Picked out Afro – Look, even the baby is worried about me! (Don’t ask what I’m doing with my face, I couldn’t tell you)

by Dani of OkDani.com

I shouldn’t have cut my hair.

Yeah. I said it.

I don’t exactly miss my longer hair in itself…but now I’ve got all these Short Hair Problems that I never knew would come my way. My haircut is ruining my life.

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Finger Shingling Your TWA- Natural Hair Styles

Watch as the lovely Mee Mahrii styles her super cute (and amazingly colored) TWA using the shingling technique to get her curls popping.

How to Keep Your TWA Moisturized- Short Natural Hair Care

She'Kia Renea demonstrates how to keep your TWA hydrated day and night! 

#ShortHairDontCare - Dani Chops it Off and Donates the Length!

by Dani of  OKDani.com

I wanted to cut for a while now, but my mind was set on rockin’ a short assymetrical bob. I changed my mind last month and wanted to just be FREE from doing my hair, detangling, styling, etc.

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Katia is Naturally Glam!

My name is Katia Dowdell. I am a 27 year old freelance graphic designer from Auburn, Alabama. I work in a Youth Development Center. My hair journey has been an upward climb. I love my hair more now than I have throughout the entire process. I am still at the "twa stage" and like most naturals, I can't wait to see my hair grow into a real "jaw-dropper!"

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Spice up your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)! Confidence is a Factor!

She'Kia Renea is fiercely rocking her new TWA!  Watch below as she shows us how to spice it up and revel in your confidence!

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Natural Hair Purgatory- The 'Tween' Stages

SuburbanBushBabe, a fellow blogger, NC.com member, and long time curly friend shares her views on the 'tween' stages of natural hair.

A www.naturallycurly.com member started a topic about Hair Purgatory. For hypertextured 4a's, 4b's and beyond, that means when that pretty teeny weeny Afro (TWA) is no longer teeny enough to highlight your head shape, but not long enough to hang even partially south. It's still too short for that but it may be flopping out in other more crazy ways. It may naturally coil. But it also may have different textures. The sides may be tighter like coffee stirrer coils. The crown may have looser coils. The front may grow more slowly than the back. One part may be coarser than another. Or one part may be shrinkier than another.

This is the time when many curlies are focused on gaining length but are still learning what products and routines work best for their hair. It is when we aspire to all those shoulder length and beyond natural looks whose photo albums we so eagerly stalk. We get so focused on our hair future because that is way easier than our hair present. And of course these SL gals never had to go through this awkward period, they just woke up one morning and were SL, right? Let's call this Beyond the Big Chop (BC) Purgatory. It's a tough time because depending on what you do, you can inhibit your hair's development.

Beyond the BC hair purgatory happened to me several times over many years. It was a tough time for me -- too long for the cute shape anchored by my scalp. Too short for the hang. Doing the north, east and west, but definitely no south. WTF was it doing?
  • not long enough to hang but not short enough to behave.
  • not long enough to pull back into a bun.
I was in this stage several times in my life and each time it felt like I was unanchored and could not see the far shore. No matter how much I patted it down it refused to behave like a TWA. It also refused to behave like it wanted to drop and hang. I went through several cycles of growing it to a certain length, losing hope, and BC'ing again. And it all happened before the curly hair product revolution I saw happen after Y2K.

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Curly TWA on Natural Hair- Styles

Tiffany Marie Scott shows us how she gets a curly look on her gorgeous hair-

3 TWA Styling Ideas- Natural Hair Techniques

TWA rocker, Noni of ThreeNaturals writes:

On the off chance that some of you were wondering, “how does Noni get her coils so defined?” Keep reading.

I’m posting some vids of other curly girls because:

1. I’m not savvy with the webcam in the bathroom deal and pics don’t always cut it.
2. These ladies have already done the hard work.
3. They’re pretty close to the current methods I use to style my tdub (aka twa). Hopefully you’ll get some ideas and be able to employ some of these methods for your own styling.

Brush coils- I tried but couldn’t get it to work right for me. Also check this vid by Toliahli. Start at about 2:30 for products or 4:45 for technique.

Sponge coils- worked a lot better, but as my hair got longer I wasn’t totally thrilled with the look.

Finger coils -the method I use.  I twirl once round my finger but that’s my personal preference.  Start at about 1:30. 

How Long Will You Be In The TWA Stage?

Janiece's Big Chop Story

I don't know how many times I've thought I was out of the TWA stage, only to be reminded when I tried to do one of those styles for long hair... you know, the ones that definitely don't work for TWA's no matter how you try to tweak it. If someone broke down a TWA to me and how long it takes to get out of this stage before I BC'ed... who knows... I might have transitioned a little longer, lol!
My hair straightened may be shoulder length, but If I wash my hair and let it air dry with no product, I'm basically a curly ear length... I can't wait for the day when I can really wash and go and have at least neck/shoulder length curls.

