27 Habits for Longer, Thicker Natural Hair

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by Michelle of Radiant-Brown-Beauty

Hello ladies,

Below are twenty-seven things you can do to improve the health of your hair and keep it from shedding prematurely or breaking off. The Goal? To keep your hair on your head!

Not including the obvious elimination of chemical treatments, this comprehensive list contains all you need to maintain a healthy head of hair. They are categorized by care/maintenance and styling. 

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Green Tea Rinse for Healthy Natural Hair

  Jensine from youtube.com/junglenaps

Green tea is packed with nutrients that can benefit natural hair in many ways. When used as a hair rinse, it can complement any hair care regimen by infusing antioxidants, caffeine, and panthenol (a humectant) into the scalp and hair shaft.  Here are a few of the benefits of using a green tea hair rinse:
  • Added moisture and shine
  • Reduced shedding 
  • Increased hair growth due to the antioxidants and natural caffeine 
  • Stronger hair and less split ends (thanks to panthenol)
Typically, it can be used after rinsing your conditioner out and before styling your hair, Depending on your own preference, you can leave it in or rinse it out.

Want to learn how to effectively implement this into your own hair care routine? Check out the video below.

DIY Hair Rinse for Severe Shedding and Stunted Growth

by Emilia Obiekea of AdoreBotanicals.com

DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss for both men and women. Many things can factor into it. Read here for more info about DHT. If you are having issues with stunted growth, weak strands or severe shedding then this rinse is for you. It will also soothe an itchy or irritated scalp as well. Check out my recipe below.


Cut Down on Hair Shedding, Now!

 by Emilia Obiekea of AdoreBotanicals.com

Suffering from way too much shedding?

Many have heard of tea rinsing as a solution for excessive hair shedding. A less popular but more effective rinse can be done with coffee.

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Hair Loss or Hair Breakage? What Do You Have?

If you've been diligently measuring and monitoring your hair growth since going natural, you may be discouraged by each strand you see collect on your comb when you detangle. Many women are distressed by the amount of hair they shed in the shower daily. But, are you losing your hair or are
you experiencing hair breakage?

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Natural Hair and Shedding- What is Normal?

by Shelli of HairScapades

If you are one of those lucky souls who barely seems to shed a hair during the week or on wash day, this post is not for you. *lol* Seriously!! I’m sooooo jealous when I read statements like, “My shedding is almost non-existent.” Or when I see a YouTuber doing her hair and don’t see even one strand on her hands. I’ll be squinting hard, nose to the screen, just hoping to see one or two to make me feel better about the ball of hair that is inevitable any time I detangle my hair, wet or dry. So, this is a shout-out to all my ladies who see those dang shed hairs every step of their wash day and styling process!! HOLLA!!! *lol*

Could Excessive Co-washing Cause Excessive Shedding?

by Michelle of Radiant-Brown-Beauty.com

Today I was thinking about co-washing and how it might be causing excessive shedding. That is, depending on how you co-wash, of course.

You see, lots of ladies co-wash their natural hair with a conditioner. Hence, the term “co” aka "conditioner" wash. Today, there are lots of products on the market meant specifically for co-washing. Yet, it’s still very popular to wash the hair with a regular rinse out conditioner.

Well, I got to thinking about the purpose of a conditioner…

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Hair Loss vs. Hair Breakage- Natural Hair Care

If you’ve been diligently measuring and monitoring your hair growth since going natural, you may be discouraged by each strand you see collect on your comb when you detangle. Many women are distressed by the amount of hair they shed in the shower daily. But, are you losing your hair or are you experiencing hair breakage?

What’s the difference between hair loss and hair breakage? Understanding this difference can be the key to solving the problem.

Hair Loss

When your hair naturally falls from the root, you are experiencing hair loss. Some amount of hair loss is normal and to be expected.

In fact, while you may not be aware of it, you’re likely losing up to 100 strands each day. The “100 strands” theory is based on the assumption that we have approximately 100,000 hairs on our scalp and lose around 1% of them daily.

