Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner: Review for Natural Hair

“Pssst… I got that good good.” I was walking down the aisle at Tarjay (Target for my international curly sisters) and I swear the little white and gold bottle on the shelf was toying with my inner PJism. Determined to be strong I kept it moving. I turn to go on the next aisle and there it was laying all alone partially under the wheel of my cart….a damn coupon. Awww damn I thought, now I have to buy it; the thing said a whopping $1.00 off. Not one to pass up a good deal; I bought two bottles and skipped my junkie behind home.

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Natural Hair Snapshot

Because I thought she looked fierce...

This is one of my besties at the range... guess who?!

It's QUEEN! Her hair is growing like a weed and she definitely owes us an update, hint hint ;)

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