Tips for Blending Hair During Transitions

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by Mary Wolff
When it comes to transitioning to your natural hair, there are more than a few issues to iron out along the way. One of the biggest issues new naturalistas face is blending hair during the transition stage. You obviously want a look that is as natural as possible so here are a few tips for blending hair during transitions.

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Best Hairstyles For The Awkward Stage

by Mary Wolff

Going natural is a big step. If you big chopped to start your transition, there is certainly an adjustment period. Part of this period is dealing with that awkward stage of hair length where it feels impossible to find styles you like that can make you feel good about your hair. Here are some of the best hairstyles for the awkward stage to help you embrace those beautiful curls!

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Transitioning to Natural Hair

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by Mary Wolff

When it comes to natural hair, it can be a journey of beautiful discovery. Making the jump can be scary. When transitioning to natural hair, there are a few things you want to remember.
If you are transitioning to natural hair, here are some of my favorite tips to make the journey a breeze.


Transitioning to Natural Hair: Styles That Blend Your New Growth

by Jonna of

While transitioning from relaxed hair to wearing your natural hair, it can be difficult finding styles that blend your straight hair with the newly growing textured hair. The tighter your curl pattern, the more obvious the point of demarcation (the point where your straight hair ends and your textured hair begins). When I was transitioning, it got to a point where it just looked like I wasn’t doing my hair at all, which wasn’t a good look.

There are some styles that give transitioning hair a blended look, and here are a few that are quick and easy to do. These style will help you look cute as you transition.


How To Transition Hair Care During Vacation

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By Emilia Obiekea of

It’s Spring Time and we know that means it's time for some much needed fun! But while vacationing, many people forget to protect their hair while they are enjoying outdoor activities. Just as your body needs sunscreen, your hair needs a layer of protection as well. After all the fun, you may notice your ends looking a bit frayed or raggedy. The best thing to do is trim the damaged ends and start taking care of your ends as a preventative measure. Who wants unnecessary length loss? No one! Especially when you are transitioning into your newly natural hair. The following tips below will help you maintain your journey without any setbacks.

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Avoid Breakage During your Transition To Natural Hair

by Michelle Thames of

Looking to avoid breakage during your transition? Are you transitioning to natural hair and scared of breakage and any other unforeseen hurdles? Trust me I’ve been there, I was a long-term transitioner of 24 months and it wasn’t always pretty.


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