The Baggy Method for Long, Healthy Natural Hair

by Michelle Thames of

I don’t know about you, but my hair has been so dry this winter! Winter go away, spring come out and play! LOL! No but really it seems like my hair and my ends have been so dry and yucky. I am on my healthy hair journey, so I am always looking for ways to help moisturize my dry hair. I recently did the porosity test and determined that my hair is low porosity, meaning that my hair is hesitant to opening up for water and moisture. Most of the time when I apply products they just sit on top of my hair. My hair doesn’t readily absorb products, and keep moisture.

I recently got back to my old ways and did the old trusty baggy method. I used to do this method all the time when I first went natural and I don’t know why I have been neglecting it lately. The baggy method is a method that is similar to deep conditioning because it traps in moisture.

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Get the Softest Natural Hair with the Baggy Method!

Read any curly forum, group, or blog, and you will quickly be faced with questions like: Where can I get the most moisture? What products will yield the most moisture? What’s the secret ingredient for moisture?

Having curly hair is a never-ending quest for hydration, and many naturals suffer from dry hair or brittle ends, which then lead to fragile hair and breakage. If you want to give your hair the best possible chance of retaining length and feeling its softest, then you need to keep your hair moisturized, with an emphasis on your ends.

The Lazy Naturals Guide to Adding Moisture

Hello! I am a lazy natural. I avoid styles that take long to install, I avoid tedious techniques. I use short cuts, and simple tricks to stretch the time in between wash days, and keep my tightly coiled curls happy. Here are just a few of my tricks for LAZY Naturals.

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