Top 5 Essential Conditioners

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by Mary Wolff

Your curls need moisture to stay healthy. As curly girls, we are bombarded with new products almost every day it seems. How do you find the ones you might want to try? Listen to your fellow curlies, of course! I know everyone has their own hair care preferences because no two heads of curls are the same. Here are my top 5 essential conditioners that provide the most moisture for my curls.


The 6 Best Inexpensive Leave-in Conditioners to Try This Fall!

by Sabrina Perkins of

Not everyone is looking for heavier conditioners in the fall. Leave-in conditioners are just as useful during colder months and great for hairstyles that do not require heavy butters or oils ,like twists and braids. Some of us still rock a wash and go year round (like me) or prefer twistouts, or braidouts and just like a light hold that allows hair movement.

We also like moisturized strands on the cheap because as we get closer to the holidays, we want to pinch pennies so we can have more funds for holiday parties, gifts and going out. Is it possible to do both? It sure is and we've got a list of the best of the least expensive leave-ins worth trying this fall and winter.


10 Holy Grail Natural Products Under $10

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by Jascmeen Bush of

A common misconception is that Naturals spend a lot of money on products. Some of us do, there’s no denying that, but on the flip side we have plenty of amazing and affordable options. Take notes newbies, stock up on these cheap grails before going for a splurge.


5 Black Owned Natural Hair Brands to Try


by Jascmeen of

Let’s face it, even with our go-to’s and grails, we can’t help but to experiment with new lines and products. The Black haircare industry is a potentially $500 billion dollar industry, so why not put some of our own money back into our own community? Here are a few Black-owned beauty business that are making waves and are definitely deserving of your support.


Top Protein Conditioners for Your Natural Hair

by Sabrina Perkins of

Our hair needs a balance of moisture and protein.  And achieving and maintaining the perfect balance can be quite challenging.   The best thing you can do is listen to your hair-- if your hair is limp, mushy and overly moist it needs protein, and if it's dry, hard, and easily broken, then it most likely needs moisture.

Protein should not be used on a daily or even on a weekly basis. If you are not exposing your hair to heat styling tools, color or chemicals then most likely a monthly or even less than monthly protein treatment is enough. It depends on your routine and as I rarely do any of those things I usually use a protein treatment or a protein conditioner every 2 to 3 months.

So which ones to try? It is a preference so if you are in need of one then check out this list of hugely popular protein conditioners that get the job done. What is ever better is that all are very gentle to your strands even if you choose to use them monthly or bi-weekly.


The Best Leave-in Conditioners for Your Natural Hair

Moisture is our curl’s life force. Our hair thrives off of the proper balance between moisture and proteins, and despite knowing we have to keep this delicate balance, it is hard to maintain. Nature’s source of moisture is water but many are still unaware of the importance of water in a curly girl’s regimen. Now, some are under the impression that oils moisturize hair but they do not; they seal moisture in. Hair moisturizers are big business but many on the market have tons of emollients and oils but lack the water. The best moisturizers are water-based so if you are suffering from dry hair, make sure water is a main component of your moisturizing regimen. 

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