Does Hair Grow Faster After The Big Chop?

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by Mary Wolff

For any curly girl embracing her natural hair, it is a journey. Some curlies choose the big chop method to jumpstart their hair journey. While the big chop can be intimidating for a lot of women who have never had short hair, it is also an easy way to take that first step and embrace the commitment of natural hair. This is a big step and lots of questions come up. Is it better to big chop or transition? Does hair grow faster after the big chop? Here are the answers to these two big questions that come up all the time.

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5 Easy Things You Must Do After You Go Natural

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by Charlene Walton of

Recently I’ve received more questions than ever from women who have big chopped and finally entered the world of natural hair. Even with the abundance of information online I’m always shocked by how many women are still looking for help and guidance. In the past two weeks alone I’ve had my sister, a close friend and a stranger ask for advice. Because I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now, my naivety set in for a second, thinking women would most certainly know the basics of natural hair. Well, I was wrong. Here are 5 things you must do after you big chop.


Why You Should Big Chop Again This Summer!

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by Sabrina Perkins of

The term big chop has been coined by the natural hair community as the triumphant return to your ‘natural’ self after cutting off all traces of chemically-treated hair. Emotions run high as you say goodbye to everything you once knew, and embrace this new lifestyle as what you’ve always wanted to be.

Confident. Beautiful. Strong.

These feelings resonate well with those who have enjoyed the freedom of daily wash & gos without much else to worry about. Now your hair has grown in, you made it through the awkward stage, you’re loving your length until you realize just how much work long natural hair requires.

There are so many cute short styles that we have access to now that we may not have realized back in ’06 when the natural hair community was still on the come-up. With sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, even Facebook there is a plethora of natural hair inspo that leaves us itching to do the chop again, so why are we still on the fence? Here are a few reasons why you should consider a second big chop this summer.


Did You Do Your Own Big Chop?

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As more curlies are taking the DIY approach, many are also forgoing the salons for even the most tedious of tasks. Is that a bad thing? Of course not. With the right knowledge, resources, and determination a curly girl can do just about anything. Professionals are always a viable option, do not DIY if you do not feel comfortable. This is exactly what Klloydmajestic wanted to know when she inquired about doing her own big chop (BC) at in our Curly Q&A section.

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Going Natural- The Beginner's Guide

by Keora Bernard

When I first began pondering my decision to go natural, I did several 'prep myself' sessions. This meant I inundated myself with everything natural. In retrospect, these 'prep myself' sessions were good because they gave me some information about what to expect after my big chop and what products to use on my hair. On the other hand, these sessions served as somewhat of a wish-list for what I thought would surely happen during my process. The following are my tips for how to deal with the unexpected when going natural:

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The Terrible Twos- Surviving an Awkward Hair Stage

The terrible twos are not just for toddlers. It is not just for those weary parents to battle and rear. The terrible twos can be something as odd as your natural hair coming into its own and you trying to adapt. As your hair grows it changes and as you adapt to one length and temperament, you can wake up one morning to a sea of confusion and doubt on just how to take care of the halo on your head. I know what that can be like. For an entire year my hair did not curl the way it curls now, and once I finally understood and became familiar with what was growing out of my scalp, my hair changed. Then, it changed again and then again, and I was left bewildered and unsure because I was dealing with something I had not encountered before…I was dealing with natural hair’s toddler years and it was not fun.

Natural hair is fun so please do not let me scare you. It is fun, exhilarating, and liberating all at the same time. Now, there are moments when your hair is working through something and has not made you aware. That would be year two as you begin to feel you have a take on what is actually going on. It is different for everyone but with naturals taking two clear and distinct paths there is a division. You have the BCs and the transitioners.

What to do When Your Natural Hair Won't Let You Be Great...


by Kanisha Parks of

We’ve all been there: you set out to execute a flawless style, you have the perfect combination of products and the best tools, you make preparations regarding how much drying time you’ll need, etc., and yet- the style just doesn’t turn out right. Other times, your hair seems like it just wants to behave badly and the scissors start to look pretty good. Exasperation with the state of your hair may mean change could be good or even imminent.

Let’s face it- as awesome as it is to be natural, dealing with natural hair can be frustrating, time consuming, and unpredictable at times, especially when you’re in a time crunch or just ready for something different.

