CN Exclusive: New Platform 'Nappy' Offers Free High-Res Stock Images For Black People

Image courtesy of Nappy

Every African-American understands all too well that feeling of being left out, especially when it comes to businesses and the way they advertise. Instances like Shea Moisture’s recent ad debacle immediately come to mind, but the issue is and has always been much more pervasive. By and large, ads and websites seem to target only White customers but that might not necessarily mean those businesses aren’t interested in attracting a diverse audience. A lot of times the issue is simply a lack of diversity in stock imagery.

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New TONL Platform Creates Stock Images For People Of Color

If you’re a frequent internet user -- especially someone involved in blogging -- chances are, you’ve searched through Google Images on the hunt for stock images. If you are a person of color; however, that search may be a bit more daunting than you’d like… if you want to find images of people with a bit more melanin, that is. In a world painted with more color than not, it only makes sense that the internet’s stock image vault would accurately represent the world. And yet...

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