What You’re Doing Wrong With Your Braid Outs

You’ve watched the tutorial twice from start to finish, then you start the mission on your hair but it doesn’t seem to come out exactly like your fav YouTuber. We have all been there, trying to calculate the steps we might have missed! Braid-outs can be challenging, especially for kinkier hair types so I am going to share with you some of my tips to get a super defined braid out.


10 Best Spring Date Hair Styles For Natural Hair

by Mary Wolff
Spring is a season of new beginnings and your style should reflect it. It is also a time of year when your dating life may be back in full swing thanks to the weather finally warming up. If you are looking for a new ‘do to step up your game on date night, here are the 10 best spring date hair styles for natural hair.

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Best Braid-Out Tips for Type 4 Natural Hair

So you tried to achieve the perfect braid-out and it just didn't come out like you pictured it. I am sure every natural can relate to staying up all night washing, braiding, adding rollers and not to mention, you tossed and turned all night to get in that comfortable position while trying to sleep with rollers in your hair. I want to make sure your sleepless night is worth it. Here are some tips on achieving your best braid-out ever...

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