This Little Girls Before And After HairDo Is What Every Black Parent Of A Daughter Has Gone Through

Picture it, you’re whipping up an artful masterpiece on your daughter’s hair, braiding and twisting in a design that’ll make Picasso jealous. Then, you take her to school. Hours go by and then you pick her up.

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You Have To See This Impromptu Gospel Performance At A Hurricane Harvey Shelter

The tragic effects of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and surrounding Texas areas have been very heartbreaking. Witnessing residents lose their homes and having to wade through flooded waters in order to find some sort of safe shelter is indescribable. Hurricane Harvey’s fury resulted in more than 50 inches of rain and have left roughly 30,000 people with the need to take shelter. So, when there is even a little bit of hope and light, it is an inspiring sight to see.

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Chloe x Halle Join The Cast of 'Black-ish' Spinoff 'Grown-ish'

If you haven’t heard the names “Chloe x Halle,” then allow me to introduce you! Those familiar with the young and talented duo may have seen them performing acoustic/a cappella versions of hits on social media. One super important person saw them, though: Beyoncé, herself!

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19-Year-Old Haitian-Japanese Tennis Player Pulls An Upset And Defeats U.S. Open Champion

Tennis can be a thrilling sport in and of itself, so when an upset happens… it’s peak excitement! People love rooting for the underdog in general, so upsets are popular in any competition.

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Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns After Being Linked To Neo-Nazi Websites

Having any affiliation to white supremacy and neo-Nazism can cost one their job, with one of the best examples being the rioters in the Charlottesville rally, where many demonstrators were let go from their jobs after being identified on social media.

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Kaepernick's Frat Brothers Band Together To Protest In Front of NFL Headquarters

Photo: @NYAKappas
The NFL may have left Colin Kaepernick behind for taking a stance against police brutality, but his frat brothers got his back!

A huge group of Kappa Alpha Psi gathered together to support Kaepernick during the United We Stand Rally in front of NFL headquarters. Kaepernick was a 2010 initiate of the fraternity, established in 1911.

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