Oprah, Chris Martin, Usher and More: Nikki in South Africa!

 Queen O!!!!

 Hola Chica!

Just getting back home from my last minute travels to Johannesburg, South Africa, and it was truly a magical trip! Check out my IG stories for even more deets and backstage views of the Global Citizen Festival!


Metro Kids South Africa- Our Visit to Guguletehu

Re-posting as a reminder not to forget to donate to Metro Kids!  I'm sponsoring the beautiful and intelligent teen leader, Anathi!  Tamron and Johnny are sponsoring several children as well. I hope you'll join us! 

On our latest excursion I took more than a couple hundred pictures to try to convey the magnitude of what we were experiencing first hand.  Poverty on this scale is like an ocean- it's vast, it's wide, it's deep.  It isn't, however, hopeless.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me explain.

Hubby and I have this tradition where we select our next international destination prior to leaving the current one so that our departure back home is a little less bitter-sweet.  So back in Spain, probably over cocktails with Captain Alvaro, we decided South Africa was next.

Since we touched down last week, we've been anticipating the arrival of our friends, celebrity stylist and Artistic Style Director for L'Oreal, Johnny Wright and correspondent for NBC News and NBC's Today Show, Tamron Hall #Flawless.  Also, so Tamron is officially the first African American woman to co-anchor the NBC Nightly News! #ThatHappened #SoCrown #BowDown

But I digress.

You may recall the fabulousness that is Johnny Wright from the EPIC NYC Turn-Up session with Tracee Ellis Ross.  Johnny has been to South Africa 4 times this year alone so of course I texted him to find out (1) who we know locally for the TurnUp  and (2) what to eat/see/do/don't.  He inquired about the dates and the next thing I know, it's a party.  #VacationWithFriends

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Tamron Hall's Natural Hair!

SURPRISE! Tamron's natural, y'all!

Lion Cubs and Calves, Oh My!

The final day of our African Safari Adventure was all about the babies (as well as my unwillingness to pack and vacate the premises)!  And since the experience transcends words, I thought I'd share ALL the pics- 

Meet Sam. He along with a female elephant (Tsotsi) were to be culled from Zimbabwe, but were ultimately rescued and brought to Botlierskop.  Here, they mated and along came super-adorbs Tshima which means 'surprise', because he truly was!  The staff had no idea that Tsotsi was preggers!

 Tshmia was HUNGRY!  

Walking With Lions

Email me at [email protected] with your addresses! Thanks!!!

So look at who we ran into on the way back to our tent...

#Wild #JohnnyTamedThemTho

Glamping- Our African Safari

so this happened. 

We woke up at a disrespectful 5am and drove across the tip of Africa from Western to Eastern Cape to visit the game reserve Botlierskop, located about 12 miles from the Indian Ocean. 'Astonishingly beautiful scenery' aren't even the words.  Imagine the landscapes of California, France and Montana in the same place. This land is absolutely beautiful and enormous.

Tamron Hall, Johnny Wright, Moshe, Hubby and I made the four-hour trip in two rentals, on the wrong side of the road, with completely new driving rules (like passing on the right). Fun times. In this short period of time, we drove across mountains (into the low-hanging clouds), through valleys, and across plains.  Hubby with his lead foot had my pressure up, but he got us there safe.

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