When you experience a bad hair day, or think you’re ready for a change such as a cut of some sort or maybe a little color, the first thing to do is always assess the situation and go from there. Here are a few solutions that will help you weigh your options!

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7 Things Every Big Chopper Needs

Cutting off all your hair can be the stuff nightmares are made of for most women. Despite that fact, more and more women are big chopping to join team natural.

As they should be! Going natural can be the most exhilarating, and according to many women, the best decision one can make. A little preparation will help to make the journey to natural as smooth as possible. Read on for a few must-haves you'll need in your big chopper arsenal.

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The Big Chop Survival Guide- 4 Tips to Get You Through it!

Dear Big Chopper,

First, I would like to congratulate you for doing the big chop. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to accept the natural hair that you were born with. I am sure that you have heard mixed reviews about your decision. You have those that absolutely love your haircut and think it is fabulous! You probably also had reactions from others that did not care too much about your new look. People will have their opinions, even if you did not ask for them. Keep your head up and stay confident. You made this decision for a reason.

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Mimi Irvin- "I believe my natural hair is like icing on the cake to my style"

My Name is Mimi Irvin “aka” Corporate Chic and creator of MeYE Label Blog. I am a wife, mother of two handsome boys, daughter, friend, and a fashionista that loves to inspire women to be Confident and “Dress the Part, Shop Smart”.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my overall style as Modern Vintage with Edge. I love to incorporate that into my corporate daily attire which makes it unique, edgy, sophisticated for the corporate world.

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The Big Chop- What to Expect.

photo source Tamera Mowry
Tamera's interview, HERE!

The second my stylist took a hack at my heat damage and I saw 4+ inches hit the floor, I panicked. I had second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth thoughts about what I was doing. I knew going in that when I emerged from the chair, my hair would be considerably shorter than it had ever been.

I was terribly self-conscious because I had only chopped all my hair off once, and it was straight, blonde, and fly. This, this chop thing was totally different. Even though I had 21 months of growth, my hair was extremely curly and shrunken thanks to the multiple textures of my mane. But nearly 3 months later, I look back and wonder why I was so worried. Big chopping, although nearly 2 years into my transition, was the best decision I had ever made for my hair. In the world of natural hair, there are two ways to go about taking your mane from a damaged, and sometimes unhealthy mess to a head full of gorgeous kinks, coils, curls, and waves. One method is transitioning for a given amount of time, and then chopping your ends whenever you feel comfortable. The other, more gutsy method is to big chop. Big chopping involves straight up cutting all your hair off and starting from scratch. It can be exhilarating, fun, edgy....and a total nightmare. In a culture where beautiful hair is the currency, it can be absolutely difficult to feel attractive after getting rid of something you've had your whole life -- long hair. And even if prior to chopping your hair didn't go past your chin, you still had more then than you have post chop. I won't pretend to know the feeling of waking up the morning after BC-ing, and realizing that there is no more than an inch of hair atop my head. I transitioned for 21 months to avoid that very feeling. But because I chopped before my goal length, I know exactly what it feels like to have less hair than you've ever had, and to have to actively work at loving your hair and feeling beautiful.

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Going Natural And Having Realistic Expectations

Whether on hair forums or in real life, we have all known someone that has gone natural with unrealistic expectations. Bombarded with imagery of beautiful manes, they completely missed the mark of the role genetics play in ones texture, length, density, and curl pattern. These are often the same women that return to using chemical relaxers or end up struggling for years with their new image.

LailaJean does a really great job of giving us ladies a pep talk about our hair. If you are a new natural or thinking about going natural, this video is for you!

Kiana Gardner is Naturally Glam!

Hi! My name is Kiana Gardner and I reside in New York and have for my entire life.  I am 21 and I’m graduating in May with a BA in Psychology and Sociology/ Anthropology. I’m still working on life after graduation but let’s talk about my hair!

How long have you been natural?
I received my last perm in January of 2011 and transitioned until August of 2012 which is when I “big chopped”. I count from when I chopped so I’ve been fully natural for 1 year and 7 months!

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The TWA Survival Guide- Natural Hair Care


Going natural is a beautiful experience no matter where you are in age, life, or around the globe. There are two options to how you can go natural but neither one is better or easier than the other; it is merely a personal preference for each woman.