So approximately how long will you be in the TWA stage?

It all depends on your amount of shrinkage, curl pattern and hair style.  These estimations are primarily for wash & gos, or unstretched styles-
  • If your hair is tightly curled/waved and shrinks up anywhere between 50% - 90% expect to be in the TWA stage anywhere from 2 - 4 years.
  • If your hair has medium curls/waves and shrinks up anywhere between 40% - 80% you can expect to be in the TWA stage for about a year or two.
  • If your hair has loose waves or curls and your shrinkage is about 20% - 60% you can expect to be in the TWA stage for about a year and a half.
These values are based on my own calculations from comparing the shrinkage of many naturals with different textures and hair types and is also a calculation for girls who are starting off with 2" - 3" of hair, tops. If you have hair that doesn't shrink as much in any texture, you will be able to see your length sooner than later. And of course the opposite is true for us girls with major shrinkage, it takes forever!!!

How long has it taken you ladies to get out of the TWA stage?!

The Big Chop Experience

Shanee submitted a couple of videos that were instrumental in helping her find the courage to Big Chop.   She hopes that it'll inspire you as well!

UsNaturalGirls shares her Big Chop with the world! 

CN Says:
The scream! Priceless.

Eboni gets the Big Chop while being schooled by fellow CN community member and stylist Ashley Blake-Bates-

CN Says:
Eboni and UsNaturalGirls, if you're viewing this, please send me a recent pic so I can share your progress with the readers! ([email protected]) THANKS!

So who is planning to Big Chop this year?!
Are you gonna do it yourself, have a friend help, or head to the salon? 

TWAs Are Sexy Too!

by Lisa Michelle via NaturallyCurly

Combine a beautiful lady, one daring haircut and a dose of freedom mixed with confidence and you get a sexy TWA wearing woman. Oh, you didn’t know? Let me say it again: TWAs are SEXY!

There’s something to be said for a woman who can shed her hair and still maintain her charm and allure. TWAs, or teeny weeny afros, are attractive, glamorous and can be downright sexy!


Whether you’ve done the Big Chop or just cut your hair into the style, having short hair doesn’t mean your styling options are limited. Sure you can throw on a headband or sport a pouf, but you can create some cool, chic styles too. In fact, there are many ways you can rock your TWA and still be fashionable.

If you have at least a few inches of hair, you have more than enough to play and experiment with. Try an asymmetrical style for a fun and charming look. Go for a faux hawk if you’re feeling a bit bolder! These festive and party-worth styles will garner the attention of the room, allowing you and your hair to be the life of the party.

You can also just rock your TWA as-is and still be free and sexy at the same time.

Take a small section of hair, add a bit of pomade and twirl your hair around your finger, creating springy tight coils. You can do them as big or as little as you like to create your own signature style. If you’re wearing a short, cropped look, be sure to moisturize your hair regularly so it doesn’t become dry and frizzy.


A short cut is a great time to try out color too! Since you will experience grow out relatively quickly from a TWA, you’ll be able to change up your looks just with a haircut or trim. Try a bold red, a sweet honey blonde or even go for a shade to match your skin tone. This creates a one-of-a-kind look that will certainly get you noticed!

As your hair starts growing out, you’ll be even more aware of your hair growth. You can begin to experiment with placing color in certain areas of your hair to give an even more stunning appearance. Adding color in the front of your hair will help frame your face, giving a pop of color and whimsy feel to any length of hair.

Color can also be added to your accessories stash too. You can be bold not only with your jewelry, but with scarves and makeup as well. You have the freedom to pull together different pieces into a cohesive, fresh look no matter what color hair you’re rocking.


You have to have a certain amount of confidence to rock a short, sassy cut. This, my dear friends, is called swag. Swag is the difference between dreading going outside with your TWA and holding your head up proud. This confidence is what makes a woman irresistible to the opposite sex and the hair crush of fellow naturals.

Show off your swag by building your accessories collection. Jazz up your look with some funky glasses, shoulder dusting earrings or a bold lip color. The options are endless when it comes to dressing up your TWA so don’t be afraid to try something new and different. Now is your chance to express yourself beyond your hair!

TWAs don’t have to be boring and they most definitely can be some of the fiercest styles in the natural hair community. Flaunt your kinks with confidence and know that you are indeed beautiful. Wear your teeny weeny afro proudly and you may encourage others to do the same.

Happy styling!

On Short Hair

Nyema writes-

I love your site! I came across this piece on short hair and thought it would be great to share with readers who are in their TWA stage!

from Vogue
by Joan Juliet Buck

Joan Juliet Buck, a devoted short-hair convert, explains why it makes a difference.

Hair is time.

