4 Ways You Might Be Breaking Your Natural Hair Without Realizing It

Natural hair might be healthier than relaxed hair but that does not mean it is invincible. Everyone loves the style versatility of natural hair. It can be straightened, colored, roller set, and blown it out while maintaining its fullness, which is usually compromised with relaxed hair, especially over time. With that being said, hair is still hair. It is merely dead skin cells that are preserved through proper maintenance. Part of proper maintenance and length retention is low manipulation. Since curly and coily hair is naturally drier than straight hair, it is more vulnerable to breakage. Everyone’s hair cannot withstand high manipulation and here are four ways you might be breaking your hair without realizing it.

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Reasons Your Fierce, Picked-Out Afro May Cause Hair Damage

Before addressing what you should start doing, let’s discuss what you should stop doing. When people approach me for hair care advice, the two consistent causes of concern are dryness and breakage, which is often misinterpreted as lack of hair growth. When prompted for questions, the two reoccurring issues in the regimen are lack of deep conditioning and dry combing. No, I do not mean detangling with an oil in small sections. I mean using an afro pick and maybe Luster’s Pink lotion finished with oil sheen. For decades people with afro-textured hair have been raised to comb their hair while dry, and this can cause damage when done improperly. It also stirs confusion when people want to return to their virgin coils and do not understand why their dry hair does not look like their wet hair. The afro style is equally as beautiful as a twist out or wash and go, but it must be done properly and infrequently. Until you understand how to properly achieve the style, here are the reasons you should stop picking your hair out.

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10 Reasons You're Losing Length- Natural Hair Breakage

Breakage occurs by a number of bad habits within your personal hair care routine. Chances are, you may not even realize they are bad habits. Give your hair a rest from the damaging practices and watch the luster restore right before your eyes--in time and with patience, of course.

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This is Why Your Natural Hair is Breaking...

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Damaged tresses, brittle hair, split ends, and dry strands are all discouraging aspects of coily, wavy, and curly hair. Combating dry hair and breakage is about being knowledgeable and patient. It is about listening to your hair and keeping a willingness to give your hair what it needs. That is not always easy if you are so used to one way of caring for your tresses, but now you are ready to give it a shot, right? Good! So, let’s begin.

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This is Why Your Edges are Breaking

Breaking edges is nothing new to curlies. Unfortunately, this is an affliction that many of us have experienced with relaxed hair, excessive straightening, and even with natural hair, so it’s a problem that needs attention. No one wants breakage, and experiencing this along your hairline can be hard to hide and even harder to not be self-conscious about. Many women are self-conscious of the thinning or breaking edges, but instead on fixing the problem they continue with the bad routines to hide them and the problem worsens.

Common Causes of Hair Damage and Growing Long Hair

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by Susan Walker of DrWalkerWellness.com

As naturals our search for hair care knowledge usually fulfills a couple desires:

1. To achieve “healthy hair”

2. For our hair to grow

Well, that’s not what we really mean is it? Our hair grows. It grows at varying rates monthly and throughout the year and its growth is based on our genetics, our overall health, nutrition, hormones, etc. But it does grow. What we are most interested in is the retention of length. If your hair breaks just as much as it grows then you’re not going to see the lengths adding up. The truth is that our hair care regimes – as simplistic or complex as they are – are implemented to prevent damage.

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