2 Popular Natural Hair Styles You Should Try!

by Sabrina Perkins of SeriouslyNatural.org

You may be a Natural hair veteran and never attempted a Bantu Knot Out or a Flexi Rod Set. You could be a newbie and wanna know more about both styles, but either way, these two styles are so beautiful and lasting that you should at least give them a try.

Bantu Knots can be a style all on their own or a way to curl hair while a flex rod set is a slight variation of the traditional roller set. Both are protective styles that lasts long and give great frizz-free curls. We've got a video for each style with easy instruction and yield fire results!


Bantu Knot-Out for Natural Hair Greatness

Watch as Kisha L'ray executes a no-heat, bouncy and defined bantu knot-out on her natural hair.  I love rocking bantu knot-outs on my dry/stretched curls.  This style is perfect for short, medium and long lengths and results in spiral curls that relax or stretch into loose waves over time (especially if you pineapple at night).  Enjoy!

Watch Now!>>>

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