Jungle Naps

Somewhere along your natural hair journey you learn the importance of detangling your curls. A necessary (and time consuming) evil! If only I could count how many frustrating hours I've spent untangling knots and asking my German/Irish husband for help.  Side note: he is now a detangling pro too.

Below are a few tips that I use in my detangle and pre-poo routine.


How To Steam Natural Hair Without a Steamer

via Nappy Naturally
By now we've all read about the benefits of using hair steamers for natural hair care. We've seen all the beautiful natural haired divas whose hair has grown down their backs. They rave about their natural hair absorbing all the goodness of whatever deep conditioning treatment was done...and we look in our wallets to decide if we're going to get a steamer or pay our car note.

The truth is that hair steamers offer a great way to open up the hair follicles to receive all the benefits of deep conditioning treatments. The reality is that everybody does not want to fork out the loot to get a steamer. The solution is found right under your nose: work with what you've got for the exact same results.

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Dry Natural Hair? To Pre-Poo or Deep Treat?

 photo via Natasha Leeds

From a pre-poo to LOC to WNG, curly girls and their terms often run the gamut with acronyms and hair treatments that will do just about anything and everything to your curls. It can be somewhat difficult to figure it all out. Another issue would be when to use what and can they be in conjunction with others? Just looking at a term may not fully explain what it entails let alone what it will do, so when a confused curly girl comes across the Curly Q&A, it is our pleasure to try and help anyway possible. Curlypunk was interested in knowing the difference between a popular hair technique and an equally popular hair product.

What’s the difference between a mask and a pre-poo? Is it ok to use a mask and a pre-poo in one wash?


A pre-poo, which is short for pre-shampoo treatment, is quite similar to the traditional hot oil treatment many of our mother’s used for deep conditioning treatments that were applied prior to washing the hair. You can also cocktail or substitute the oil for a daily conditioner. They both hydrate the hair while combatting the dryness of the impending shampoo and in detangling prior to shampooing. A pre-poo can be a pure oil, blended oil, a conditioner, or even a conditioner plus oil cocktail.

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DIY Luxury Hot Oil Treatment

Kavuli Nyali-Binase via TheGoodHairDiaries

I have been doing hot oil treatments since I was pretty young. I remember my mother buying these tubes of oil that was to be left in a cup of hot water for a certain amount of time. My mother would pierce the tube and squeeze wonderfully warm oil all over my head and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing out. This was always the best part of getting my hair done.

I decided to start making my own hot oil treatments, and it seems as if the gates to some wonderfully happy place just opened up. I started with warming just plain old extra virgin olive oil and applying it to my hair and scalp for about an hour or so. I would then wrap my hair in plastic cling wrap, a shower cap or a plastic bag if that was the only thing available. After rinsing the oil out and shampoo'ing once, my hair was soft like silk and shined so beautifully. I honestly couldn't believe it. I immediately went to work researching how certain oils benefit the hair and scalp

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The Art of the Pre-Poo...and How to Master It

 via the GoodHairDiaries

What is a pre-poo? 

A pre-poo is when you apply a conditioning treatment to the hair prior to shampooing / washing so as to add moisture to the follicles. 

How does the pre-poo affect your hair?
Yes, it's true that everything that put on your hair before a shampoo will be washed away. It may be hard to see the point of doing this step in the first place. Let's remember that the process of washing the hair can be very stressful on the hair, especially if you are still using a sulfate shampoo. In fact, there tends to be a ton of manipulation during the washing, deep conditioning and styling routine. Doing a  pre-poo conditions the cuticle and gets it prepared for the manipulation to follow.

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