Is Your Lipstick Safe? #LoveYourLipstick

By Tyshia Ingram of ASE Beauty

We can all remember a time when something beyond our control completely disrupted our lives. In fact, most of us are living through a time like that right now. Whether it was a particularly hectic commute back when life was “normal”, or these days when what should be a quick grocery trip turns into a half-day long event, moments like these can leave us frustrated, upset, and operating at less than our best selves.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with your beauty products, the answer is: a lot. Much like factors beyond your control can disrupt your daily life, exposure to chemicals that are often found in beauty products can disrupt important bodily functions, in particular, the workings of your endocrine system. 


A Passion for Food: Chef Tiffani Janelle Makes Clean Eating Fun


By Onicia Muller of ASE Beauty

Recently, celebrity chef and nutritionist, Chef Tiffani Janelle sat down with ASE Beauty to discuss how the average person can incorporate clean eating into their daily lifestyle.

Chef Tiffani was born into a family of passionate foodies. Originating from Louisiana, Tiffani knew since age five that she wanted to be a chef. As the oldest of three girls, she'd often forgo playing outside to experiment in the kitchen.

"I was just always in trouble because I was always in recipe books and cookbooks when I was very little. I was very blessed to be able to go to culinary school and all of that later. … I was always in the kitchen just experimenting and seeing if things came out like the picture I was trying to mimic in the cookbook."


A Clean Makeup Look for Your Next Video Conference

By Onicia Muller of ASE Beauty

With all the Zoom meetings and video conferences on our calendars this month, we’re all looking for ways to look camera-ready in a pinch. The great thing about video conferencing is that while you don't have to appear as formal as you do for an in-person meeting, most of us still need a little boost to look fresh-faced and professional. Here’s our guide for an easy, clean makeup look for your next video meeting in under twenty minutes.

3 Ways Chemical Exposure is Impacting Your Wellness

By Emma Harvie of ASE Beauty


If you’ve heard about the potential effects of chemical exposure, you know why striving to live a cleaner lifestyle is important. If you haven’t, you’re not alone. According to research, it’s no coincidence that chronic and autoimmune disease are becoming increasingly common as our lives become filled with chemicals. There are ways you can fight back. Here’s how chemicals are affecting your health and what you can do about it!

Why You Need a Lip Care Routine

By Tyshia Ingram of ASE Beauty

When’s the last time you really took care of your lips? And we don’t mean swiping on your favorite lipstick and maybe buying a good lip balm. We’re talking about a full lip care routine with steps and products to get your lips looking their best! The truth is, while we love a good skincare routine, lips are skin too which means we need to keep that same energy when it comes to treating them well. Even if we’re hiding them behind masks these days! If your skincare routine has been skipping your lips, we can help. Here’s an ASE Beauty approved clean lip care routine that will give your smile the ultimate glow up.

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3 Simple and Clean Ways to Remove Makeup Stains

By Onicia Muller of ASE Beauty

If you love makeup as much as we do, you know how real it gets when your foundation rubs off on your freshly washed white shirt or your favorite lipstick stains your boo’s clothes. The price we pay for staying fly! The good news is, you’re not alone. We’ve been there, done that and have found a few super simple ways to naturally remove makeup and other stains from clothing. Keep it cute and clean with our makeup stain tips.

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