Here's How To Stop Split Ends

by Mary Wolff

You want your hair to be healthy and beautiful all the time. So, when spilt ends happen, it can be a real pain. Split ends make your hair look unhealthy and downright uncared for in a way no curly girl ever wants for their tresses. Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to stop split ends.

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I Stay Trimming My Hair But My Ends Keep Splitting and Breaking...

Ariane of

Does it seem like you can never get rid of your split end problem? Well, part of this because to an extent you never really will. Let me explain.


The Real Cause of Mid-Strand Splits and How to Avoid Them


As if split ends were not trouble enough, curly girls also have to deal with another hair damaging issue, one that some never even knew existed. What am I talking about? Mid-shaft splits. Yes, this is another thing to add to your list of things to avoid when caring and treating your natural curls. So what exactly is a mid-shaft split and how can you prevent this from happening? 

Always Have Split Ends? Learn How to Stop Them, Now.

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No matter how many times I cut my hair I always have split ends. How can I stop this?

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Split Ends for Healthy Hair

Source: Tamullar (Long Hair Community)
by Shelli of Hairscapades

Did you know that there were this many kinds of split ends? Pretty nasty, right? Well, I can attest to the validity of this chart. Because, about 2 1/2 years ago, I saw just about every split end on it (except the white spots) in my own head of hair. It was bad y’all. I mean, baaaaaddddd! That’s when I took to carrying around purse scissors … so that I could take split ends to task at a moment’s notice, any time, any place (seriously, I was out of control)!

2011 NYC CurlyNikki Meet-Up: Told ya!

But now the split ends are few and far between and have been for quite a while. Let’s put it out there. I have fine strands. So,  I’ll probably always get split ends no matter how protective I am of my hair/ends (unlike my compatriots with strong, thick-strands ). But, now I generally only see the vanilla variety, single “split” end … and they tend to be far rarer and very small.


Preventing Split Ends and Breakage for Longer Natural Hair

Have you been natural for a while yet you feel as if your hair is just not growing? I certainly felt like this for the first five years of wearing my hair natural--I am now seven years natural and I have started to pay more attention to the habits that were preventing my hair from retaining length. The first step I took was to stop dying my hair.   Hair dyes can make our hair even more fragile, brittle and prone to dryness. Within a few months after dying application you may begin to notice breakage if you use color treatments. The hair color you see in the video below was my last hair dye and I was growing it out. The step I took to retain length was trimming split ends on a regular basis. 

I would like to stress that damaged ends cannot be permanently reversed, no matter how much you try to smooth the ends and no matter how much a product you use. Products assist with anti-breakage--in other words, maintaining healthy strands that prevent our ends from thinning out or splitting anywhere from the middle to the ends of the shaft. There are products that can help your split end stick together and decrease the rate at which it splits further, using a complex known as PEC. But neither of these product categories will actually fix the hair permanently once the end is split. In the video below I demonstrate how split ends work by using a piece of electrical wire and outline 3 steps you can take to be split end free.

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