Nyasha's update: London Expat

Nyasha (our friend we met in India)writes:

I can’t believe its been almost 3 years since we met in India, it feels like just yesterday. That night was such a powerful evening, meeting you and Gene. I never imagined that sharing my story of leaving NY to move to Mumbai to volunteer with an NGO and church would encourage so many women to take steps of faith and purse their dreams and purposes.

3 years later, my journey of faith and international service is still going. After serving in the slums of India and working with girls who were rescued from sex trafficking, I had the desire to get a masters in International Development Studies (with a focus on Violence and Conflict). My aim was to gain a deeper understanding of some of the systemic issues behind poverty and violence in developing countries with hopes to be equipped to serve countries at a greater level. Well I applied to SOAS, University of London and was accepted! I left India and went straight to London to complete my 1 year masters.


Beach Bums.

Hola Chicas!

Checking in again from our fabulous family vacation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with our stay sponsored by @Airbnb! 

Rio: The View Through Their Eyes

poolside breakfast courtesy of our chef and baby whisperer, Beth

Thank you @Airbnb for helping sponsor our stay at this beautiful Brazilian penthouse!  Check out the view from days 1 and 2:

Legally Obligated to Stunt.

Thank you @Airbnb for helping sponsor our stay at this beautiful Brazilian penthouse!  

Hola Chicas,

You know that moment somewhere between the dream you were having and halfway opening your eyes, where you can’t tell if you’re asleep or awake and you don’t know what’s real and what’s lucid illusion? When you can’t tell if you’re in a dream that feels real, or if you’re living out your dreams? That feeling? Let me tell you about it.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know that travelling isn’t new for me and the fam. We took our first international trip in 2008 and have left the country no less than twice a year, every year, since then. But one thing I haven’t done is shared the original inspiration that inspired us.


CurlyNikki In Forbes

How to CUBA

Hola Chicas!

I don't usually share how I put these trips together because (1) there's no formula, and (2) I have a flare for the dramatic. But as this epicness comes to a close, I thought I'd do y'all a solid and provide you with a how-to manual of sorts.

Obviously there are other ways to get to and 'do' Cuba both legally and illegally (i.e. Mexico or Canada, groups, cruises), but I visited Cuba both legally and on my own terms.  I didn't get herded around in large groups, or have to pretend to be doing anything.  So if you're like me, do it like this.  

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