God Bless Our Troops.

re-posting in light of the recent changes to Army regulations as it concerns hair.  Below you'll find real stories about real soldiers and their natural hair journeys.  

This is why we're here.

I came to Japan to support the 'Curly Troops'. To show them some love and let them know that their service doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Although I've received messages from folks stationed overseas and thought I had a pretty good understanding, when I finally arrived on the base, I was overwhelmed. These are women, just like you and me, but they really do the impossible everyday.

I was expecting around 15 attendees so imagine my surprise when 50 women showed up, of which 99% were active service women (the rest were wives and contractors).  They came seeking good information, access, education and fellowship.  And that's what went down.  God bless our troops.

Tokyo Drift: The Outtakes

(1) We didn't discover that our apartment had a balcony until day 3!  We'd been so busy running around with the events, sight seeing and shutting clubs down,  that the curtain we'd never drawn, revealed a pretty dope deck and an even doper view--

(2) Hubby eats weird ish. He tries everything once! 

#Delish #FriedStuff #BitesBack

Silk Worm Larvae #Fail #Nope  

Tokyo Turnt Up- My New Year's Eve in Pictures

Went to the fashion district Harajuku, to acquire swag...

 Found a Harajuku girl…

Beasted through the swarming streets...
#Bronchitis #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

Got home and called ahead to attempt to gain VIP access into the 'best' New Years Eve party in Tokyo. My angle? I'm a natural hair blogger #KanyeShrug, and the headliner for the evening was this lady-

It worked! Slept for 4 hours, got sexy…

shirt- Gifted from Romwe
skirt- gifted from Romwe
Coat- gifted from ROMWE
tights- Forever 21 (bought in Harajuku!)
booties- Forever 21 (bought in Harajuku!)

The Hangover 3: Tokyo Turnt Up

#TypicalUs #LoveInTheClub

No words. None. But know this. I had plans to catch up on my sleep y'all. I really did. Until...Melissa called, "Let's go out!' '_' Ok. Just an hour or two, right? Not at Geronimo, wherein every 30 minutes or so someone buys the entire bar a round of shots. Four free shots later we hit the streets hungry and loud. The quaint little restaurant we found could only quench our hunger though. Nothing could stop the loud. There were times I'm sure we were going to get put out. When we left the restaurant we did the responsible thing and finally went home to rest our minds and our bodies, except we didn't, and I just totally made that up. Smh...everyone was out, happy, singing and dancing in the streets so of course we went to another bar... and then another... and at some point, Melissa walks over to me and was like, "we're gonna bounce", and me in my alcohol induced naivety asked her "Giiiirl Why?" and she showed me her cell phone. 7 am. #DEAD #recordscratch #GTFO #BabyJesusHelp  It was like that Key & Peele non-stop party sketch. We walked out and the SUN WAS OUT. That's an abomination against God. I was with my husband and still felt like I was doing the walk of shame.

But Who Watching the Kid, Tho?

While we're turning up in Tokyo, Gia is in the capable hands of her 'mawmaw 'Ain'.  My parents and sister took a Christmas Day road-trip down to Pensacola to visit with my mother's family.

Peep the view-

Boog with my Grandpa Delarian.  He wears his holiday spirit on his face by growing his beard every Christmas season. 

Subzero Sumo Swag- Tokyo Adventures

First, let me preface this by saying that I'm not complaining, but yesterday was trying, y'all. The day started at 5:00 am and didn't end until 11pm, and for probably 15 of those hours, I was out in the elements. The Japanese winter: unforgiving. The jet lag: turnt up on 10. I don’t know if it's yesterday or tomorrow anymore. I must liken the pain I experienced from the cold to the great Obama Inauguration of 2009... or the Time Square Ball Dropping of 2006.  Like those events, I had been exposed to the cold for hours on end with no relief. It was so cold, I could feel it in my bones and even hours of attempts to warm up were futile. I thought my feet would have to be amputated, but I survived and it was a good, productive day. Although, there were several times that I longed for that steamy club with shots of #ScotchyScotchyScoty or Patron and good music. Now THATS a way to spend a morning! But not an entire trip abroad, so today, we needed to get some culture.

Melissa had the excellent idea to steal a peek at the Sumo wrestlers that practice every morning. It was 30 minute train ride so we had to set the alarm in order to meet up at 6am. We arrived and caught a pretty awesome show--

#SwagStance #BootyButtCheeks

animated gifs

I'd like to interject here and tell you that I had the pleasure of meeting (by way of his English speaking father) an ex-Sumo wrestler who happens to be Black and a member of #TeamNatural. Shut the front door!

His father, Marvin Sr. was born in Louisiana but raised in Detroit.  He came to Japan during his military days and fell in love with the country and culture.  He also fell in love with a gorgeous woman and decided to stay, but disclosed that this wasn't his only reason for hanging around.  He states, "since I work in the business and media worlds, I get a chance to interact with lots of people and to change false perceptions about Black people that some Japanese folks might have (we're not scary, we don't all play sports at a high level, we're not all musicians, we're not dumb, etc, etc...) I think that's why I'm here."