Women with short hair always look as if they have somewhere else to go. Women with long hair tend to look as if they belong where they are, especially in California. Short hair takes a short time. Long hair takes a long time. Long hair moves faster than short hair. Long hair tells men that you are all woman, or a real woman, or at the very least a girl. Short hair always makes them wonder. Short hair makes children ask each other --usually at the school-yard gate, when parents are late-- "Are you a boy or girl?" Men married to women with short hair should not have affairs with women who have long hair kept up with many little pins and combs. Once you have cut your hair you have to remember to wear lipstick, but you can put away the brush, elastics, and the black barrettes in the form of shiny leaves with rhinestone hearts. When you cut your hair you lose a nose and gain a neck. A neck is generally better than a nose. It does not need to be powdered, except on extreme occasions. It does, however, need to be washed more often.

With short hair you suddenly dislike the month of March, when the wind blows down the back of your neck. With short hair you begin to crave pearl necklaces, long earrings, and a variety of sunglasses. And you brush your teeth more often. Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. When it starts growing out a little and losing its style, you have to wear sunglasses until you can get it to the hairdresser. That's why you need a variety. Short hair makes you aware of subtraction as style. You can no longer wear puffed sleeves or ruffles; the neat is suddenly preferable to the fussy. You eye the tweezers instead of the blusher. What else can you take away? You can't hide behind short hair. Your nape is exposed. Men put their hands around your neck instead of stroking your long locks. You can only pray they have friendly intentions. The backs of your ears show, your jaw line is clear to anyone watching, and you realize --perhaps for the first time-- how wide the expanse of skin is between cheekbone and ear.

You may look a little androgynous, a little unfinished, a little bare. You will look elegant, as short hair requires you to keep your weight slightly below acceptable levels. However, the first time you wear a bathing suit with short hair, you will feel exceptionally naked. People who used to look straight at you will love you in profile. Short hair makes others think you have good bones, determination, and an agenda. The shape of your skull is commented on, so are its contents. They can pick you out in a crowd, and you can be recognized from behind, which can be good or bad. But your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions.

Chase to the cut.


CN Says-

"Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style." #nufsaid

TWA in the Workplace

via LifeWithBabyJ

So what is a TWA you ask? Teeny Weeny Afro! That is the classification of my hair at the length that it is at right now. Although I think I will be past that stage very soon because I am almost able to put my hair into a ponytail now... MILESTONE!!

Anyway... That's not the point of this post.

A few weeks ago I received a message from a fellow 'Nuturalista' asking me about styling options for her TWA for work. She was bored of wearing her hair in just the Afro and wanted something "more professional".

Around the same time, there was a lot of discussion in the natural hair forums that I frequent, about how much trouble some women were having in the workplace with their natural hair. There were some that even suggested that natural hair is not professional (huh?). Some women said that they wear wigs to work in order to look more presentable.

My take on this? It's not just your hair that makes you look professional or presentable. If you don't look like you put any effort into your entire appearance, it won't matter if your hair is natural, relaxed, twisted, straight, long, short, whatever!

Also, if you don't have confidence within yourself to know that you are beautiful with your hair the way it is, it will show... and this will just open the door for ignorant people to add their unnecessary commentary. But that's just my opinion.

So... I was inspired to go through a week and style my hair the way I would to work (yes I have actually worn ALL these styles to work before). By doing this I hope to inspire those who are either bored with their TWA, or simply just want new styling options.

Video tutorials are also available if you click the captions... Hope you enjoy!

Too Ugly for a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)?

In a video response to the now removed 'Too Ugly for a TWA', Youtuber DestinyGodley eloquently tackles the subject and sheds some light--

Short Natural Hair: Quick and Easy TWA Styles

...with two of your favorite gurus, Naptural85 and NaturalChica! These ladies grew their gorgeous TWAs into the long and lustrous locks that we all know and love today. Check out how they cared for their manes back in the day--

TWA Twist-Out 101- Natural Hair Style Tips

Skeeta25 provides tips to help you achieve the best twist-outs of your life!

The gorgeous KinkyHairChick teaches us how to make twist-outs last and last!

How do you preserve your twist-outs?

Do you want your Youtube channel featured next weekend?
Email [email protected] with 'youtube' in the subject line for your chance to showcase your gorgeous hair and favorite styles!

Tapered TWA- Get the Look!

LethalPleazure's hair has since grown out, but I'm so feeling this style--

Do you want your Youtube channel featured next weekend?
Email [email protected] with 'youtube' in the subject line for your chance to showcase your gorgeous hair and favorite styles!

Texturizing Your Hair Naturally- TWA Styling

Natasha writes;

I came across a great video tutorial for all the TWA (teeny weeny afro) girls! Don't be alarmed by the title, no curls were harmed with chemicals in the making of the video! I no longer have a TWA, but if I had come across this video in those days, I would have definitely given it a go. Enjoy!

Lovingyourhair's demonstration-

Dry Chunky Twist-out on Short Natural Hair

iknowlee is gorgeous... hair, face, errything! Thanks to Fitz_Nikki from the forums for turning me on to her. Check out iknowlee's gorgeous chunky twist-out... she even shows you how to maintain it!

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