Additionally, the rate at which you’re losing hair can vary based on gender, diet and genetics.


Help! Why is My Hair Falling Out?!

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Check out my latest installment, where I give advice on coping with mystery hair fall. Go over there, check it out, 'like it', share it and comment! Also, leave questions of your own for the next article!

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How to Reduce Curly Hair Shed

by Allison Cooper of NaturallyCurly.com

I’m sure that you have looked at your brush after combing your tresses and noticed pieces of hair falling out. Truth is, we all have! Hair shedding is a part of life and a natural occurrence that we need to accept, no matter how annoying, or frightening, it can be.

But, why is that we shed? We shed pieces of hair because the hair follicle reaches a point of detachment from the bulb of the hair shaft and moves closer to the scalp. This causes pieces of hair to fall out.
So much hair falls out, in fact, that it is totally normal to be losing 50-100 pieces of hair on a daily basis. Once a follicle detaches from our head, a new piece automatically begins to grow in its place. As long as you have a healthy scalp, you will not lose large clumps or start to bald.

Curly Hair Loss Prevention
There is no way to prevent hair shedding completely since it’s a natural part of life. Hoever, there are ways to minimize the amount of shedding by ensuring that we are living a healthy lifestyle to create a healthy scalp and hair.
  1. Feed your hair Always have your refrigerator and pantry filled with nutritious foods for healthy hair. Being healthy on the inside is the first and foremost step in making sure that you have a healthy scalp, and to cutting down on the amount of daily hair shedding. Having a lot of nutritious options available to you on a daily basis will make those healthy choices that much easier! It is essential that we get the perfect balance between vitamins and minerals through our diets as what we eat ends up being absorbed inside our bodies and adding to our overall health.
  2. Take a Multi-Vitamin Taking a daily multi vitamin will help make up for whatever you’re not getting through your diet and help prevent hair shedding. There are even many hair nutrition vitamins geared towards improving the health of hair, skin, and nails.
  3. Have a daily exercise routine. Exercising on a daily basis helps you live a healthy lifestyle. It helps you stay in shape, relieve stress, and burn some steam! Incorporating at least 30 minutes of activity into your daily life will greatly help to improve your health, and your scalp’s!
  4. Lead a Stress-Free Lifestyle. Stress can be a huge reason that you are losing more hair than normal. Taking daily steps to make sure that you are reducing your stress will greatly help reduce the amount of hair that you are losing. Exercise greatly helps reduce stress, as does laughter, relaxing, reading a good book, shopping, and even sex!
It is very important to keep in mind that if you are losing more than 50 to 100 pieces of hair on a daily basis, or it’s coming out in clumps, it is time to seek help from your doctor. If you have longer hair, it may appear that you are losing more, when you are really just losing the average amount. It could be a sign that you are suffering from alopecia, premature baldness or there may be an underlying cause for some other type of health problem.

How Big Are Your (Hair) Balls?- Natural Hair Shedding

One of CurlyNikki's post-partum hair balls

Danielle writes;

Dear Fellow Natural Divas:

Curl to curl, how much hair in the shower is too much? I BC’d in January and have a nice mini fro of about 3in (when curly). I Co-wash and stretch my curls 2-3 times a week tops, and wash and deep condition (Olive Oil brand deep conditioner, ½ tsp honey, ½ tsp olive oil, wrap my hair in a very warm, soaked towel and sit for 30 min) every Saturday. I am loving my hair more than I can ever remember but there’s one problem: I have very fine hair and it scares me to see so much hair going down the drain after detangling. I use Tresemme Naturals for detangling, and typically comb through with ease, but there is always a nice clump of hair to toss. I’m probably being over cautious, especially since my hair doesn’t seem to be thinning. I know we typically lose 60-100 strands a day, but how do I know If I should worry?

How much hair do you lose? When do you notice the most hair?

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