His son, Marvin Jr, is 25 and is quickly on his way to fame and fotune.  He used to be a professional Sumo wrestler but retired due to a birth defect.  One of his heart valves did not close properly and he had to have open heart surgery a couple years ago to fix the valve. Because of this, he was asked to discontinue the sport. He took it in stride and decided to do something he had always thought about- stand up comedy! Marvin Sr. shares, 'Although there are a couple of Black comedians on TV in Japan, they fall into the old stereotype of the acting dumb, bug eyed, etc... which works for them, but most American's of color think it's ridiculous. So my son is doing his thing, representing both his Japanese and his American side, but not going the bug eyed idiot route (hope that makes sense, not hating on the people who do that, if they are happy about it)."

Strange Eats, 8 A.M. Parties & Naturals in Tokyo

After the 2.5 hour flight to Dallas, the 14 hour flight to Narite (airport) and the unexpected 2.5 hour shuttle ride to Tokyo, we checked into our 34th floor apartment in Roppongi Hills #fancy.  Jet lagged and quite grumpy, we stumbled out into the unfamiliar streets around 10pm on the hunt for actual food, 'cause whatever they were serving on those planes left everything to be desired.  A traditional Japanese meal was preferable, but it was so cold and we were so damn tired, that we settled on one of the first places we found.  Soon thereafter, we realized that it was a French Cafe... the menu was written in French and Japanese and the servers spoke Japanese, no English, so we had absolutely no idea what was going on. Too lazy to leave, we ended up with a cold gelatinous rabbit dish which didn't taste bad... but also didn't taste good, and pig's tongue which tasted very piggy and smelled of saliva and barnyard.  Neither were particularly awful, but suddenly everything tasted worse when they delivered that ¥ 13,640 check (roughly 158 US dollars). 


the tongue

We found our way back to the apartment and managed 4 hours of sleep.  We woke up with renewed vigor and great expectations. With limited time and an expansive city to cover, we wanted to be productive, so we decided to kick things off by hitting up Tsukiji Fish Market. Tsukiji is the biggest fish market in the world with 60k employees and tons of fresh fish that they'll prepare right there for you! So we bundled up and hit the streets in search for the metro which was supposed to be a 'hop, skip and a jump' from our apartment.  We got lost for 45 minutes and when we finally found the station, discovered that in order to secure a pass, we needed cash.  So we left the station in search of an ATM. We found one straight away, but nothing's that easy... they didn't take international cards. On our way down the block we ran into a Black guy (#Yay #WhatUpMyDude), a Nigerian who greeted us with a smile and invited us up to his establishment for a drink and breakfast. We asked where the nearest international ATM was located, he directed us (to a 7/11 no less... those are popular over here for some reason) and we promised to return on our way back.  After the jellied rabbit fiasco, we were definitely hungry. 

Welcome to Tokyo: Curly Troops + Book Tour

Konichiwa from Tokyo! Why in THEE entire hell am I here, you ask? Welp, I’ve received many emails over the years from natural haired soldiers (soldiers figuratively, and literally) stationed in random places, but the ones I was receiving from Okinawa and Tokyo were coming fast and furious over the past 8 months. It peaked my curiosity, and after several interchanges, I learned that they have quite the community over there (they hold events and erry’thang,) they’re avid CN readers and they don’t have access to many products. So I thought it’d be pretty cool to head to Japan to meet with some of the naturals who weren’t fortunate enough to come home for the holidays, take them some free SheaMoisture products and do what we do best, talk hair!

the view from the roof- Tokyo Tower

Twas the Day Before Christmas (and a giveaway!)

BLESSED COILS wins the $100 gift card! Email me ASAP!

I was feeling creative (and had some help from The Dr. Anderson) when it came to this post! And in the Christmas mood. o< :-) See my Santa hat?! We had to celebrate the holiday on the eve of its occurrence because, well... read on. And check out the view!

‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through my hood
the Lee-Waltons were turnt up, with good drinks and good food.
We celebrated early, how I wish you were there!
So I could kick it with my curlfriends rockin’ natural hair.

The Boogie was laughing, the center of the show,
High on life and sugary candy, when she’ll sleep, no one knows.
Mama with her white hair and I, ready for a nightcap
Were smiling and getting ready for this great midnight mass.

When out in the street, there came a bright light,
It was Dr. Anderson’s high-yellow self, come to join us for the night. :)
Then Syl, and Perry, and lots of friends and fam,
but the highlight of the evening, was that delicious-ass ham!

Gifts all around, wrapping paper on the floor
But I have everything I ever wanted, and couldn’t ask for more.
Wait, I think Hubby rolled his eyes as I wrote that last line
“You say that s**t now,” he says, “but just give it some time.”

I smile my cute wifey smile, he knows me as sure as I know my name,
But now its time for Christmas Mass, then the bar, then straight to the plane.
I’d tell you where we’re going, but that just wouldn’t be right,
so you’ll just have to wait until we get off of this 14 hour flight!

Oh yeah...Merry Christmas to all, and to all an awesome night!

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