Whether you big chop (BC) or long-term transition, there are survival techniques that need to be mastered for the journey to be positive, smooth, and damage-free.

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3 Tips for Going Natural

The pressure surrounding going natural in 2013 has mounted to unprecedented proportions. When I first went natural in 2004, I don’t remember any of the hype and propaganda that is present today. As easy as it is to say “it’s just hair,” we all know it is much more than that for many ladies. Our hair can be representative of ourselves. And for some people, especially those who may have never seen their natural, unprocessed hair, it can be a scary decision to make. Here are a few tips I want to share with those who are contemplating the journey.

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#ShortHairDontCare - Dani Chops it Off and Donates the Length!

by Dani of

I wanted to cut for a while now, but my mind was set on rockin’ a short assymetrical bob. I changed my mind last month and wanted to just be FREE from doing my hair, detangling, styling, etc.

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Bow Down to Beyonce's Pixie Cut

It’s about time that someone in the public eye went for a pixie cut without all the baggage. Recently, it seems like every celebrity big chop out there occurs for one of three reasons: mental illness a la Britney Spears, coming of age a la Emma Watson or a rebel stage a la Miley Cyrus and arguably Rihanna.
Save Viola Davis, the big chop doesn’t have a very positive image in Hollywood, which is a shame because the big chop can be exponentially powerful.

Hair has a way of shielding us from the outside world. It becomes part of our identity, something that we must touch and utilize on a daily basis. Our hair garners comments from strangers and lovers alike. Our hair is, to some extent, who we are, which is why it is so important to cut it off.

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On the Couch with Erika- "Give Yourself a Chance"

Dear Nikki,

I’d love to start this letter out by saying “you changed my life” – but the truth is I changed my life and you are an important part of making sure that this change sticks.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On July 1, 2013 I wore my own hair for the first time in five years and six months! Yep, that’s right. For five years and six months the world never saw my real hair. Wigs, weaves and scarves adorned my head all 2,007 days.

Now, only a few days after my decision to start wearing my hair again, I remain on a cloud of self acceptance and dare I say—self-love. A love like never before.

Four years ago I lost 60 pounds. This feels better than that.

Reading your story online made me smile. Much like you, my husband was my motivator for wearing my own hair. Forget natural or permed, he just wanted me to wear MY hair.

I had just given birth to our daughter when the question came. After nearly two years of dating he looked at me and said “Babe, I have a question for you. Do you ever wear your own hair?” I promptly said “nope.

But of course, the question stuck with me. He never pushed me on the issue, only made subtle (and not so subtle :)) suggestions. But all in all I thank God for him because in that moment I decided that my journey back to me had to start soon and this time I wouldn’t dive back into the foxhole of faux hair.

One week after our conversation, I cut all my hair off. I mean all of it. Think about any black man you know with a fade and add about a centimeter to that. That was my hair. I wore scarves until my first beauty shop appointment where I had my stylist do a quick weave and I made the decision to grow my hair out until July 1. No turning back.

Two quick weaves and one set of kinky twist took me through the six months. All of a sudden I was at the end of June and it was time. I undid my twist on a Friday night, deep conditioned all day Saturday and spent Sunday cutting, combing, twisting and praying. On Monday morning—July 1—I woke up to see what I was working it.

I had previously coined this day “D-Day,” but had since changed it to “Me Day.” Me Day was here.

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On the Couch with Alicia- 'Let's Do This Dirty Laundry'

by Alicia James of

Let’s do this dirty laundry, dirty laaaauundry (natural hair version) LOL!

Opening Up
I wanted to really expose some insecurities I have about my natural hair when it comes to shrinkage. It’s not the easiest thing to lay your baggage out on the table, but I feel like my experience may help or inspire someone along the way.

True enough, the journey to natural hair is an amazing experience. It’s one of those things that have truly changed some people’s lives. It’s that thing you want to talk about all day long with your friends and even random strangers at the grocery store.  Especially when they stop you, because of their curiosity, wanting to know how you make your hair do whatever it is doing. You know what I mean!

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A Very Special Big Chop

Ashley of TanglesAndBeyond shares a powerful Big Chop video- 

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