Viva la Revolución!

Last weekend was the realest.  Awanda and Captain Alvaro Sparrows welcomed us to Galacia, La Coruña-

Go Natural Spain: Meet Your Spanish Sisters!

 I'm 'On The Couch' with a few more ladies of the GoNaturalSpain movement. These ladies are gorgeous, accomplished and #TEAMNATURAL! Enojy!

 Dr. Kattia M. Tejeda

Why are you in Madrid? Are you from here?
I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I came to Spain 8 years ago for work. I started in Galicia, and then moved to Madrid for a good job at a hospital.

How long have you wore your hair natural?
Only one year!  It was a difficult decision to make because in the Dominican Republic, natural hair has a lot of social stigma.  But I'm extremely happy I'm natural!

Did you transition or Big Chop? 
I cut a lot of hair, but I wouldn't call it a big chop.  It felt amazing, like the growing of a Bonsai.  WOW! It's been one of the best experiences of my life!

Did your friends and family support your decision to go natural?
At the beginning, my family didn't like the idea.  They'd say, 'a Doctor with BAD HAIR???!!!' You know... the cultural things and negative stigma we're trying to change with GoNaturalSpain to liberate the next generation!

Here in Spain, my friends just gave me good words and congrats. At the hospital, everybody loves natural hair, so no issues there either.  We're destroying prejudice!  Lots of people here in Spain love our natural hair and want to touch it and have the same! It's hilarious!

What's your favorite thing about being natural?
Don't know... EVERYTHING!  It's unique, cheaper for me, faster in the morning and beautiful!
Then I met Awanda and my brother Álvaro, Captain Sparrow as you call him, and I got involved with the movement.  They call me 'Go Prime Minister'!  GoNaturalSpain is my new family and we hope to bring the community support, peace and happiness.

Thanks Nikki for this oportunity, I really love your work and I'm very proud to be on your blog.  I hav love for you and the curly troops!

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La Coruña.

They made me put it down! #SheStayWorking  
Yesterday we jumped on a plane for a weekend trip to La Coruña, Spain.  A small, coastal town in the north of the country that's home to our new friends and founders of Go Natural Spain- Alvaro and Awanda.  They invited us up to talk about the 'Go Natural Spain' initiative.  They were particularly interested in getting my persecutive on how to bring attention to their movement and getting brands to commit resources to the Spanish market.  They promised us a fun evening complete with dinner, so we were eager to sit down with them. 

Little did we know that they actually RUN this city, and they don't turn up... they tear it down. 

Go Natural Spain- Meet Awanda Perez

“If something is magical, it is fair to share it with more people.”- Awanda Perez
Awanda, the co-founder of 'Go Natural Spain!' is from Madrid, but born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  She currently lives in the north of Spain, in the city of A Coruña with her love and project partner, Alvaro Lago. She says, 'he is everything to me and without him, none of this would be possible!'  Prior to settling down in A Coruña, she lived in London, NYC, Italy and France.

She straightened her hair for the first time at 14 years old and for years, knew nothing of her natural hair.  She went curly for a short stint while living in London but went back to straightening when she returned to Madrid.  She has currently been natural and curly for a year and this time, it's forever!  She says, 'I love my curls and I'll never again wish them away!'


The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly On the Plain

this was a particularly chunky wash-n-go because I put in about 9 twists that I had to unexpectedly remove when I was only 60% dry... to go kick it.  They KICKS IT over here.  Anyway, on your next wash-n-go attempt, put in some twists and take them down while your hair is still wet for some clumpy awesomeness. << long ass caption.
Hola Chicas!

My wash and go shrunk all the way the hell up from the rain situation and since we're going harder than a mug and hair happens to be my last priority, I fro-hawked that ish.  The streets runneth over with jovial folks celebrating and living it up and I can't miss out on a single, solitary second of it waiting on a set to dry.  So now this is happening.  

Are You Ready?- We Dipped Down to Morocco!

Pumps- Nasty Gal
Jacket- Zara

Things were real chill last night.  We kicked it with new friends, talking Black culture in Madrid over good food, drinks and music.  

The View From Spain- The Shenanigans.

So this is day 4 of my Spanish adventures.  We've been going jamón (Ham-on) since we touched down in this strange new place and our time (which is totally warped... I have no idea what day it is) has been filled with hella walking, sightseeing, breathtaking views, tapas and new friends.  No matter what time of the day we wander out of our flat, folks are on the street, loitering, lol, drinking, dancing... enjoying one another's company.  They know what they're doing! Good thing I packed my party pants and my liver! #PourItUp

I've compiled a pictorial of the past 3 days.  Enjoy!

This Is 30- Turnt Up in Spain!

Longest. Post. Ever. 


This.  This pic right here. 

Go Natural Spain!

Every once in awhile you see something that inspires you. You meet someone, or see a piece of art that makes you get up off of your behind and take some kind of action. Or sometimes you’re a blogger who just needs a vacation, and you know these really awesome women who embody an ideal that you are very passionate about and they want to throw you the most awesomest birthday party ever, and you’re all like “Really?” and they’re all like “Hell yeah!” and then you buy a ticket to Spain because that's where they are, only you don’t speak a lick of Spanish so then it instantly becomes an adventure! *heaving panting* *catches breath*



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