11 Huge, Healthy Afro Hacks for Type 4 Natural Hair!

Zara writes:

Hi CN community! I want to share my latest video with you-- these are my 11 hacks for a really popping fro! A lot of women ask me how I get my afro to look so nice on Instagram and this is it!  It works for all curly/coily hair types, especially type 4 naturals.  Enjoy!

Running Late Co-Wash n’ Go

by Jascmeen of Jascmeen.com

I’d love to say that I always stick to my weekly regimen, I never cut corners, I eat my vegetables, and I work out every day without fail. None of that is true. There are times when I’d rather sit on the couch then go run and days when I have to rush through my hair and somehow make it work.

This is my “I’m being forced to go to the club,” “The girls wanna do happy hour,” or “Of course he would ask me out for drinks on my dry day five hair,” situation. It’s not quite a co-wash and go, but by the time you do your makeup and pick out your outfit, you’ll be ready to roll.

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